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<phoebos> synima: no, that would require kiss keeping a list of what you asked it to install explicitly
<phoebos> you should do it manually
<synima> Under 200 packages, shouldnt take too long go go one by one
<synima> To*
<synima> Also, after compiling firefox i understand why people use cross compilers lol
<synima> Thank you very meuch
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<Guest59> hey i tried using swaybg but get an error saying that "couldnt recognize image file format." ive installed libjpeg and libpng and don't know what could cause this
<ukky> Guest59: your image could be in SVG format. Use file command to check image format.
<Guest59> its a png file
<Guest59> wait what's the command to check image format
<ukky> file file-name
<Guest59> i checked and it is a "javascript source"
<ukky> You can confirm visually via: hexdump -C file-name | less
<Guest59> i dont think it is a svg
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<ukky> do you have 'feh' image viewer?
<Guest59> isn't feh for xorg
<ukky> oups
<ukky> can you post header of that file to 0x0? hexdump -C file-name | head -n 100 >/tmp/header.txt
<ukky> That file is regular text file, in HTML format.
<Guest59> oh so how do you want me to send it
<ukky> You did it right. But you cannot use that file as background image, because it is a text file.
<Guest59> oh ok because i was downloading the image using curl i must have messed up there
<Guest59> thank you
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<sewn> ji
<sewn> hi
<ukky> hi sewn
<midfavila> wow okay i see how it is
<midfavila> sewn gets a hi but i don't
* midfavila huffs
<ukky> hi midfavila
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<synima> Hello, ive asked in the webkitgtk matrix server a few hours ago but didnt get any reponse, error appears to start here
<synima> I can provide any information if its needed
<synima> Oh, its a build error for anyone dropping in
<ukky> synima: Could NOT find ATSPI (missing: ATSPI_INCLUDE_DIRS ATSPI_LIBRARIES) (Required is at least version "2.5.3")
<synima> Ah i was looking at the end of the output
<synima> Why would it build if not all dependencies were satisfied
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<sewn> midfavila: because you don't say hi back to me when I said hi >:(
<sewn> hi ukky !
<acsqdotme> hey is btrfs supported yet for kiss linux?
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<midfavila> just rebuild your kernel to support it and install btrfs-utils
<midfavila> kiss supports whatever you set up
<sewn> i love compiling my chromium
<sewn> i can cook egg on my computer
<acsqdotme> I haven't rebuilt my kernel before. This is my first time installing kisslinux.
<acsqdotme> I'll go ext4 for now.
<midfavila> you'll need to compile your kernel at some point so you might as well learn now :p
<midfavila> unrelated but ughhh i just finished my upper body routine and my left arm is totally shot
<midfavila> i can barely type
* midfavila dies again
<synima> Anyone have some acpid configs i can snag?
<sewn> midfavila: wtf you got shot??
<sewn> oh
<midfavila> no
<midfavila> but i'm sure i'll be able to add that to the list of stuff that's happened at work soon enough
<sewn> synima: you can just setup small scripts, /var/ acpid.log will tell u what to do when poweroff
<sewn> idk why its not default, will submit pr later
<sewn> /etc/acpi/PWRF/00000080: #!/bin/sh poweroff
<sewn> midfavila: where can i see ur excercies
<midfavila> oh i mean
<synima> Sorry i didnt quite understand what you said
<midfavila> they're not exactly anything special
<midfavila> maybe i'll put some stuff about my routines up on my site
<midfavila> idk
<sewn> i would like
<sewn> synima: man acpid
<synima> Was using the lfs page lol
<sewn> bruh
<synima> Thats what im sayin
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<sewn> ughh chromium has no vulkan
<sewn> time to recompil
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<ukky> sewn: compiling chromium is fun
<acsqdotme> I'm almost done with my install now. Building up my packages from source was cool, and I get how cool and simple the package system is with just listing out the packages and dependencies in plaintext. I just don't have enough experience to know much about the kernel part besides hardware comparability and have no idea how boot works with initramfs.
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<acsqdotme> can someone give a basic explanation of how booting works and how I'm setting that up with the fstab stuff and grub and tinyramfs?
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<ukky> acsqdotme: Booting process on X86 platform after power up starts from executing System BIOS. There are two modes: Legacy and UEFI. System BIOS might execute some extra BIOS code from PCI devices. Then System BIOS passes control to boot loader, which can be Grub/Lilo/etc, also in two modes, legacy or UEFI.
<ukky> Then, if it is Grub, it loads Kernel/Initramfs according to your Grub config.
<ukky> And then Kernel might execute your init script from Initramfs. Without initramfs, after kernel initialization, kernel passes control to init system. Usually it is /sbin/init.
<ukky> Information about hardware Linux kernel takes from memory map and ACPI tables. Those are created by System BIOS.
<ilt> + without initramfs extra care must be taken to ensure that all modules(like fs) necessary to boot are built in. otherwise kernel may not be able to boot the host system
<ilt> iirc this is documented in kiss install guide
<acsqdotme> yeah, the actual quote was messing with my head though, so I wanted to check in: "Thus (without an initramfs), your kernel must be able to locate and mount the root filesystem without the use of modules. In other words, these drivers should be "baked in" (=y) (not =m)."
<acsqdotme> so lmk if this is okay to understand: BIOS/UEFI --(boot order)-> grub --(fstab grub files)-> kernel --(initramfs??)-> pid1 /sbin/init that spawns the rest of the os?
<acsqdotme> how does one thing find the rest in this chain?
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<ukky> It depends on which component in this boot chain is currently being in control.
<synima> What repo do yall use for jdk?
<synima> Or jre
<ukky> acsqdotme: I.e. whether current component is BIOS, grub, kernel, etc., the next step options depend on it.
<ukky> acsqdotme: System BIOS has no idea if you are loading Linux, Windows, or baremetal application without any OS
<ukky> acsqdotme: System BIOS only knows where to find boot loader.
<acsqdotme> yeah, so each component can only see the next one. I wanna know how bios can find the bootloader or how the bootloader can find the kernel etc. I wanna know how the gaps in the chain are filled in.
<sewn> ukky: with ccache its fun to watch
<synima> Look up a build a kernel book
<sewn> but its not fun when a critical tool doesnt build
<sewn> and now i have to debug cflags
<synima> Nerd
<sewn> your mom
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<ukky> sewn: how long does it take to build chromium with ccache and without on your system? just curious.
<sewn> idk cant tell yet cuz a tool to build it is broken
<sewn> but with ccache it takes like maybe 2 or 3 hours
<sewn> i mean without
<sewn> cuz i build it half way through and it took only an hour
<ukky> is this your first time building chromium?
<sewn> no
<sewn> i have a 44gb ccache
<sewn> 45*
<sewn> i only use chromium because firefox just dont browser
<ukky> firexox takes 15% to build compared to chromium
<synima> There something i can read up on speeding up musl builds?
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<synima> Cant find, could not find java se runtime environment, do i need java jdk and jre?
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<sewn> synima: what are you trying to do
<sewn> also use ccache
<synima> Nvm, just grabbed java from a different source
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<synima> How long would it take to hop into minecraft 1.12.2 asm and convert all x deps to wayland?
<schillingklaus> wayland is infinitely badm so converting is a bad idea
<synima> No way to run 1.12 in wayland sadly
<sewn> synima: plz just
<sewn> use prism launcher from flatpak
<sewn> i want to try source too sometime later but the flatpak experience will always be easier and more convenient
<sewn> plus you will need flatpak for other big apps like gimp krita obs etc
<schillingklaus> flatpak is a waste of system resources
<synima> Im using portablemc lmao
<synima> Ima install arch
<synima> This is too much linux for me
<schillingklaus> gimp does not depend on glibc
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<sewn> schillingklaus: how?
<sewn> it solves a problem and does it across any valid linux distribution
<sewn> and how is wayland so 'badm'
<schillingklaus> wayland is all crippled in functionality, making mouseless usage impossible
<sewn> ilt: seems to be last updated 2020
<sewn> schillingklaus: wayland is a protocol, i think youre talking about compositors specifically
<sewn> i think flatpak is a good thing for kiss because you dont have maintainers who maintain large packages like gimp or krita, or the curse of them breaking
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<ilt> sewn: some points are still actual
<ilt> like, device=all is still present
<ilt> which is footgun
<sewn> yeah thats a fair point
<sewn> i see this with ungoogled chromium
<sewn> then atleast we should have proper package maintainers or something on kiss if flatpak isnt all that great as it is
<synima> I appreciate all of the help yall, but it is all for nothing, as i have reformatted my kiss linux drive
<synima> Shit, i forgot to save my .config
<sewn> uh oh
<sewn> why
<sewn> atleast use alpine
<synima> Minecraft 1.12.2 doesnt work on wayland
<synima> Ill likely revisit when i find a browser that doesnt need x at all and i can run mc via wayland
<sewn> flatpak
<sewn> and xwayland
<synima> Ill reinstall this wednesday then probably
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<synima> Ima make a write up for post install and getting into a wayland environment
<synima> Make it easier for noobs like me
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<sewn> synima: u can contribute to
<sewn> community
<synima> Alright
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