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<sewn> ehawkvu: earlier you said in a kiss pull request that sbase xargs doesnt have -P right?
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<zlib> how did i ALREADY mess up google returns no results pls help ty
<sewn> you dont need to verify repositories
<sewn> you can undo the checks and remove gnupg
<zlib> i didnt install gnupg?
<sewn> are you using kiss-community
<zlib> i did the ssh thing from kiss-comm
<sewn> repositories
<zlib> yea
<sewn> wdym ssh thing
<sewn> what i meant to say is for you to disable signature verification
<zlib> :D
<sewn> you dont need that, its optional
<zlib> not to be stupid but how do i undo it
<zlib> set to false
<zlib> ?
<sad_plan> yes
<zlib> thx love u both
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<zlib> hiya last troubleshoot why do i get this error when trying to build efivar, its half four in the morning i cant read properly
<sewn> god damn it
<sewn> you have to fork efivar and add the lfs64 patch
<zlib> sewn me and u are gonna be best friends i jus know it !!!
<sewn> give me a second
<sewn> zlib: go into your repository directory `/var/db/kiss/repo` and run `curl | patch -p1`
<sad_plan> you forgot < nameofpatch after -p1
<sewn> patch -p1 takes from stdin
<sewn> when you do < the shell forwards the file to the program's input
<sad_plan> I was going to suggest that
<sad_plan> right
<sewn> what i did here is put the repository lfs64 efivar patch into a snippet and have curl output it and patch take it as input and patch as normal really
<sewn> i love shell
<zlib> i dont think it worked hold on
<sewn> oh no
<sad_plan> shell is great
<sewn> oh bruh my bad i forgot to add the patch to git diff
<sewn> go back into the dir and run git restore and use as the patch url
<zlib> it worked !!! tysm
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<iceman[m]> hi there
<sewn> hi there
<sewn> can you sign my petition
<iceman[m]> how're you doing sewn
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: what is it?
<sewn> "Make Whiney Congressmen Play Violent Video Games."
<sewn> would you please sign my petition
<iceman[m]> LOL
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: where do i sign this kekw
<sewn> WTF
<sewn> that is AWESOME
<xdream8[m]> this is debug build, let me see the difference with optimized build
<xdream8[m]> benchmark script runs the same command 1000 times
<sewn> xdream8[m]: use hyperfine...
<xdream8[m]> its 3 times faster
<sewn> awesome
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<xdream8[m]> i think i finally managed to fix pkg_remove_files function
<xdream8[m]> but i did not implement code for managing '/etc' files yet
<iceman[m]> does anyone know what package provides berkely socket implementation?
<iceman[m]> They're enabled in my kernel
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<sewn> get ready to disable them
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: Lol why?
<iceman[m]> * ~~does anyone know what package provides berkely socket implementation?~~
<iceman[m]> * ~~They're enabled in my kernel~~
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<mako2> So i created a boot entry pointing to the grubx64.efi in the boot part of kiss, but it's just stuck: Loading Linux 6.4.6...
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<sewn> might wanna check your kernel configuration
<mako2> yeah
<mako2> ill compile it again, if it still doesn't work them it can be the baseinit itself or idk
<sewn> the configuration is the same i dont think it would help
<sewn> there's already countless people who have faced your issue here on the IRC, so check the archives
<mako2> what do you mean by archives?
<iceman[m]> what's would be the recommended size for a tempfs
<iceman[m]> I'm gonna switch from building packages on disk to in memory
<iceman[m]> im starting with the kernel
<iceman[m]> i have 32 gb ram and 16gb swap
<phoebos> that's plenty
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<sewn> <iceman[m]> "i have 32 gb ram and 16gb swap" <- same but with 32gb swap bacause 16gb swap isn't enough
<sewn> <iceman[m]> "what's would be the recommended..." <- for me I'd say 6 minimum but 10 reccomended
<iceman[m]> im going with 32G lol
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<sewn> that is too much
<sewn> only go for that if youre gonna build chromium
<sewn> for me firefox, rust, llvm only needed 6
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: its not like everything is gonna be permanently there
<sewn> you're still gonna need it
<sewn> let me try to build chromium with tmpfs of 8GB just to see
<sewn> how do i use tmpfs as cache? just set the size and set KISS_TMPDIR to /tmp ?
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: "it"?
<iceman[m]> im gonna compile clang, lets see what happens
<iceman[m]> 🤔
<sewn> im gonna compile chromium
<schillingklaus> isn't chromium full of google spyware ?
<sewn> ungoogled-chromium is chromium in repo
<iceman[m]> has testuser left this chat?
<iceman[m]> i cant seem to ping
<sewn> no
<sewn> join the matrix channel
<sewn> testuser:
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: i am in the matrix channel
<iceman[m]> i wonder why he doesn't show up in my mentions list
<iceman[m]> @testuser
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: bro tf u smokin
<iceman[m]> where do you think i am
<iceman[m]> oh wait
<iceman[m]> OH WAIT
<sewn> lol
<iceman[m]> so bad
<sewn> i cant see that image on my end, it appears only on the irc side
<sewn> btw apparently you need 12GB just for extracting chromium
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: lmao
<sewn> the source xz is from 1gb to 12gb
<iceman[m]> i dont use chroomium, only firefox
<sewn> which is insaen
<iceman[m]> Oh shit
<iceman[m]> wait
<iceman[m]> did i get kicked from here?
<iceman[m]> wtf
<sewn> see this is where it gets confusing
<iceman[m]> whats the other channel?
<sewn> idk how this channel is bridged exactly
<iceman[m]> was I always chatting from there?
<sewn> but you're on the same irc user
<iceman[m]> okay so
<iceman[m]> was I always here? and then got kicked?
<sewn> dont ask me i dont know how this works
<iceman[m]> lol
<iceman[m]> iceman[m]: and then i randomly popped up in the other channel
<iceman[m]> do you remember when i asked where your profile picture was
<iceman[m]> and xdream as well
<sewn> no
<iceman[m]> ok i think i asked why are you suddenly [m] users
<iceman[m]> and then someone told me the bridge was going down
<sewn> that was me..
<iceman[m]> yep
<sewn> im just someone :(
<iceman[m]> so, were you in that channel before?
<iceman[m]> sewn: :( noooooooooo
<sewn> i was here
<iceman[m]> sewn: always?
<sewn> no not always
<iceman[m]> were you previously in that old channel?
<sewn> iceman[m]: yes
<iceman[m]> cuz i distinctly remember a lot of members having profile pictures
<iceman[m]> and then suddenly many became [m] people with no profile pictures (aka bridge users)
<iceman[m]> and i was like what happened
<sewn> 🐱
<iceman[m]> this is so confusing
<iceman[m]> is this a "new" channel?
<sewn> we'll see what happens on july 30
<iceman[m]> did you leave the "old" channel?
<sewn> i kicked myself out of it
<iceman[m]> oh
<sewn> idk it took some fiddling to do, it fixed itself
<sewn> i didn't appear on the IRC end once
<iceman[m]> @testuser so i think what im gonna take is take my kiss rootfs to Canada in my ssd, and then put it in new laptop, then use some livecd to make a kernel for that, and edit my /etc/fstab, and reinstall the bootloader
<iceman[m]> mm bun
<iceman[m]> yummy
<iceman[m]> ill see you on the otherside, updating my system after i installed kiss 😂
<iceman[m]> I love source based distributions
<iceman[m]> nothing ever breaks
<sewn> genchu
<iceman[m]> ill be off now
<sewn> when will you be turned on
<sewn> no i dont mean that in the
<sewn> ok whatever that was a horrible mistake
<schillingklaus> I am restricted to cli apps, anyways, as I cannot stand wayland
<sewn> what about xorg
<schillingklaus> hasn't xorg been kicked from kiss in 2021?
<sewn> kiss-xorg :3
<iceman[m]> <sewn> "when will you be turned on" <- i am on
<iceman[m]> mobile
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<sewn> i see
<sewn> damn you got kicked
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<iceman[m]> sewn: yea
<iceman[m]> i left old channel
<iceman[m]> got kicked from both
<iceman[m]> bot smokin
<sewn> its smoking ice
<iceman[m]> 😳
<iceman[m]> i have nodejs to compile as well lmao
<iceman[m]> i hope 48 gigs is enough :trolol:
<iceman[m]> i have htop opened in another terminal
<iceman[m]> current ram usage is 345M
<sewn> i tried to compile chromium but the build is broken so
<iceman[m]> F
<sewn> iceman[m]: 6 is plenty i said
<iceman[m]> sewn: you created an issue about the lfs64 right
<sewn> just for nodejs, llvm, firefox and such
<sewn> iceman[m]: no its another thing
<iceman[m]> i tried to compile chromium but the build is broken so
<iceman[m]> * In reply to
<iceman[m]> you created an issue about the lfs64 patch right
<sewn> chromium doesnt need lfs64, but rust does and thats significantly more important
<iceman[m]> oh explane
<sewn> no one here can build rust with rust
<iceman[m]> what is it
<sewn> s/with/without/
<iceman[m]> i just use rustup
<iceman[m]> i dont want the headache
<sewn> its not packaged
<iceman[m]> sewn: who said I needed it packages :chad:
<iceman[m]> * In reply to
<iceman[m]> who said I needed it packaged :chad:
<iceman[m]> its not packaged
<iceman[m]> its not packaged
<iceman[m]> * In reply to sewn
<iceman[m]> who said I needed it packaged :chad:
<xdream8[m]> sewn: i have both binary and source package in my repo
<iceman[m]> * In reply to sewn
<iceman[m]> its not packaged
<iceman[m]> who said I needed it packaged :chad:
<sewn> iceman[m]: > <> In reply to sewn... (full message at <>)
<iceman[m]> i only keep a few packages in my repo
<iceman[m]> are those stickers? sewn:
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<sewn> hey cool i can build chromium
<iceman[m]> xdream8: hello!
<iceman[m]> what are you working on these days?
<iceman[m]> excluding kiss-rs
<xdream8[m]> i will implement 'replaces' feature when i am done implementing other features. its really problematic when you want to replace a package like ncurses. you have to fork all packages that depends on them and change ncurses dep
<xdream8[m]> iceman[m]: i was working on a service manager but i am only working on kiss-rs right now because i want to finish and use it soon as possible
<iceman[m]> oh okay
<sewn> blazing fast
<schillingklaus> ah, kiss-xorg .. I would still need to install a keyboard-only windows manager from upstream sources, but I've had to do that before. window managers can be easily installed per user.
<xdream8[m]> kiss-install is almost finished. the only thing left is improving pkg_conflicts function to register alternatives correctly
<iceman[m]> I was going to work on my tftp implementation but decided to update my system
<iceman[m]> xdream8[m]: I see
<iceman[m]> iceman[m]: in C++ btw
<iceman[m]> i hope you're annoyed :troll:
<sewn> 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😱😱😱😱😱😱
<phoebos> xdream8[m]: do you have setuid on kiss-install or expect it to be run under sudo etc ?
<xdream8[m]> iceman[m]: a little
<iceman[m]> i'm in desperate need of emojis
<phoebos> how does kiss-install know which user's cache to look into for tarballs
<xdream8[m]> phoebos: i did not decide that yet but setuid would be better
<iceman[m]> xdream8[m]: its okay, i just wanted to know that you're not like other Rust users who insert rust into everything
<iceman[m]> just use what you want/like
<phoebos> I understand you're moving kiss's env vars to flags, but I don't see a flag for XDG_CACHE_HOME
<schillingklaus> such as linus torvalds who inserts rust into the kernel?
<xdream8[m]> <phoebos> "how does kiss-install know which..." <- it uses "$XDG_CACHE_HOME" env variable for now i will switch to flag approach eventually but i will still continue supporting some of the env variables but flags wil be the main priority
<iceman[m]> going full qemu
<iceman[m]> ahh
<iceman[m]> llvm time
<sewn> im still trying to build chromium in a tmpfs
<sewn> because for some odd reason one cant run under tmpfs but is fine under cache
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<phoebos> ah setuid preserves environment
<phoebos> nice
<sewn> is ioraff not in this irc channel?
<sad_plan> nope
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<iceman[m]> hi sad_plan
<mako2> hi everyone
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<sewn> hello everynyan
<sad_plan> hi mako2
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<mako2> I think i fixed the efi thing in my kiss, efibootmgr shows results now and the kiss bootloader id stays there after reboots
cot|th is now known as kiedtl
<sewn> nice
<mako2> the problem is the kernel i compiled, tested it on void and did the same stuff, stuck at loading the kernel
<sewn> you can use only efibootmgr, or no bootloader at all btw
<mako2> so its my stupid brain that cant figure out how to make a kernel work
<mako2> yeah but i cant figure out how to do uefi without grub
<sewn> you can use efibootmgr
<sewn> or noone
<mako2> i see
<sad_plan> sewn you can use only the kernel aswell. no grub, no efibootmgr. nothing. just the kernel
<sad_plan> just look up efistub
<sad_plan> requires uefi though
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<zlib> how in the world do u start xorg theres like a million problems
<zlib> i dont even know where to start to trouble shoot
<sewn> <sad_plan> "sewn you can use only the kernel..." <- thats why i said none
<sewn> i use that method myself
<sewn> zlib: logs
<zlib> which logs do u want ive gotten about 20 different ones
<sewn> xorg tells you where the log is, usually .local/share/Xorg/xorg.0.log of some sort
<sewn> the latest one
<sad_plan> nice to see others use that too.
<sewn> heh
<zlib> this is if i run startx, logged in as root
<sewn> run it as user..
<sad_plan> ^
<sewn> it wont change much but thats how you should be using xorg
<sewn> are you running mdev?
<sewn> ln -s /etc/sv/mdev /var/service
<sewn> and add yourself to the video input audio tty groups
<zlib> okay
<zlib> progress
<zlib> it says /home/kiss/.xinitrc exec sowm permission denied
<zlib> which tbf doas wont work for me either
<zlib> idk why cus i know i set it up right
<sewn> zlib: what
<sewn> on earth
<zlib> jus let me screenshot i cant curl it
<zlib> sec
<zlib> xx
<xdream8[m]> <sewn> "i use that method myself" <- i used syslinux for my thinkpad
<sewn> stat /usr/bin/sowm what is the resulting access number
<sewn> it should be 0755
<sewn> xdream8[m]: my thinkpad has uefi support
<sewn> ah
<sewn> well thats... weird
<sewn> lol Sex is at the end haha
<sewn> zlib: sowm is in /usr/local/bin/sowm correct?
<zlib> if i say no are u gonna be mad at me
<sewn> no im gonna explode
<sewn> cuz it means your file system probably is broken
<zlib> u wanna know whats really funny
<sewn> 'permission denied' on a 0755 file shouldnt happen, and would if the directory cant be read by the user, aka /usr/bin of some sort
<zlib> cant cd to /usr/local: no such file or directory
<sewn> yeah that
<sewn> Thats
<sewn> What the fuck
<zlib> then where is
<zlib> everything
<zlib> HAHA
<sewn> kiss community tarball right..?
<zlib> yea
<zlib> using xorg and community repos too
<zlib> for what it matters
<sewn> kiss b baselayout
<sewn> maybe this would help
<sewn> D NO
<zlib> ur lucky !!! i type slow
<sewn> okay just
<sewn> can you su?
<zlib> i can su
<zlib> just not doas
<sewn> you shouldnt be able to su lol
<sewn> for now, chmod 0755 /usr/bin and chmod -R 0755 /usr/local
<sewn> try to check for any other abnormalities in your file system cuz idk how that fucked up
<zlib> oke i messed around a bit and now i get a different error
<sewn> are you in the groups
<sewn> and mdev is running
<zlib> very sorry to whomever owns 0x0 btw !!! am abusing ur website
<zlib> yea
<sewn> zlib: you can use x0 or
<sewn> zlib: `groups` is `kiss tty audio video input`
<sewn> ?
<zlib> oh
<zlib> i reran it again n now we're jus back at the start
<zlib> nvm no we're not i was root
<zlib> still where we were x
<sewn> yuherdgberafgzuiohjkdfgzbuiohkladfzuohj;etsdyuiohwerta789yioyuiohwrsfg8yihwrsfgyiwrsfg7yh79yuio7yuhwrsfgxyuhwrasfg7ywrasfg7ywrsfgawrazgrwa7yurwa478g234qwz7gby4wr28i9g24qwr84rg6y789uwrg47wery789qtyr4127ygyq2hgt47uhygfu7rfgbhygg7wrag7wrqgy72w g 7yqrgqr7y 7yq7yrweygqwra9gaebewu7gbrfwyh79uqrg8y\90w80y\wry80ry\y248ryy\24wa24r
<zlib> exactly
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<zlib> AHA
<zlib> i found it
<sewn> found wut
<zlib> someone said reinstall xorg server so i did and got a curl error 6
<zlib> idk what that is i was too excited to tell u
<sewn> wwwwwwwwwwhat
<sewn> is your dns good
<zlib> nvm i ran it again and its doing it
<zlib> well its doing something
<oak[m]> zlib: i sometimes have that
<sewn> zlib meet oak
<oak[m]> with downloading shit from
<zlib> oak my saviour
<sewn> both of you are the same so i doubt that
<zlib> could cry and im gonna cry
<sewn> is your doas.conf just 'permit nopass kiss as root'
<sewn> i suggest doing that
<sad_plan> using doas with kiss is so combersome really. using ssu is better. so you dont have to type in your password a bajillion times
<zlib> if it fails after all this again ill make u cry too
<zlib> both of u
<zlib> all of u !!!
<sewn> i used to use ssu myself, but switched to doas because i didn't want to fiddle with ssu needing yet another group
<sewn> i think sad_plan is used to it
<oak[m]> sewn[m]: ssu just works for me
<oak[m]> well i need to be in the wheel group
<sad_plan> i use ssu. just add yourself to wheel group and you should be done
<oak[m]> yeah i use ssu too
<sewn> grrrrr another group arghhh
<sewn> if wheel is POSIX ill use it
<oak[m]> grrr another file arghhh
<sewn> another line*
<sad_plan> I was going to say that oasis has wheel group, so its probably fine, buut no. it does not
<sad_plan> you can permit your own group instead though
<sewn> heh
<sad_plan> the users group
<sewn> thats what i did, i forked ssu and modified post-install to use my group
<sewn> i dont get why it doesnt use $USER tho
<sad_plan> I dunno
<oak[m]> zlib: `groups`
<oak[m]> are you in the video group
<oak[m]> i recommend using sx instead of startx too
<zlib> i swear to god if one more of u tell me groups
<zlib> i will scream
<sewn> zlib: stat /dev/tty
<sewn> 1
<sewn> stat /dev/tty1
<sad_plan> add yourself to root group
<sad_plan> zlib:
<sewn> thats just becoming superuser with extra steps
<sad_plan> yep
<sewn> why would you want that
<sad_plan> would dont, I was just joking
<zlib> i literally added myself to it !!! like three times
<sewn> zlib: mdev isnt running
<sad_plan> its abit like sudo su really
<zlib> u n me
<zlib> are gonna fall out
<sewn> ln -s /etc/sv/mdev /var/service
<zlib> it says
<zlib> file exists
<zlib> just remove it ?
<sad_plan> check whats there. I think you need the last /
<sad_plan> else youll symlink to service dir
<sad_plan> like the actuall dir, not inside it
<sewn> sv s mdev
<oak[m]> zlib: nope
<oak[m]> no need
<oak[m]> if its already tehre
<sewn> run as superuser if necessary
<sad_plan> does runit accept s flag? instead of start or up?
<sewn> what?
<sad_plan> sv s $serv
<zlib> ive just been told like 4 different things
<sad_plan> instead of sv up $serv
<zlib> sv s mdev returns pid 142
<sad_plan> hm, so it does
<sad_plan> I dont use runit, so I couldnt check really
<sewn> just reboot
<sewn> jeez
<sewn> i think ur vm hates u zlib
<zlib> i only wanted to try it in a vm so i could be used to it when i do it on my lapto
<zlib> p
<zlib> but i guess ill jus go straight for it
<zlib> okay im back to the exec sowm permission denied thingy again
<sad_plan> chmod 0755 /bin/sowm
<sad_plan> as root, obviously
<zlib> now it doesnt even give me an error
<sewn> sad_plan: sowm is 0755
<zlib> it jus boots then kicks me out to the tty
<sewn> his filesystem is weird
<zlib> his ??? behave
<sad_plan> hm, do you have xf86-input-libinput?
<zlib> also my log file is exactly the same
<zlib> yea
<zlib> i do
<sewn> so weird
<zlib> i can rebuild it
<zlib> sec
<sewn> rebuilding wont help that much
<zlib> yea
<zlib> no
<zlib> same thing
<oak[m]> ls -l /dev/tty1
<oak[m]> are you in the tty group?
<zlib> yea
<sad_plan> have you tried another wm? like xwm or some shit
<sad_plan> to rule out sowm
<sewn> also, can you try showing the output of ls -l / /usr ?
<sewn> sad_plan: or dwm
<sewn> dwm my belovede
<sad_plan> what you also can do is try to launch x without a window manager. but you have to have a way to start a terminal or something
<sad_plan> exec sxhkd i.e. in you xinitrc should suffice
<oak[m]> plain startx should be x and like 3 xterms
<sewn> ^ without a .xinitrc
<zlib> im gonna try redoing x and then what sad said
<zlib> will see u in 5 mins love u x
<sad_plan> you can also just use sx instead, its simpler. sometimes I couldnt get x to start with xinit, but sx worked. and vice versa. sx doesnt give too much feedback though
<oak[m]> yeah said the same thing earlier
<zlib> I DID IT
<zlib> im so fucking clever
<zlib> oh my god
<sewn> how did you fix it!??!
<zlib> i have no idea
<zlib> i reinstalled everything x, added myself to groups again, tried to use sx but needed rc so used start and it booted twm
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<zlib> thanks everybody for helping !!! will see u in two weeks when i struggle to do it for real
<xdream8[m]> xdream8[m]: i almost finished converting commands to binaries. only kiss-manifest is missing a cli.
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<mako2> sewn: sewn? are you there
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<iceman[m]> was bored so themed my install
<iceman[m]> this is an actual attempt at themeing my installation ever since I installed KISS
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<zlib> hiya really specific question how do i source .profile every time i open a terminal
<zlib> on openbsd i put export ENV=~/.profile into xsession
<zlib> but that doesnt work here
<zlib> also !!! getting this error while trying to build gpgme, nothing on google anywhere
<mako2> I don't know why my compiled kernels come hanging or freezing on boot
<mako2> some people can even boot it up without touching the .config file
<depressed_pigeon> <zlib> "hiya really specific question..." <- Its sourced on boot, when the first shell is started
<depressed_pigeon> If you make any changes after that, you need to source it again in that terminal, to take effect
<zlib> yea no it doesnt save in a new terminal
<depressed_pigeon> You have to source it again i new terminals, because your original shell doesnt have those changes
<depressed_pigeon> Log out and then in again
<depressed_pigeon> Or go to tty, source it and then start x again
<zlib> fine but if im right u owe me a coke
<zlib> alright fair enough
<zlib> but on openbsd ihad to source it myself
<depressed_pigeon> Exacly
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