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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<midfavila> oh
<midfavila> holy shit
<midfavila> amazon is 503'in
<midfavila> wild
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<vova_> asimovsh: I can't seem to find the `build` file for hyprland but I found an old script to build it, let me send it to you
<sewn> hi midfavila
<vova_> asimovsh:
<midfavila> >pinging me
<vova_> hi everybody
<midfavila> go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away
<vova_> who
<midfavila> yes
<sewn> mid is mean
<midfavila> yes
<midfavila> mean internet dummy
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<sewn> a dummy would be nicer because it doesn't speak smh
<midfavila> >he hasn't played undetale
<sewn> can someone here using kiss package wayneko
<sewn> and maintain it for life
<sewn> I'll pay
<sewn> Best program ever
<vova_> how much
<midfavila> is it a port of xneko?
<sad_plan> hi vova_
<vova_> sad_plan: hi
<sad_plan> sewn: cant you just maintain it yourself? and what is even wayneko? or xneko for that matter. cant seem to find either
<sad_plan> unless youre refering to neko?
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<sewn> sad_plan i am referring to the neko that chases your cursor
<sewn> it has some sort of name but i forgot about it
<sewn> and yes that
<sewn> oneko
<sewn> it was called oneko for X
<sewn> i somehow maintain its package for void despite me not having used void for a year
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<midfavila> hey
<midfavila> so
<midfavila> uh
<midfavila> this morning was fucking wild
<midfavila> would have responded but i was like
<midfavila> busy stopping a robbery
<midfavila> and no i'm not joking or exaggerating in the slightest
<midfavila> i was at the store i work at grabbing snacks and someone tried holding my coworker up
<midfavila> got hit by a car in the process
* midfavila dies
<rfaa> you ok?
<midfavila> docs at the hospital said i'm totally fine
<midfavila> despite getting fucking
<midfavila> thrown a good two and a half meters by the car
<midfavila> so yeah aside from feeling like i got hit by a car i'm fine
<rfaa> that's crazy, no broken bones or anything?
<midfavila> yep
<midfavila> just a couple bruises
<midfavila> one from the car slamming into my back, the other from the driver getting out and punching me in the face
<midfavila> the car like
<midfavila> plowed *straight* through the store's doors
<midfavila> i'll post a pic later
<midfavila> it's insane
<midfavila> might end up in the news
<rfaa> you could very well be a superhero
<midfavila> maybe
<midfavila> work is writing me up
<midfavila> despite me doing this when i wasn't even on shift
<midfavila> and i still have to work at 3pm today
<midfavila> despite *literally getting hit by a car*
<rfaa> seriously? wtf
<midfavila> asshole from corporate came up to me and said "you aren't getting fired, but we're gonna write you up, and next time? don't be a hero."
<midfavila> like no fuck you
<midfavila> as a citizen of the commonwealth i have a moral responsibility to assist in preventing and stopping crime in my community
<rfaa> no good deed goes unpunished huh..
<midfavila> yeah i guess so
<midfavila> either way i'm charging the guy who hit me with the car
<midfavila> he's super fucked
<midfavila> everything's caught on CCTV
<sewn> mid is a hero
<midfavila> mid is sore
<midfavila> xwx
<midfavila> this is the storefront
<sewn> oh god
<asimovsh> vova_: u don't have a build in kiss package style?
<asimovsh> vova_: also how you build it without libglvnd?
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<midfavila> pretty much guaranteed writeup has turned into a probable termination
<midfavila> *nice*
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<vova_> asimovsh: don't know I used this "script" to compile hyprland on void-linux like last year or so
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