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<illiliti> nice
<niceguy5000[m]> who is running
<illiliti> dylan
<niceguy5000[m]> is it dylanaraps ?
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<illiliti> btw KISS_GREP was a thing one day
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<niceguy5000[m]> illiliti: I thought dylan quit?
<illiliti> he's just inactive
<illiliti> nobody knows his plans
<illiliti> perhaps he quit, perhaps not
<davidgarland> does anyone happen to know where I could find a resource telling me which linux-firmware .bin files I need to use for a 7900 XTX? I usually refer to the Gentoo wiki but it doesn't seem to know that card exists, and after repeated black screens on boot even after poring over every kernel option, trying both efistub and grub, making sure the firmware
<davidgarland> directory is set properly in the kernel, making sure ext4 support is added, etc. I still have no luck-- I see people online claiming LLVM 15 and some modern version of Mesa are necessary but I'd only expect to need those once I want 3d graphics, not just terminal output-- am I mistaken?
<illiliti> just put all firmware to /lib/firmware, reboot, check dmesg and see which firmware kernel loaded
<illiliti> then remove all unneeded firmware
<illiliti> or you can't boot at all?
<davidgarland> it won't boot at all, I'm just suspicious that could be a reason
<davidgarland> I'll try what you just suggested and see if it boots then
<illiliti> i suppose kernel config is wrong
<illiliti> hard to tell where tho
<davidgarland> yeah, would be nice if I could get some kind of log written to disk :/
<illiliti> send kernel config
<illiliti> maybe i could magically tell what's wrong
<davidgarland> if so I'd be very grateful, I'll try n figure out how to get it copied over to my laptop lol
<illiliti> oh
<illiliti> you could also try to boot with nomodeset
<davidgarland> in the meantime ill give nomodeset a try, then the "add all the firmware" approach
<davidgarland> it seems that nomodeset just leaves grub hanging on "Loading Linux 6.2-rc7 ..."
<Ellowee[m]> Meaning no framebuffer drivers enabked
<Ellowee[m]> s/enabked/enabled/
<Ellowee[m]> s/enabked/enabled/no firmware to talk to the display/
<davidgarland> "Simple framebuffer driver" is enabled, "Support for frame buffer devices" is disabled because I read the help text and it said it is 'not essential'-- I'll try turning on the latter
<illiliti> # CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_SI is not set
<illiliti> # CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_CIK is not set
<illiliti> # CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE is not set
<davidgarland> I don't have a southern islands or sea islands card I don't think
<davidgarland> good catch on the last point though, I'll do that, thank you
<sewn> Hi
<davidgarland> o/
<illiliti> btw are you sure that gpu is functional? does it work on other distros?
<davidgarland> it "worked" at least to the point of having video output on void and arch, though I couldn't get the fans to spin and also those distros didn't have up-to-date mesa or llvm for me to run the proper drivers for it with, so... unsure
<davidgarland> main reason I'm trying kiss again is to be able to do the latest libraries and have that be "normal"
<davidgarland> I'm pretty sure if I just put win 10 or 11 on the PC it'd Just Work(TM), and it's my fault for buying recent hardware not realizing that linux drivers lag behind a bit
<davidgarland> ...all of that said, some combination of installing llvm & mesa, turning on checkpoint_restore, and enabling "support for framebuffer devices" fixed it! :DDDDD
<davidgarland> thank you both for the help
<illiliti> nice
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<testuser[m]1> hi
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<sewn> Hi
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<davidgarland> sewn: if I'm reading chat logs right you had a multilib gkiss set up, right? do you happen to have a dead repo for that somewhere I could take a peep at? I'm curious about trying the same thing out maybe, I just don't know what extra nuance may exist besides "just create a lib32 dir and install stuff to that"
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<sewn> brooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
<sewn> davidgarland: i mean, it still technically works but i dont use it anymore
<sewn> its very difficult to set up, you need to install a lib32-glibc binary then compile gcc multlib
<sewn> i will probably re-maintain it at some point, but i don't know how to manage package updates, since i want to try to automate building of multilib packages without needing to maintain a whole new one with symlinks
<sewn> testuser: can kiss(1) natively take input from stdin or is it completely automatic and not handled by kiss
<sewn> any hoo davidgarland heres the repo
<sewn> oh great i lost the lib32 glibc binary
<davidgarland> thank you for the info, and sorry for the ping if it was unwanted ^^' I don't know the etiquitte for irc
<sewn> meh id prefer to get pinged
<sewn> everyone has their own preferences n stuff
<davidgarland> makes sense
<davidgarland> but yeah I'll play with getting stuff working and see how it goes, if it turns out I can get the things I want running in a way that's not incompatible with your repo then I may just contribute to it and/or have my own repo point users at yours for deps
<davidgarland> don't wanna duplicate work / fragment things
<sewn> please dont use multilib
<sewn> i know i should probably try to clean it up but for the time being ive been using only flatpak
<davidgarland> as in please don't use that repo specifically or don't try to build a multilib install at all?
<sewn> both
<davidgarland> what's the issue with the latter
<sewn> repo is probably outdated, and multilib is hard to get setup from scratch; but i haven't looked into it that much
<sewn> what are you trying to do?
<sewn> 64bit and 32bit libraries must be synced in version
<sewn> otherwise your pc will explode
<davidgarland> wanna run steam & wine natively is p much all, maybe also lutris
<sewn> please use the flatpak, just try it
<davidgarland> okay, I'll give it a spin-- where can I find that at
<sewn> i know the flatpak might seem like a bloated solution but it fits quite well and doesnt intrude on the system
<sewn> kiss b flatpak
<davidgarland> a
<davidgarland> is it still possible to do protontricks and all that within the flatpak
<sewn> it will tell you a command to initialize the flatpak repo
<sewn> just execute that, and then flatpak install steam
<sewn> lutris is a flatpak as well
<sewn> yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sure
<sewn> i think
<davidgarland> hm ok
<davidgarland> I'll try it then
<sewn> i dont believe flatpak has that much performance loss
<sewn> the only thing bad about flatpak is the sheer size when you have such programs installed
<davidgarland> I see
<sewn> for example, ~/.local/share/flatpak only takes 4 gigabytes, with wine and mesa/nvidia runtimes installed
<sewn> ***for me
<davidgarland> that sounds fair enough then, after all some steam games are like hundreds of gigabytes so
<davidgarland> 4gb isn't much
<sewn> my games directory is 216 gigabytes
<davidgarland> hm. compiling "pinentry" from community gives me an error saying "'QAccessible' does not name a type. Did you mean 'QAccessibleWidget'?"
<davidgarland> (dep of flatpak)
<sewn> phoebos:
<davidgarland> made a proper issue for it on the codeberg repo
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<phoebos> davidgarland: did you try building pinentry with the --disable-pinentry-qt5 flag?
<davidgarland> haven't, I'll try doing that now-- got a lil sidetracked sorry
<davidgarland> doing kiss fork and running that it compiles without issue
<davidgarland> if the qt support isn't needed for anything I'd be happy to go ahead and make that a PR? I'm just not familiar with what pinentry is for, so I wouldn't know if that's the case or not
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<phoebos> no need, i'll patch it, thanks for testing
<davidgarland> alrighty, thank you
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<davidgarland> has anyone had any luck getting Discord running? even using the flatpak it seems to complain about missing dbus, which in turn would mean I'd need both dbus and systemd on the host, which is.. not ideal, but if it's doable then I'll begrudgingly do it
<illiliti> why not use it in browser?
<illiliti> or rather kill it with fire?
<davidgarland> because push to talk, and because I have friends on there, respectively
<davidgarland> I get the complaints, to be clear, I just cannot feasibly stop using it