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<sewn> anyone ever tried to get xdg-utils on kiss?
<sewn> it needs a bunch of depends which i have trouble building, bash, xml{to,lib2}, docbook, perl and all that stuff
<sewn> is there some form of alternative other than writing own xdg-open script?
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<emmatebibyte> hi hi, ive been having trouble installing kiss from the communoty repo. does anyone know how to fix when grub is stuck at loading linux? ive recompiled linux a few times to no avail
<emmatebibyte> s/oty/ity/
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<Doomking> emmatebibyte: I'm pretty sure that's a kernel issue, not sure which module is missing
<emmatebibyte> maybe i should just install the artix linux kernel or something
<Doomking> I ran into that issue before and I enabled a frame buffer module and it worked
<emmatebibyte> ah ty
<emmatebibyte> ill try that
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<emmatebibyte> eating a late lunch first, ill let yall know how it goes
<Doomking> If you're installing on UEFI, make sure to get FB_EFI with FB
<Doomking> Just in case, I enabled "Simple Framebuffer" but not sure if this did anything, but just glad my system booted up lol
<emmatebibyte> i had FB_EFI and FB both enabled so i enabled Simple Framebuffer and am about to compile
<Doomking> Hopefully that fixes the issue!
<emmatebibyte> i really hope so too, since i have to fly to Florida tomorrow lol
<emmatebibyte> it works! it gets stuck at loading initial ramdisk now
<emmatebibyte> so ig i need tinyramfs :3
<Doomking> Yup!
<emmatebibyte> dang. i created the initramfs file in /boot and it’s sticking at “Loading initial ramdisk...”
<emmatebibyte> hmm
<Doomking> I don't use initramfs, so I can't really help out with this issue. Sorry about that.
<emmatebibyte> its ok
<emmatebibyte> its not actually supposed to be using initramfs
<emmatebibyte> this is weird
<Doomking> I just disabled initramfs
<emmatebibyte> its disabled in my kernel config
<emmatebibyte> it was grub doing stuff
<Doomking> huh, that is weird
<emmatebibyte> ok yea its still stuck at loading linux
<emmatebibyte> but at least i know it can run commands past that?
<emmatebibyte> grub can
<Doomking> grub?
<emmatebibyte> yea, since it attempted to load in initramfs
<emmatebibyte> it was part of the grub command line thing
<Doomking> Like did it prompt you to a grub command line?
<emmatebibyte> no, it was inside the default grub config for loading my kernel is what i mean
<emmatebibyte> it was like
<emmatebibyte> linux /dev/sda3 r
<emmatebibyte> initrd /boot/initramfs
<emmatebibyte> etc
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<Doomking> oh the grub.cfg
<emmatebibyte> yea
<emmatebibyte> bweh
<emmatebibyte> taking a break for now
<Doomking> any luck?
<emmatebibyte> no
<Doomking> that sucks :(
<emmatebibyte> i copied the artix kernel over and it kernel panicked
<Doomking> How did you copy the artix kernel?
<Doomking> Surely, you didn't just grab the vmlinuz and right?
<emmatebibyte> lol, i definitely did do that
<emmatebibyte> though there is no for Artix
<emmatebibyte> apparently
<emmatebibyte> or i didnt see one in /boot
<Doomking> Usually distros like those such as Arch, Debian, even Gentoo have their own initram file that it just won't work with your machine
<Doomking> The best thing that you could do if you want Artix kernel is grab their kernel .config and use that to build your own kernel
<emmatebibyte> ahh
<Doomking> You can easily build your own kernel without spending an excessive amount of time using "make localyesconfig"
<Doomking> and just go into "make menuconfig" and search for it and enable it
<Doomking> It's not the best way, but at least it'll get your machine up and running, later you can further customize your kernel config afterwards
<emmatebibyte> yea ive been messing with the kernel on this machine for months now ;-;
<emmatebibyte> ive tried that as well as defconfig
<Doomking> What kernel version are you using
<emmatebibyte> 6.9 something
<Doomking> Yeah, I use "make defconfig" with "make localyesconfig" that should be enough
<Doomking> the current stable is 6.5.2
<Doomking> 6.6 hasn't been released yet, not sure how you got 6.9 lol
<emmatebibyte> i think it might be 6.1.9 or somethin
<Doomking> ahh okay
<emmatebibyte> i have a little bit of dyscalculia
<emmatebibyte> just stepped away from the pc for a break
<emmatebibyte> as i said, ive been on this for months
<Doomking> yeah, I spent a good amount of hours with kiss linux
<emmatebibyte> just the kernel, i know how to set up the rest of the system just fine but ive never messed with compiling my own kernel
<Doomking> I can try to help you with setting up your kernel
<emmatebibyte> i would appreciate that
<emmatebibyte> i gotta do some quick packing but ill be back
<Doomking> Are you in a Live ISO right?
<Doomking> okay
<emmatebibyte> yea live Artix
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<Doomking> Okay, let me know when you are ready
<emmatebibyte> my gf wants to go out for something, ill have to catch up later
<Doomking> ight
<emmatebibyte> thanks so much for the help!
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