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<asimovsh> Yo
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<asimovsh> can someone give me a hand about cross compiling?
<asimovsh> i plan to build gcc-avr
<synimas> Hello, currently having internet issues, ive put eth0 up however when i run dhcpcd ive not had any luck connecting to the interwebs
<synimas> Doesnt give me an ipv4 assignment , gives me an ipv6 but i cant ping anything with ipv6
<synimas> ip a output, ignore the iwlwifi errors, thats for future me to fix
<ukky> synimas: you can force dhcpcd to use IPv4 only
<synimas> Will do
<synimas> Just via static?
<synimas> Running `dhcpcd -S ip_address=`
<ukky> Add '-4' to dhcpcd command line, i.e. -4 -B -M
<synimas> just had to go down just then
<synimas> but running dhcpcd -4 doesnt give me an assignment
<synimas> Maybe i disabled the wrong thing in the kernel
<synimas> Apologies for the image rather than a paste, i know how annoying that is
<ukky> try: dhcpcd -4 -B eth0 2>&1
<synimas> Same lack of output
<ukky> any error printed? any instance of dhcpcd already running?
<synimas> Dhcpcd doesnt give me any additional output
<synimas> Just newline
<synimas> Ill check top
<ukky> what does print this?: ps auxf | grep dhcpcd
<synimas> Just shows the "grep dhcpcd" process
<ukky> try: dhcpcd -d -4 -B eth0 2>&1
<synimas> Same outcome
<synimas> No output or running process
<ukky> No output? Let me reproduce...
<synimas> The orange led on the ethernet cable isnt on or flashing either
<synimas> Oh wait i lied, flash every 20 seconds or so
<ukky> You should not have any process running after dhcpcd terminates. '-B' means stay in foreground. Until you Ctrl-C the process, it will stay in foreground
<synimas> Its not even running
<synimas> I click enter and it throws me back into the shell
<ukky> You should have something like this:
<synimas> I do not
<synimas> I have a while lot of nothin
<synimas> Whole*
* synimas is having a less than stellar time
<ukky> Any segfault in dmesg or /var/log/messages ?
<synimas> Nothing in dmesg but ill enable logs
<ukky> Do you know what strace is and how to use it?
<synimas> No i do not
<synimas> Looks like syslog is a separate package
<ukky> Before strace, can you make static IPv4 work on eth0?
<synimas> I tried that earlier, no luck
<ukky> try manually, without dhcpcd
<synimas> Okay
<ukky> is your subnet
<synimas> Yeah, but only above .1 is available
<ukky> do this: ip addr add dev eth0 broadcast +
<ukky> then : ip link set eth0 up
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<ukky> then : ip route add default via
<ukky> then : ping -c 3
<synimas> Yeah, i can ping the router
<ukky> So, your IPv4 works. But your dhcpcd doesn't.
<ukky> before you test dhcpcd again, bring static IP down
<synimas> Well, should i be able to ping outside of lan rn?
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<ukky> yes, you should be able to ping : ping -c 3
<synimas> Dns servers arent setup but i can ling
<synimas> Alright, what do you mean by bring static ip down?
<synimas> Turn off the interface?
<ukky> yeah, /etc/resolv.conf whould have DNS settings
<ukky> to remove default routing and static address, do
<ukky> this : ip route del default
<ukky> then : ip link set eth0 down
<ukky> then : ip addr del dev eth0
<ukky> that's it
<asimovsh> bro wtf
<synimas> Thank you
<ukky> synimas: I guess your dhcpcd needs a rebuild
<synimas> Will do
<asimovsh> sewn: man phoebos just closed the wbg checksums error
<asimovsh> and said "you can fix locally"
<asimovsh> wtf i point a error and it just will get not fixed
<phoebos> asimovsh: i pushed a fix
<phoebos> but you said it stopped you building wbg
<phoebos> it doesn't, you can fix the checksums yourself and build
<asimovsh> Yeah i know i just make a issue because is a bug
<asimovsh> anyway thanks
<phoebos> you didn't see that i pushed a commit?
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<asimovsh> no
<asimovsh> just get notified and assumed that you just closed
<asimovsh> sorry my fault
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<synimas> ukky, just rebuilt it, went ahead and rebuilt all of the packages because i forgot earlier
<synimas> No luck
<synimas> Setting it all manually works still
<synimas> So im not sure why it doesnt give me any verbose info when i run dhcpcd
<ukky> synimas: post your dhcpcd.conf without comments: cat /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf | sed '/^[ \t]*#.*/d' | sed '/^$/d'
<synimas> Okay
<synimas> Files empty
<ukky> Is there dhcpcd.conf at /etc/dhcpcd/ ?
<synimas> Well, theres not a dhcpcd directory but there was /etc/dhcpcd.conf
<synimas> Just empty
<ukky> are you still using eth0? I'll create conf for you
<synimas> Yeah im using eth0
<synimas> I do need an automatic dhcp setup for work though, cant be static
<ukky> That's what dhcpcd is for. For static IP, you don't need any DHCP client.
<synimas> Ah, i see
<synimas> The eth0 config should work for wifi as well after changing the interface?
<synimas> Or can you make the config make wifi priority over eth
<ukky> Make it work with wired, then adjust to WiFi
<ukky> Copy this into /etc/dhcpcd.conf
<synimas> Alright, give me a moment
<synimas> My client might time out
<ukky> For dhcpcd to handle WiFi interface link, add WiFi name to 'allowinterfaces', use wildcard as last character to include all IDs
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<synimas> Gotta run it twice but it works
<synimas> Just putting the interface up failed fhe first time, ill troubleshoot that myself
<synimas> What was the issue? Does dhcpcd not do anything without a config?
<synimas> Even when adding options
<ukky> synimas: no idea, I always run it with config
<synimas> Oh, is ax210 not properly supported in lts kernel?
<synimas> And i really appreciate the help good friend
<ukky> I'm glad it helped. I was worried to use strace to figure out what is wrong with loading dhcpcd
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<synimas> I hate this client, keeps timing me out lmao
<ukky> dhcpcd is supposed to be running 24/7, as a daemon. Depends on your DHCP server how long your dynamic IP is good for.
<synimas> Oh i mean irc client
<ukky> oh
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<synimas> Any idea what would cause these errors?
<synimas> All im getting on google are kernel mismatch but lts kernel does support ax210
<ukky> synimas: do you have firmware installed? check here: find /lib/firmware/ -name '*iwlwifi-ty*'
<synimas> Oh wait i totally extracted an updated version of linux-firmware incorrectly
<synimas> I swear it wasnt broken before i broke it
<synimas> One moment gonna upload the new output
<ukky> try rebooting
<synimas> Was done after i fixed the firmware folder and rebooted
<synimas> The pastebin i mean
<ukky> then you need to add FW to kernel and recompile kernel
<ukky> CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE_DIR="/lib/firmware"
<synimas> Which firmware file should i add?
<ukky> CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="iwlwifi-ty-a0-gf-a0-72.ucode"
<ukky> that's the lates supported by your device
<synimas> Thank you very much, i had assumed since i could select iwlwifi in the kernel that i didnt need that
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<synimas> Is vmlinuz-linux needed?
<synimas> Ive got vmlinuz-6.1.62
<synimas> Took over 6.1.62 as the master linux boot file
<synimas> Went ahead and deleted it, idk where it came from
<synimas> PNVM data is missing, please install iwlwifi-ty-a0-gf-a0.pnvm
<ukky> PNVM_MISSING. You need to add iwlwifi-ty-a0-gf-a0.pnvm to CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE. That's my guess, I do not have this device.
<synimas> Third build of the night, maybe modules really was the way to go
<synimas> And bam, wlan0
<synimas> Thank you so much for the help ukky(:
<ukky> you are welcome. leaving for the night.
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<synimas> Maybe im not cut out for this typa stuff lmao
<synimas> I cant even get my wlan interface up atm
<synimas> Nvm, somehow it only wanted to go up when i connected with wpa_sup
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<synimas> Will the init system not run wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf?
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<synimas> I have the service enabled but it doesnt stay up, running wpa_supplicant by itself works just fine
<synimas> Oh im stupid
<synimas> Save the output of this command to /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf.
<synimas> Ought to change this
<synimas> Bad idea it seems
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<sewn> hi
<sewn> synimas: if u dont like wpa supplicant you can use ewid
<sewn> eiwd
<synimas> Does ewid support eap?
<sewn> eiwd supports everything probably
<synimas> Well, wpa_supplicant works, its just doing this rn
<synimas> Oh, stopped
<midfavila> wifi is bloat
<midfavila> use slip
<synimas> What the fuck even is happening rn
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<synimas> That didnt work
<synimas> Sorry this is just super annoying, removed wpa_supplicant, rebuilt it, removed all of the service files, rebooted, and its still printing bullshit to the tty
<synimas> Ill try eiwd
<synimas> Actually fuck it, ill just add the wpa_supplicant command to my root .profile
<sewn> midfavila: what is slip
<midfavila> serial line IP
<synimas> I really just want to hse wpa because i have a massive config file thatd take ages to move around
<midfavila> basically IP with rs232 serial as the link layer or w/e
<midfavila> you can do IP over parallel too
<synimas> What could be causing the wpa supplicant service to be printing to the shell?
<midfavila> the output it provides would be helpful
<midfavila> if you're running it in the foreground then uh
<midfavila> that would be why
<synimas> No lol
<synimas> I sent that imgur
<midfavila> you might be able to daemonize it
<midfavila> imgur is dogshit and doesn't work
<midfavila> use 0x0
<synimas> Its not actually text that i can parse out
<synimas> Its just vomiting out the help page
<midfavila> then you probably fucked up the invocation
<midfavila> that would be my best guess without additional context
<synimas> Ive completely repulled the git repo
<synimas> The command it is invoking should be the one assigned in the repo
<synimas> Wait hold up
<synimas> Oh nvm, thought it found it
<synimas> Wait
<synimas> Nah, making wpa_supplicant.conf wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf does nothing
<synimas> The issue is just that the service isnt specified an interface
<synimas> Ima hop off for the night, if anyone has an idea of what to do ill read the logs in the morning, goodbye
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<sad_plan> hi
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<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<Guest59> hey
<sad_plan> hi sewn, hi Guest59
<Guest59> i wanted to start wpa_supplicant for my user through .profile, but for some reason its not working
<Guest59> i set it up with doas
<sad_plan> you dont set ip up in your .profile, you set it up as a service
<sad_plan> wpa_supplicant comes with a service file for runit, or you can use dhcpcd's script instead, so when dhcpcd start, so does wpa_supplicant
<Guest59> i mean i got wpa_supplicant working but i have to manually run wpa_supplicant every time i log in, so i put wpa_supplicant in my .profile so i don't have to run it manually every time
<sad_plan> its not supposed to be in your .profile. your .profile is for configs, not starting services. we have a service manager for that
<sad_plan> when runit is used, (or any other service manager for that matter), it starts before you log in
<Guest59> hold on, i'm saying this wrong
<Guest59> wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd are started by runit. but i have to run the command "wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf"
<Guest59> every time i log in
<sad_plan> in that case, youve not set up the service correctly
<sad_plan> have you linked both of them to /var/services?
<sad_plan> ln -s /etc/sv/$serv /var/service/
<Guest59> i have linked both of them to /var/service
<sad_plan> ok, and yet wpa_supplicant does not start for you?
<Guest59> the service is started, but i have to run the command every time i log in
<sad_plan> what does sv status wpa_supplicant print? somethingsomething running?
<sad_plan> if the service is running correctly, you shouldnt have to run it manually
<Guest59> crap it says that its not running
<Guest59> sv up wpa_supplicant doesn't do anything
<sad_plan> hm, check the service file, maybe there something in there?
<sad_plan> also check if the symlink isnt broken. it happens at times
<sad_plan> ln -sf /etc/sv/wpa_supplicant /var/service to update it
<Guest59> i did ln -s instead of ln -sf. was that maybe the problem
<sad_plan> if the symlink already existed, then yes. the -f flag will update the symlink in case it exists
<Guest59> still not running
<Guest59> what's the service file
<ukky> Guest59: /etc/sv/wpa_supplicant/run
<Guest59> does anyone recall how long sway takes to compile?
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<Guest59> so i changed the service file and can see in htop that wpa_supplicant is running, but i don't get internet
<sad_plan> does dhcpcd run?
<Guest59> yeah dhcpcd is running
<Guest59> i am a little clueless to what is happening
<sad_plan> does the wpa_supplicant service script look correctly acording to your hardware and setup?
<sad_plan> in case you dont have wpa_supplicant's config file in the same place i.e.
<Guest59> yeah in the service file i put "exec wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf > /dev/null 2&1"
<Guest59> my wpa_supplicant.conf is in the correct spot
<sad_plan> yeah that looks good to me
<Guest59> in dhcpcd's run file i put "exec dhcpcd > /dev/null 2&1"
<sad_plan> could try to do dhcpcd wlan0. I know alot of times it doesnt properly detect it. atleast I remember having to do that other times..
<sad_plan> atleast Ive had issues with that in the past
<ukky> Even though I do not use WiFi, "exec wpa_supplicant -B" doesn't look good for runit, as it runs in background. Runit requires services running in foreground.
<Guest59> so take the -B flag out?
<ukky> yes
<ukky> if you starting it manually from command line, then you have to use '-B'
<Guest59> thank you both so much ukky and sad_plan we have wifi
<ukky> cool
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<asimovsh> yo my brothers
<asimovsh> someone maybe a avr lover have gcc-avr packaged?
<phoebos> hope Guest59 meant to write 2>&1 not 2&1
<asimovsh> i have 0 success in build it and don't know why i get error in build
<sad_plan> phoebos: I also noticed that
<sewn> asimovsh: yea
<sad_plan> asimovsh: perhaps alpine has it packaged, and you can peak at that?
<asimovsh> sad_plan: i looked in the package and used the same config but not worked
<sewn> i used to have them in my repo
<sewn> but i dropped them
<sad_plan> I see
<sewn> because i didnt need them anymore
<sewn> includes libc, gcc, and binutils
<asimovsh> thanks
<asimovsh> i need it for bare metal programming
<sewn> theres dfu-programmer too
<asimovsh> arduino-cli don't work in musl
<asimovsh> and gcompat can't solve it
<sewn> i needed avr, dfu and arm-none-eabi just for QMK
<sad_plan> fr, does qmk require that much stuff?
<sewn> i mean, it compiles firmware for ARM so yeah
<asimovsh> also sewn your avrdude worked great?
<sewn> for the time, it worked
<sewn> you may need to update it though
<sewn> sad_plan: nowadays i use the qmk web interface to just compile it for me lmao
<sad_plan> sewn: no, qmk as in keyboard firmware
<sad_plan> ah ok
<sewn> dont get me fucking started on the fact it uses makefile but then calls all this python stuff
<sewn> ugh i didnt like that at all
<sad_plan> love when developers make things more complicated than it has to be
<sewn> i expected QMK to be just a simple firmware compilation framework
<sad_plan> me too
<sewn> you use QMK?
<sad_plan> no, my ducky keyboard dont support it
<sad_plan> I have seen someone flashing it on those though
<sad_plan> I dont wanna brick my keyboard with it, so I never bothered
<sewn> i put qmk on my dodgy chinese kemove keyboard with a old fork and it worked
<sewn> not like you should, but if you want to have fun with qmk and you never have before, it doesnt hurt
<sad_plan> I could, but I currently have no use for it. as my keyboard works sufficently atm. I would consider it if I had a 40%. but with the ducky 2 mini, its 60%, and has the keys I need already mapped
<sewn> doesnt hurt as a new learning experience
<sad_plan> its also my only keyboard, so if it gets bricked, I would have to buy a new one :p
<sad_plan> sure
<sewn> if it gets bricked, you should be able to reflash your original firmware
<sad_plan> I kinda do wanna buy a 40% ortho keeb, and I would then prefer one with qmk
<sewn> why 40%?
<sewn> why not split?
<sad_plan> maybe, but I think it requires windows or something. dont recall
<sad_plan> because its cool looking
<sewn> your hands are suffering
<sad_plan> maybe, maybe not. maybe Ill just use a 20+20 instead
<sad_plan> a split keyboard
<sewn> or a corne
<sewn> i think you'll like the corne
<sad_plan> what?
<sewn> with the slim switches that is
<sewn> choc switches*
<sad_plan> oh those kinds. idk, Ive kinda fallen in love with those tiny 40%s. like nuie mini or w/e tf its called. or just the oklb ones would also be fine I suppose
<sad_plan> niu mini was what I was refering to
<sad_plan> its what wolfgang's channel use(d?)
<sewn> wolfgang is pretty cool
<sad_plan> yeah, I like his videos. rather informal, no bs and that stuff. straight to the point
<sewn> also denshi is pretty cool
<sad_plan> I dont know denshi, but ill check it out
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<synimas> What does the 2>&1 do? Because my dhcpcd service only runs without it
<sad_plan> redirect stderr and stdout
<sad_plan> so if its > /dev/null 2>&1 it redirects everything to /dev/null
<sad_plan> so program gives you zero output
<synimas> It a super big deal to run without? Only runs with > /dev/null
<synimas> Assuming ill just have the occational output on tty1
<sad_plan> that doesnt really do much though. but no. only difference is that if it has some output, itll spit it out to your tty
<sad_plan> correct
<synimas> Cool, thanks sad_plan
<synimas> What are the downsides of a user having suid permissions?
<synimas> Ah, i make the compositor executable suid to root
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<sad_plan> suid is so that the executable will run as root, even if a non-root user executes it
<sad_plan> or not neccessarly root, as its initially as another user, but root is whats used most afaik
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<asimovsh> sewn:
<asimovsh> how you connect the board to avrdude?
<asimovsh> everytime i get it cant sync
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<synimas> Gotta grab seatd myself?
<asimovsh> what you mean?
<synimas> Dwl doesnt launch without a seat, was wondering if there were a way to launch without
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<asimovsh> just if you run it suid
<asimovsh> what are not recommended
<synimas> Got seatd running
<synimas> No make install lmao
<synimas> Can i just add anything to a run service file? Whats supervisor?
<synimas> Ah nvm, uses mason
<synimas> Meson*
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<asimovsh> sewn: need your help with avr
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<asimovsh> sewn: avr-ld cant link with the lib for arduino and the lib is in the /usr/lib/avr/avr6
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