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<sewn> Guest59: already kiss using samurai
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<alphacentauri> hello everyone
<alphacentauri> vova: hello
<alphacentauri> dear lord
<vova> hi
<alphacentauri> you see what you did ?
<alphacentauri> now instead of doing stuff ... am contemplating to switch distro
<vova> hehe
<alphacentauri> kiss is musl ?
<vova> yep
<vova> but you can use if you want glibc
<alphacentauri> the init is init ?
<vova> busybox init
<alphacentauri> vova: are you on nvidia ?
<vova> nop
<alphacentauri> ok
<schillingklaus> busybox is vastly superior to systemd
<vova> I use the intel iGPU (IIRC it's called like that ?)
<alphacentauri> not even amd ?
<alphacentauri> when was kiss created ?
<schillingklaus> long ago by dylan, who has been long since displaced by dilyn
<schillingklaus> but how does nvidia come into the picture?
<alphacentauri> because kiss is by default on wayland
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<alphacentauri> dear lord just stumbeled on this
<alphacentauri> is the kiss-xorg on glibc ?
<alphacentauri> vova: are you there ?
<alphacentauri> I called sick, when you work at governement sick leave is inlimited :)
<alphacentauri> vova: did you read the reddit article
<alphacentauri> ?
<alphacentauri> is the kiss-xorg packages size same as official kiss ?
<vova> Yeah I'm here
<vova> you can use X packages on both musl and glibc
<alphacentauri> but on musl proprietary software maybe an issue
<alphacentauri> vova: the number of packages in kiss-xorg is equal to official kiss repo ?
<alphacentauri> if we want to upgrade a package our self is it possible ?
<alphacentauri> if for exemple I am impatient for package update, I can do it ?
<alphacentauri> in void we can update our self if we don't want to wait offical update
<vova> kiss is source based so yeah you can update package yourself
<vova> you can use multiple "repo" at the same time
<vova> so just grab the kiss-xorg repo, and the official one, add the community too and you're good
<alphacentauri> kiss-xorg is glibc based ?
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<vova> kiss-xorg is just x package
<vova> packages*
<sewn> hi
<Guest59> hi
<vova> hi
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<alphacentauri> perfect
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<Guest59> has anyone set up sway on their machine? i was having issues with XDG_RUNTIME_DIR on my test machine and then had a bunch of other issues. can anyone provide me with how they installed sway?
<rfaa> run this before you run sway:
<rfaa> export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR="/tmp/user/$(id -u)"
<rfaa> [ ! -d "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" ] && mkdir -p "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" && chmod 0700 "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"
<rfaa> preferably put it in a script that autoruns when you login
<Guest59> ok but what utilities did you have to install to get sway up and running? everyone mentions using elogind but how do i use seatd instead of elogind
<rfaa> hm install libseat and enable the seatd service
<Guest59> is that it? i heard that you had to set up XDG_RUNTIME_DIR, is the script enough to set it up
<rfaa> think so yeah, works for me and can't remember doing anything else
<Guest59> ok thank you so much
<rfaa> np, hope you solve it
<Guest59> one more thing, i wanted to set up waybar, but was a little confused on how you use samurai instead of ninja
<rfaa> hm i don't use waybar but just installing samurai should give you a symlink for ninja as well, don't think you need to do anything specific to use samu instead of ninja
<rfaa> executing ninja will run samu
<Guest59> oh so i can just run ninja, and then it runs samu
<rfaa> correct
<Guest59> ok thank you so much, you literally answered all my questions in two minutes
<Guest59> really appreciate it
<rfaa> np man, gl
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<rfaa> has anyone tried integrating this instead of having the whole nodejs dependency for firefox?
<illiliti> someone already asked this recently, so i suppose yes
<illiliti> you can look into how netbsd builds firefox without nodejs and do same in kiss
<illiliti> js files: (not sure if compatible with latest firefox tho)
<rfaa> oh nice, thank you!
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