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<sad_plan> hi
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<sujo> I'm having some trouble with the kernel; as a sanity check, I've built with the defconfig. I'm using mdev and runit. Grub will load fine -- after selection, it freezes on "Loading linux-6.4.3 ..." the screen flashes once, and then it stays frozen. I thought it may have been an udev(adjacent) issue, but i've confirmed that mdev is linked to /var/system. I'm wondering if there's any obvious thing I've missed? Would appreciate input.
<sujo> Also not using any initramfs, but that shouldn't make a difference (booting raw ext4)
<sujo> kernel is linux-libre on a corebooted t400
<sujo> wifi card is replaced with an open driver compatible card
<illiliti> something is wrong with kernel
<illiliti> either some module is lacking or not loaded
<sujo> yeah, I figured as much :/
<sujo> thanks anyway
<xdream8[m]> if you see a pure black screen make sure you have tty and framebuffer support enabled in kernel options
<sujo> not pure black, just the prompt
<sujo> (*status message)
<illiliti> blinking underscore?
<sujo> not even blinking, just solid "Loading linux 6.4.3"
<sujo> Thought it may have been a reallllllyyyy long load time, so I once left it for about an hour -- no joy
<sad_plan> unless your hardware is ancient as heck, it should load up in a couple seconds max
<illiliti> you use uefi or bios?
<sujo> bios
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<dilyn> that message is probably indicating that you're missing the framebuffer driver... maybe others
<illiliti> check that gpu drivers are correctly built in kernel
<dilyn> ^
<dilyn> it's been discussed a few times, might have some helpful information in there
<xdream8[m]> check if you have enabled CONFIG_FB
<dilyn> you might want to try with the ubuntu kernel to really sanity check yourself and prove that it (probably) isn't the kernel causing a problem (, and make sure you've got the firmware blobs from linux-firmware in /usr/lib/firmware if you aren't building the drivers for your GPU into the kernel
<sujo> xdream8[m]: I do have that one -- although it seems I missed the intel FB... whoops
<sujo> will build again and update
<xdream8[m]> you may also need CONFIG_DRM_SIMPLEDRM.
<illiliti> also ensure that they are all built as builtin(=y) not module(=m)
<illiliti> unless you need external modules for a reason of course, but usually you don't need
<xdream8[m]> i had built my kernel config with make allnoconfig in the past. it was totally a torture but it was worth it and i still use it
<sujo> iirc I've set everything to built in, but will also check
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: I did that too, and I loved it. I loved rebuilding the kernel, and figuring out what I could do without and what I really needed
<xdream8[m]> sujo: you can do `cat .config | grep "=m"`
<sad_plan> sujo: I think you can grep =m in the .config file. which would easily check if youve set anything to module
<sujo> great minds think alike ;)
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: useless use of cat. just do grep
<xdream8[m]> yeah it is pointless to use cat
<xdream8[m]> grep "=m" .config
<sad_plan> cat has its usecases, but in this case, just a grep will suffice C:
<illiliti> i'm the only one who see highlighted Q letter in xdream's messages?
<sujo> i don't see it
<sujo> it's unicode for me
<illiliti> bruh
<sad_plan> I dont even see any Q in his messages
<sujo> illiliti: for me, it's only b4 codebloc/config
<illiliti> gotcha. probably a bug on my end, nevermind
<sujo> SUCCESS!
<sujo> thanks for the assistence
<sujo> it was, in fact, the missing intel FB
<sujo> still not sure how I missed that, but all's well that ends well
<illiliti> great!
<phoebos> illiliti: i see a ^Q too
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<dilyn> I see a []. who needs charsets
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