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<sewn> vova: I'm pretty sure my t430 would be faster than a vps, it would be cheaper to build them by hand using a fast machine
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<vova> Hmm
<vova> And what about building a small raspberry pi cluster, like 4 raspberry pi 4, and using distcc to build the package
<vova> could be a good idea ?
<vova> Not gonna lie, I miss kisslinux so much lol
<vova> Currently using alpine and it's great but damn the minimalism of kiss is missing me too much
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<illiliti> you could setup a nas for your ~/.cache/kiss/bin and share it with us over rsync/sftp/http, if you like
<illiliti> but how to address trust problem. signing tarballs and providing a way to reproduce them is the way to go, but i'm not sure if it's enough
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<sewn> vova: i've been using alpine for a while now and honestly the only thing i miss in kiss is control
<sewn> i like binary packages, but i dont like being forced to install hundreds of dependencies for build time features i dont want, especially dbus and stuff like that
<sewn> no ungoogled chromium too
<sewn> currently i have 752 packages, on kiss i used to have around ~230 or so
<sewn> tbf alpine does alot of splitting of packages which is cool to save space
<vova> sewn: yeah exactly
<vova> alpine is a great distro, but kiss offers more fine control of what you truly want
<vova> sewn: BTW you are wael ?
<vova> sewn: also why did you switched to kiss
<vova> s/kiss/alpine/
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<sad_plan> hi
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