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<midfavila> weeeh
<midfavila> only one more person at work and we'll be ready to unionize
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<sewn> hi
<sewn> stupid bouncr
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<sad_plan> sewn: maybe you can find an Oasis instead :D
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<sewn> sad_plan: have i not told you about my journey about oasis yet
<sad_plan> I dont recall. I know you installed it, or atleast you tried. but you complained about nvidia drivers. not sure wether you ever got flatpak installed? iirc, you installed nix though
<sewn> i hadn't tried it when i used to have nvidia, but i tried it when i got my amdgpu
<sad_plan> right
<sewn> ngl it was pretty nice. but the desktop experience was very lacking
<sewn> there was no multi-monitor support in swc
<sewn> or atleast not properly
<sewn> aditionally its missing many protocols in wayland that i'd wish to use anyway
<sewn> i was told to just use wlroots and everything in pkgsrc, but whats the point? i can just use kiss...
<sad_plan> yeah, im not too sold on velox/swc either. I like tinyx and glazier tbh :p although, im open to try new things initially.
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<sad_plan> yeah, I would also rather juse use kiss instead of pkgsrc
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<sad_plan> 'fixing' pkgsrc repo to fit my usecase is more work than just using kiss
<sewn> im still using alpine for the time being because ehhhhhhh
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<sewn> i think alpine is cool
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<sad_plan> alpine is cool. never tried it myself though
<sewn> if you ever get bored of kiss i can reccomend it
<sewn> for an X experience its pretty good
<sewn> i also like mkinitfs and the way alpine packages things; its exactly what id want in a package manager
<sewn> except for the fact that apk doesnt have a 'pkg'fs similar to kiss and uses tarballs for indexes or whatever
<sewn> can get very slow sometimes
<sad_plan> not everyone can be as perfect as kiss, can it? I cant help but feel like kiss has ruined my view of how things should be. I keep comparing every other solution to w/e im using on kiss. 'this shouldnt have to be so complicated. its way easier how I do it on kiss'
<sad_plan> not sure if ive just transended to a higher state, or if Ive just became mentally ill by using kiss instead of.. genpoo or w/e
<sewn> kiss hasnt ruined my view of how things should be
<sewn> ive always had the same view lol
<sad_plan> I see. I didnt really figure out that before I eventually started using kiss, and started messing around with it
<sewn> you started making out
<sewn> lmao
<sad_plan> lol
<rfaa> \m/
<sewn> are you a cockroach
<rfaa> me? sorry mate, mostly human
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<sewn> then what the heck is the m in \m/ supposed to be
<rfaa> well it's two fingers of course, four in total
<sewn> what
<sewn> whar
<rfaa> haha it's the universal metal sign, come on!
<sewn> i listen to black metal and i
<sewn> ohhhhhhhhh
<sewn> i see what it means now
<sewn> its that hand symbol
<rfaa> i've never been more proud
<sewn> what sort of metal do you listen to?
<rfaa> everything from folk to death to black, as long as the quality is good, not the biggest fan of black metal recorded in your parents garage with a mic from the nearest toy store unfortunately
<rfaa> which seems to be most common in black metal crowds hehe
<sewn> but thats so kvlt how dare you,,,,,,,,,,,
<rfaa> haha exactly
<sewn> yknow now that i think about it most of my black metal is exactly that
<sewn> the only one that isnt is by the artist that does pig noises
<rfaa> silencer?
<sewn> you got it
<sewn> used to listen to silencer alot when i first heard about it
<sewn> now its just boring
<rfaa> yeah the singer from that band is rumored to have been in a mental hospital in the city i live in, not surprised
<rfaa> but i don't get the whole bad quality thing, black metal can be very nice if it's good quality, immortal gets it
<sewn> whats an immortal
<sewn> forgot to mention i listen to only a subgenre of black metal
<sewn> the only high quality artist i know is Intig in this genre
<rfaa> haha is that so? can't listen to black metal and have never heard of immortal
<sewn> i say black metal to hide the fact i listen to dsbm
<rfaa> yeah i kind of figured :) i like shining
<rfaa> singer seems like a bit of a cunt though
<sewn> lemme check out shining
<sewn> i swear i wanted to check them out a while ago but forgo
<sewn> oh this
<sewn> id rather listen to Svart tbh
<rfaa> huh don't think i've heard of them, not bad
<rfaa> heard of thyrfing? one of my all time favorites
<sewn> nope lemme check them
<sewn> weird name though
<sewn> why do i sense this is symphonic
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<rfaa> it's a bit folky/melodic yeah, maybe not your cup of tea if dsbm is your favorite
<sewn> exactlyyy
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<ehawkvu> illiliti: once kiss.el is finished, would there be any objections to shipping it w/ the emacs package?
<ehawkvu> I'm also not opposed to just putting up on melpa and having people fend for themselves
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<midfavila> i dunno i think if we're going to start writing distro-specific elisp packages they should be under their own package