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<sewn> midfavila: I switched back to X for xfiles
<sewn> there's just not a comfy file manager on wl
<sewn> or a good image viewer (other than forcing mpv to be one)
<midfavila> color me shocked
<sewn> with what color
<midfavila> ecru
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<Guest59> hey guys i tried installing kiss and i got past the loading linux stage but ended up with a blank screen. i could interact with stuff and could hear sound but couldn't see anything.
<Guest59> i tried enabling all the framebuffer drivers i could but maybe its a firmware issue
<illiliti> could be a drm driver issue
<Guest59> idk what it could be though
<Guest59> i saw CONFIG_DRM_SIMPLEDRM and enabled that
<illiliti> config_fb enabled? asking just in case
<Guest59> yeah took me a bit but got it enabled
<illiliti> config_fb_simple? config_fb_efi?
<Guest59> didn't know about fb_simple let me check that
<illiliti> check config_fb_vesa too
<illiliti> which gpu do you use, btw?
<Guest59> i know vesa is enabled and i checked simple and it was checked
<Guest59> im trying on an old pc, inspiron 660s i think integrated graphics
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<Guest59> actually im looking at fb_simple and seeing that the first option for enabling support isn't able to be accessed even though i enabled all the requirements
<illiliti> it means that dependencies are unmet
<Guest59> idk what more requirements i need
<illiliti> if you are using menuconfig you can press shift+? and it will show
<illiliti> shame that these probes do not have kernel config attached
<illiliti> dmesg output might still be useful tho
<Guest59> hold on for a second almost done with dmesg
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<illiliti> it's dmesg from arch iso, not from kiss, right?
<illiliti> also when i said dmesg might be useful i meant dmesg from those probes lol
<Guest59> oh i did my dmesg and not from the probes
<illiliti> no no, you don't need to do anything
<illiliti> i merely said that dmesg from those probes might be useful for you in some way(e.g to find missing module or smth)
<Guest59> oh ok sorry i don't do debugging a lot so im a little of a noob
<illiliti> all good. if you want to proceed, i think setting up sshd in kiss would be a good idea so you could debug it from there(if it boots at all)
<Guest59> i mean its like i just have to get past the black screen but otherwise the system works i just can't see it
<illiliti> then ssh server would be a best bet here to find out why you get black screen
<Guest59> yeah honestly ive spent all day for this install so i might just pick this up tomorrow
<Guest59> no homework so i have more time for this install
<Guest59> im hopping off but tomorrow ill try to debug and install sshd
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