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<ehawkvu> Guest12: yes, but it's not really documented anywhere
<ehawkvu> phoebos: we need to make an FAQ w/ the number of ppl who ask about that kind of stuff lol
<ehawkvu> seems like every other week
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<sewn> just need to make a patch for it
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<sewn> kiss is pretty nice
<sewn> sure as hell won't know why udhcpc isn't used by default
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<synimas> Anyone had luck building broadcom-wl into the kernel
<synimas> I cant figure it out for the life of me
<synimas> Cant even build it with musl
<synimas> But thats besides the point
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<sewn> holy shit you don't need LLVM with radeon drivers
<sewn> let's gooooo thank you Qiang Yu
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<asimovsh> hey guys
<asimovsh> I dont remember but someone here is from russia?
<asimovsh> illiliti: is you?
<asimovsh> i have a question that is related to your country music culture
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<illiliti> ohh
<illiliti> alright go ahead ask, but keep in mind that i'm not expert in music in general
<asimovsh> I know some music duo called мы?
<illiliti> never heard of it
<illiliti> just listened to some of their songs. definitely not my music. no wonder I have no clue who they are
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<sad_plan> hi
<illiliti> hi
<sad_plan> sewn: udhcp isnt used because its finnicky from what I know. sabotage has a script for it, if you wanna use it. or does alpine use it?
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<asimovsh> illiliti: yeah they kinda underground i just don't know why some albums have been deleted
<asimovsh> Anyway is kiss accepting people for working in the community repo?
<asimovsh> I've seem some delay in the mergins
<asimovsh> And issues that are not closed
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<sad_plan> if you have a package, or improvements on existing packages in community, just make an issue, or a pr
<sad_plan> packages are initially 'owned' by its maintainers, so if you arent the maintainer, an issue, or a mentioning it here is probably fine
<sad_plan> although people probably wont impose you if you make a pr with improvements or fixes
<asimovsh> I mean
<asimovsh> I have packages
<asimovsh> But the owners of the repo are too busy
<asimovsh> Is just update a package
<asimovsh> A simple commit
<asimovsh> Waiting days for a commit like that get merged is too slow
<phoebos> asimovsh: what's your username on codeberg?
<phoebos> ehawkvu: I don't have the packages 'f, 'subp, 'tsort
<sad_plan> asimovsh: I mostly dont wait more than a day or 2 tops. and I dont find that to be too unreasonable.
<phoebos> and yes, please contribute to
<sad_plan> is there anything in particular that youd like to see in the faq?
<sad_plan> with the exception of the creating a live usb with kiss
<phoebos> more Qs
<phoebos> rewordings of confusing sentences
<sad_plan> rewording, as in basically nitpicking the whole site, yes?
<sad_plan> oh, I found one just now. in the Xorg section, I think we should probably link to kiss-xorg.
<sad_plan> ive also been asked several times now about mouse/keyboard not working on tinyx, aswell as no super key. is that something that might be interested in having on the site? I know its X related, and not wayland, hence why im asking instead of creating a pr first.
<phoebos> yes, good point. the whole thing is still xorg-first, with only Dilyn's wayland articles
<phoebos> any PRs are welcome - single word changes, new articles
<phoebos> not following official KISS (ie not wayland) isn't a problem, it's a community resource
<sad_plan> sounds good. Ill look into it. and with smu, its just basic markdown, right?
<sad_plan> also, prs goes to codeberg here aswell, I guess? theres no difference in commits on github/codeberg. which is why im asking
<phoebos> pretty much. there's a cheatsheet at
<sad_plan> nice
<phoebos> codeberg is fine, so is just sending a patch
<sad_plan> ait
<phoebos> they have to be merged manually; codeberg and github are just mirrors
<sad_plan> ah, because youre actually hosting it yourself on your website, correct?
<phoebos> correct
<ehawkvu> Since it's not a melpa package, you have to install f & tsort through melpa
<ehawkvu> (progn (require 'package) (setq package-archives '(("melpa" . ""))))
<ehawkvu> (progn (use-package f) (use-package tsort))
<ehawkvu> phoebos: see above ^
<ehawkvu> on the subject of faqs, it would be interesting to have per-repo wikis, that then get amalgamated to the main site (
<ehawkvu> like how the old kiss-find website used to work
<ehawkvu> maybe it'd be as simple as including a wiki/ dir? thoughts anyone?
<ehawkvu> sad_plan: regarding live isos ~
<ehawkvu> sad_plan: the build process could be reduced to like 5 minutes if you can get to work
<sad_plan> oh, yeah I forgot about that one. we should link to that in faq.
<sad_plan> yeah, using a prebuilt one would be awesome
<ehawkvu> While I don't think configuring a kernel is all that difficult, that particular part of the process keeps me from running kiss on all of my boxes
<sad_plan> not having to use an alternate iso to build kiss would actually be so much better. especially for myself, as I dont need to update it all the damn time as I have to with my artix iso
<sad_plan> I get that.. kiss can be a hassle at times
<sad_plan> phoebos: I notied all the old xorg articles are still in txt, do we just stick with that or start using md instead? seeing as the rest of the site is md, I dont really see the any reason to keep sticking with txt if most of the website is md
<sad_plan> I was going to write an article on tinyx, which is why im asking
<asimovsh> phoebos: Rohan
<phoebos> ehawkvu: hm still cannot load f, tsort
<phoebos> not sure what you mean by per-repo wikis
<phoebos> like a kiss-xorg specific one, which is linked to from the main site?
<phoebos> sad_plan: use md
<phoebos> txt is ok for old articles unless someone wants to update them
<sad_plan> cool.
<sad_plan> maybe ill update them. im nitpicking at other things aswell.
<phoebos> asimovsh: ah nice. looking forward to your PRs re VERSION and DESTDIR
<sad_plan> do community care about other types of patches aswell? i.e. a patch for using byacc instead of bison?
<phoebos> the more the merrier
<sad_plan> cool
<phoebos> only problem with txt->md is some of the old articles with odd formatting or tables which would require a more advanced markup
<phoebos> no point translating those
<asimovsh> anyway
<asimovsh> no one have a build of hyprland for kiss?
<asimovsh> and someone can tell me if steam flaptak is working in sway?
<sad_plan> im sure those can be fixed somewhat easy, maybe with codeblocks. in any case, maybe ill convert them later
<phoebos> asimovsh: hyprland doesn't look too bad to build: