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<asimovsh> yeah but i tried
<asimovsh> And everytime need xcb
<asimovsh> Don't know why a waylando compositor needed it whitout xwayland
<phoebos> did you use their NO_XWAYLAND flag
<asimovsh> Yeah
<asimovsh> always
<phoebos> sounds like a bug then
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<asimovsh> Kinda
<asimovsh> But it seems not solved
<asimovsh> And a dependencie
<phoebos> so a bug in their build system
<asimovsh> yeap
<asimovsh> anyway
<asimovsh> about steam on flatpak in kiss
<asimovsh> someone here have tested it?
<phoebos> have you?
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<asimovsh> yeah kinda
<asimovsh> and openned a issue in the community
<asimovsh> but git bruh never commented anymore
<asimovsh> so i give up Kiss for Gentoo
<asimovsh> just maintaining the packages of kiss
<asimovsh> but i think in go back again
<sad_plan> sewn: used to use flatpak and steam asimovsh
<sad_plan> however he did use gkiss
<sad_plan> not sure wether this makes a difference really
<asimovsh> with wayland or xorg?
<asimovsh> or xwayland
<sad_plan> xorg initially. noot 100% sure about wayland. I do belive he used xwayland
<sad_plan> dont belive steam has native wayland support
<asimovsh> yeah
<asimovsh> i remember someone tell me it worked in wayland
<asimovsh> or maybe i crazy
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<sad_plan> I was a bit unsure as to wtf I should do in kernel patches. should I just add the same styling as in FAQ, or whats your though on it?
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<sewn> sad_plan: alpine uses dhcpc
<sewn> that's how you know its good, also really fast
<sewn> also I use steam on flatpsk
<sewn> works fine on regular kiss
<sewn> just needs dbus
<asimovsh> sewn: but your session is xorg or wayland?
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<sewn> both work
<sewn> although I think I'll move back to alpine because I'm facing performance issues on kiss that I just can't be assed to fix
<sewn> asimovsh: just do know for Wayland you need xwayland
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<sewn> could be either my kernel or I need udev
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<vova_> illiliti: how much do you want if I pay you to rewritte kiss (the package manager) in C
<vova_> hmm
<vova_> sewn
<sewn> hi vova
<vova_> is it the only issue were rewritten kiss in C was talked
<sewn> personally I don't have much knowledge but i think it would be better to do part c part shell
<sewn> like rewrite the performance intensive parts in C
<sewn> but it would be better to have it not depend on coreutils
<sewn> maybe just libarchive and libcurl
<vova_> It'd be great ngl
<sewn> there is already a C rewrite by testuser but AFAIK its been abandoned in favor of kiss-rs
<vova_> Dylan had started a rewritte too
<sewn> there's also kiss-el and bliss (lua)
<sewn> vova_: really? where
<sewn> do you mean dilyn or
<vova_> I mean Dylan araps
<vova_> let me find the link
<sewn> no wayy
<vova_> we can maybe fork it ?
<sewn> oh wow wth this has ALOT of progres
<sewn> logical thing kiss-community should do is fork this tbh
<vova_> yeah
<vova_> I thought you knew this repo lol
<sewn> I think testuser doesn't either, why else did he start kiss-ng
<vova_> damn
<vova_> I think we should also follow Dylan repo's name
<vova_> like no more `kiss b` etc but `k b`
<sewn> kiss
<sewn> hm
<sewn> hmmm
<sewn> maybe check if there's a utility named k first
<sewn> and also, maybe name it uhh
<sewn> smooch
<sewn> nvm too long
<vova_> dyk
<vova_> Dylan Araps Kiss
<illiliti> vova_: dunno, 200-300$ maybe? this is not final of course and we can negotiate that
<vova_> just tell me honestly
<sewn> 500$
<vova_> what do you think about ? illiliti
<illiliti> it's incomplete, what else to say
<vova_> yeah but I mean it's a good start no ?
<illiliti> i'd prefer to start from scratch
<vova_> how long do you think it will take ?
<illiliti> hmm. hard question
<illiliti> if i say half of a year, would that be reasonable?
<illiliti> perhaps in reality it would take less if i stop doing some other things...
<illiliti> looking at my previous attempt(king) it took +- half of a year to finish core functionality
<illiliti> but i was mostly bikeshedding some things i don't like such as how internals are designed
<vova_> I see, I honestly have no idea how complexe is kiss
<vova_> BTW illiliti I saw you on a issue in wlroots for netbsd wscons support, you are still using kiss or you switched to BSD ?
<illiliti> i use kiss. i don't have enough capacity to finish that work unfortunately
<illiliti> kiss is not so complex, really
<sewn> vova_: yambar just died
<sewn> its dropped in community
<sewn> what are you gonna do!!!?!!?!?
<vova_> fuck
<vova_> I love yambar
<vova_> I even did a module for pipewire + dwl for it
<illiliti> vova_: i gotta go. feel free to pm me if you interested in further discussing this matter
<phoebos> vova_: add it back, revert the commit
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<ehawkvu> phoebos: regarding the wiki/ idea ~ each repo of packages (kiss-xorg, community, gkiss, etc) would have what appears to be another repository (wiki/)
<ehawkvu> In that directory, the maintainers (plus anyone who would want to contribute) would be able to write (ideally markdown, but we can all figure that out together) wikipages describing how to do miscellaneous things
<ehawkvu> that way, documentation is both local, and the entire history is saved as well
<ehawkvu> so then, on, we could have a "wiki from the community" where, like w/ kiss-find, we find all of the wikis and aggregate them into one place
<sewn> I don't really think kisscommunity is that active to do all of that
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> phoebos: pushed fixes to the wiki. only thing I was sortof unsure of was how youd want the prefixes
<sad_plan> i.e. if something is in kernel/patches, would you like whole dir to be there? or just wiki wiki/kernel, oor..? I used wiki/kernel for now anyway
<sad_plan> have a peak at the commit msgs and lmk
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