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<sad_plan> hi
<angle> sup. I failed to get an irc bouncer again, so it's gonna look like I died again in a sec.
<sad_plan> you can always just look at the irc log if you wanna get up to speed
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<thikkl> I've been trying to install kiss but I keep getting stuck at the loading linux screen
<thikkl> I've enabled all the framebuffer drivers I could find and it hasn't done anything. Funny part is that if I boot from BIOS the kernel seems to load and do stuff.
<thikkl> Trying to boot on framework laptop with i5-1340P and 16gb ram
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<sad_plan> thikkl: have you tried searching the logs? this gets asked probably once or twice a week
<thikkl> where would I find the logs?
<thikkl> also I don't know if this is relevant, but I have to re-install grub to /boot every time I fail to boot
<sad_plan> what you mean you have to re-install it each time? either its installed, or its not. do you mount /boot properly when you do? if you have a separate /boot that is
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<thikkl> I have to run grub-install and grub-mkconfig over again
<thikkl> Otherwise my drive doesn't show up in the UEFI boot menu
<sad_plan> cant you add it manually? I do that. but I also dont use grub. I just use efistub, so the kernel acts as the bootloader instead. I find that this is much simpler and more foolproof
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<sad_plan> no need for grub this way atleast, if you wanna bypass the need for grub. not the most practical solution if you dualboot though
<sad_plan> gentoo has a page about it if you wanna test that instead
<sad_plan> iirc, it basically boils down to enabling CONFIG_EFISTUB in kernel config. and then just copy the bzImage to /boot but with a .efi extension. so that your uefi can recognize it. youd have to add it manually inside your uefi settings though
<sad_plan> oh, and you also have to specify root in the kerenl command line. you can use PARTUUID, but just doing root=/dev/sda3 is also fine
<sad_plan> also, when you copy the kernel to /boot as an .efi, you dont need efibootmgr either. so no grub, no efibootmgr or any of that shit
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<user205> hey yall
<user205> joining from a ps vita lol
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<sewn> user205: why
<sewn> why would you do that
<raph_ael> sewn: i'm old indeed :)
<sewn> so old
<sewn> practically grandpa
<thikkl> sad_plan Ok, I'll take a look at that
<raph_ael> sewn: father, but my daughter is a bit young to have child
<sewn> grandpa to me
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<raph_ael> soon 51
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<sewn> OH MY GOD
<sewn> sorry i was in shock
<raph_ael> :)
<sewn> hows it like being...
<sewn> what is the word for it,
<sewn> accomplished in life maybe?
<sewn> lots of experience or something
<raph_ael> it's more "wtf have made of my life"
<raph_ael> have I
<sewn> hmm
<sewn> how are your flesh and bones
<raph_ael> could be worse, though psychologically, surely worse than younger
<raph_ael> but it depends on people
* sewn writes notes
<sewn> what did you do on the night of june 21, 1993?
<raph_ael> 21 of june is music fest in France :)
<sewn> were you there?
<raph_ael> surely
<sewn> noted
<sewn> what was the music?
<sewn> don't tell me it was hip hop
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<raph_ael> there are bands all over the city of any style, don't remember
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<sad_plan> hi
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