<Lactose> I tried to follow the official install instructions but upon reboot GRUB gets stuck at loading Linux. I'm not entirely sure what it takes to get KISS bootable as I have never built my own kernel before


<daggerfella> hi. my linux kernel refuses to boot. (stuck in Loading Linux-version) | installing from a live void usb, guide I followed for kiss installation: https://comfy.guide/client/kisslinux/ video I used for kernel compilation (was recommended a lot in the subreddit): https://youtu.be/kZYcfT0WcCo .config: https://0x0.st/XiL2.txt | I enabled framebuffer and framebuffer efi support


<cdecompilador> on a partition on my pc I didn't get that issue, I got that my kernel was stuck at "Loading Linux" (probably it didn't even started loading the kernel), so I resorted to experimenting on a vm


<acsqdotme> Yo guys, I tried to set up my kernel last night and did the jenga tower of dependencies with `make localyesconfig`, but it didn't get past the loading kernel phase. Do I need to install linux-firmware too? I'm not too clear on how that works.


<thikkl> I've been trying to install kiss but I keep getting stuck at the loading linux screen


<synima> Hello<3 currently stuck on "Loading Linux 6.1.71" and I'm making a sorta educated guess and saying its because I saw that the tinyramfs.IMG file I made wasnt referenced in the grub config at all


<ukky> acsqdotme: System BIOS has no idea if you are loading Linux, Windows, or baremetal application without any OS


<Guest59> hey guys i tried installing kiss and i got past the loading linux stage but ended up with a blank screen. i could interact with stuff and could hear sound but couldn't see anything.


<Guest59> hey guys i tried installing kiss on my old pc. it launches grub but it hangs when it says loading linux 6.5.7. can anyone help me?


<synimas> Hellu again, ive removed quiet from grubs parameters. However when i boot it still displays 'Loading linux 6.6-rc ...' and still doesnt show any logs. Ill send a picure of what its doing


<GeekoftheWild> I thought I sent this yesterday but I can't see it in the logs so it must not have gone through: illiliti, I have config_fb, config_efi and config_fb_efi all enabled in the kernel but I still get the "loading Linux" error. Any ideas? Thanks


<GeekoftheWild> hi, im currently trying to install kiss linux but am having some troubles. i am up to the bit where i have to install grub or efistub things but can get neither to work. for grub, it just says loading linux-6.6-rc2 and waits for a while (no errors (/var/log is also empty), while efistub immediately returns to the lenovo boot menu. i have installed


<emmatebibyte> ok yea its still stuck at loading linux
<emmatebibyte> hi hi, ive been having trouble installing kiss from the communoty repo. does anyone know how to fix when grub is stuck at loading linux? ive recompiled linux a few times to no avail


<Doomking> Booting into it only showed two lines, first being the "Loading Linux Kernel version" then the error message. I have no idea what I am doing wrong and searching online didn't seem to help


<mako2> So i created a boot entry pointing to the grubx64.efi in the boot part of kiss, but it's just stuck: Loading Linux 6.4.6...


<sujo> not even blinking, just solid "Loading linux 6.4.3"
<sujo> I'm having some trouble with the kernel; as a sanity check, I've built with the defconfig. I'm using mdev and runit. Grub will load fine -- after selection, it freezes on "Loading linux-6.4.3 ..." the screen flashes once, and then it stays frozen. I thought it may have been an udev(adjacent) issue, but i've confirmed that mdev is linked to /var/system. I'm wondering if there's any obvious thing I've missed? Would appreciate input.


<davidgarland> it seems that nomodeset just leaves grub hanging on "Loading Linux 6.2-rc7 ..."


<tprepper> I can't seem to boot the kernel, it's just stuck at Loading Linux-6.1.8 with a non-blinking cursor. how can I debug it?


<wael_> when linux is loaded it takes a while to show the tty


<Guest7864> The only things displayed on the screen is "Loading Linux 5.16.2..." and the caps lock flashes.
<Guest7849> OK I got it installed but it says Loading Linux 5.16.2 ... and nothing else, and my caps lock button is flashing


<prestonpan> having some problems where after installation of kiss linux and I reboot, grub works fine until I try loading the kernel. It hangs on "loading linux 5.15.8 ..."


<Jeff42> Hello again, Grub is stuck at "loading linux-version" with my custom kernel and I have 0 idea to why (I have tested the kernel of my host distro and it works fine). My .config: https://pastebin.com/Fma7EBuD


<akira01> just still in Loading Linux 5.14