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<feenix> true dispair is when configure script is 10k lines and it uses crazy paths to find header files
<feenix> if anyone has built expect I salute you
<feenix> gave up on it. gave in and installed Python to use Python version expect. no way im learning a new language in addition to their crappy package to use expect
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<xdream8[m]> <dilyn> "in better news, kiss-rs looks..." <- well that is true. I have some plans to reduce the code size after i completly finish implementing all the features. I am busy these days but i will finish it eventually
<xdream8[m]> but you should take into account the size of the used commands(like grep, curl, b3sum, tar, gzip)
<xdream8[m]> When i build kiss-rs using release or optimized profile its just too fast
<xdream8[m]> And if i dont remember it wrong size of the kiss-rs executable was around 2.4 mb or smthing
<xdream8[m]> <xdream8[m]> "but you should take into account..." <- kiss uses these commands while in kiss-rs i try to implement those things in rust as much as possible, that is why there is that much sloc difference
<xdream8[m]> If i were to run system commands i am sure kiss-rs would be a lot smaller but doing this trades size with performance
<xdream8[m]> s/size with performance/performance with size/
<iceman[m]> <xdream8[m]> "If i were to run system commands..." <- so are you reimplementing programs like gzip, tar, curl and grep?
<iceman[m]> im interested in what you're doing with grep
<iceman[m]> are you using DFAs to implement regex parsing? or other method?
<iceman[m]> also are you reimplementing libcurl as well?
<iceman[m]> sounds like a lot of reinventing the wheel, are you sure this is worth the time getting a correct implementation?
<iceman[m]> rust automatically doesn't make programs bug free, so i'd like to know what sort of testing you're doing
<xdream8[m]> <iceman[m]> "so are you reimplementing..." <- That is not it. I dont reimpelembt those programs, i implement needed features(when i cant just do the same with std lib, i did not need any grep features tho since rust Strings are so easy to work with).... (full message at <>)
<iceman[m]> <xdream8[m]> "That is not it. I dont reimpelem..." <- > <> That is not it. I dont reimpelembt those programs, i implement needed features(when i cant just do the same with std lib, i did not need any grep features tho since rust Strings are so easy to work with).... (full message at <>)
<xdream8[m]> <iceman[m]> "rust automatically doesn't..." <- I wrote a little script to run a command 1000 times and only print errors(This is only for list, search and checksum features).
<xdream8[m]> i manually test other things. Like building a package with kiss-rs and then installing it with kiss which was successfull.
<xdream8[m]> For example one of the bugs i found and fixed is this(which was caused because i used 32 bytes vector instead of 33. i dont know why but even rust implementation of b3sum uses 32 bytes vector but C implementation uses 33 bytes array i think):
<phoebos> the digest can of course be any length, but when we switched from sha256 we needed a way to distinguish new checksums without changing the "checksums" file format
<xdream8[m]> Makes sense thanks
<phoebos> xdream8[m]: great work with kiss-rs. I notice a long list of dependencies - is that for implementation ease, or limitations of rust? eg I think async I/O isn't possible with only the rust standard libs
<xdream8[m]> limitations of rust.
<xdream8[m]> yes async i/o isnt possible with only std lib, you are forced to use a external crate. it is strange that async/.await are a rust built-in tho
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<xdream8[m]> I try to keep dependencies as minimal as possible but it is sometimes just not possible(unless you copy/paste needed code from the related crates. but this is not really that feasible since there are dependencies to that crates too).
<phoebos> i see
<phoebos> is the std lib considered small?
<xdream8[m]> rust's std lib can be considered something in the middle of small and big but this can vary depending on individual perspectives.
<xdream8[m]> They encourage the use of external crates for more specialized needs.
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<acheam> o/
<acheam> phoebos: opped you
<phoebos> hi! been a while
<phoebos> thanks
<acheam> indeed
<phoebos> could you op testuser[m] too
<phoebos> what you been up to?
<acheam> done
<acheam> been doing a lot of travelling... spent 3 months in india and 3 months in bolivia
<acheam> starting uni in the fall... mechanical engineering
<acheam> you?
<acheam> still running kiss as a daily?
<phoebos> wow cool
<phoebos> still at uni. could have finished by now if i were doing 3 years
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<phoebos> nope, still fedora for the sake of KDE but I pretty much do all my work in a kiss chroot
<phoebos> and some kiss-in-fedora
<phoebos> a new SOTD? surely not
<phoebos> are you still OBSDing?
<acheam> surely yes... dissapointed nobody changed it while I was gone
<acheam> but I guess nobody was op
<acheam> nice
<acheam> what are you studying?
<phoebos> physics
<phoebos> master's work since January
<acheam> I'm running Linux Mint as my daily now... but gnome is looking kinda nice the more I hear about libadwaita and its upgrades so might try that out when I get a new laptop for uni
<acheam> I gave up on OBSD on my laptop a while ago, and on the server a few months ago
<acheam> debian on the server now, requires less effort keep up and setup services now its less of a hobby for me
<acheam> oh neat... a masters in 4 years?
<phoebos> I could never get used to GNOME personally
<phoebos> yeah, "integrated masters"
<phoebos> starts with a bachelors until halfway through 3rd year
<acheam> thats really cool
<acheam> I can do a masters in 5 years in my program by overlapping classes from my senior year of undergrad
<phoebos> ouch
<acheam> masters + bachelors in 5 years that is
<acheam> because US schools are less intensely focused on a single subject
<phoebos> right. i'm not awarded a bachelors
<acheam> phoebos can you deop yourself and check that you can reop yourself?
<acheam> ah... interesting
<acheam> when I'm not opped I have to message chanserv to op myself, I can't just use /op
<acheam> so I don't know if I need to add you to some sort of chanserv list
<phoebos> oop can't op
<acheam> try /msg chanserv #kisslinux phoebos
<phoebos> nope
<acheam> okay
<phoebos> not sure if /op and /msg chanserv op are different
<acheam> the channel is registered to kiedtl and dilyn
<phoebos> yeah. weirdly dilyn couldn't op himself yesterday
<acheam> hmm
<phoebos> /op == CS OP
<phoebos> so they are different
<phoebos> which did you do?
<acheam> I have to message chanserv to get myself op
<phoebos> and to op me?
<acheam> yes, I cannot use the /op command to op myself
<acheam> one sec I am looking at the docs
<acheam> okay, if I try to give you the +o flag, which will grant you access to the /op command, I get told I don't have permissions
<acheam> I have +ost flags, which gives me access to OP, SET, and TOPIC
<acheam> so I can temporarily op you, but cannot give you full op privileges
<phoebos> hmm
<acheam> I think you need to get kiedtl or dilyn to come and run "/msg chanserv flags #kisslinux phoebos +F phoebos"
<acheam> sorry "/msg chanserv flags #kisslinux phoebos +F"
<acheam> that would give you full founder permissions
<acheam> and if for some reason you can't get either of them to do it or it doesn't work then you can talk to admin
<acheam> you're using pounce, right?
<phoebos> yes
<acheam> so you should remain opped until you recconect
<acheam> testuser[m] is also on a bouncer so won't get reconnected/deopped fast
<acheam> in base64 his email is: a2llZHRsIO+8oCB0aWxkZSBbZG90XSB0ZWFtCg==
<acheam> kiedtl's, that is
<acheam> that's how he has it on his website so don't want to put it in plain text here
<phoebos> lol yeah
<phoebos> hm, I still don't appear in /msg chanserv flags #kisslinux
<acheam> yeah because you don't have any
<acheam> I don't have the permissions to give you any
<acheam> the flags are permanent, the operator status I gave you is temporary
<phoebos> ah
<phoebos> understood
<acheam> beautiful
<acheam> I love lua
<acheam> gave up on ckiss?
<illiliti> contact admins and say you want to annex this channel
<illiliti> hi acheam
<acheam> hey illiliti whats up
<illiliti> not bad
<illiliti> still using kiss
<illiliti> still maintaining
<acheam> nice
<acheam> you have more patience than I
<phoebos> wanted to play with Lua more than C
<acheam> nice to see the kiss-community stuff continuing on codeberg, its a great platform
<illiliti> my patience is endless. i can stare at monitor for days looking at how rust wastes cpu cycles bootstraping itself
<illiliti> and codeberg is great yeah. better than github
<acheam> lovely
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