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<illiliti> trash
<midfavila> :3
<midfavila> join us illiliti
<midfavila> become an electronsister
<illiliti> i read it as electronsinister
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<Guest59> has anyone used tinyramfs
<illiliti> me i guess
<Guest59> wait im dumb you're the author of it
<Guest59> could i ask for some help?
<illiliti> yes
<Guest59> how do i use it to configure my kernel?
<illiliti> what do you mean exactly? configuring kernel and generating initramfs are different steps
<Guest59> how do i generate my initramfs
<Guest59> im sorry if this is a dumb question
<illiliti> you'll need to prepare a config first and then you do: tinyramfs /path/to/where/to/output/initramfs
<Guest59> oh ok so i can make defconfig, and then use tinyramfs?
<illiliti> make defconfig could be not enough, but yeah, that's how you do it more or less. just make sure that tinyramfs's config is set up
<Guest59> what do you mean by config?
<illiliti> /etc/tinyramfs/config
<illiliti> man tinyramfs 5
<Guest59> oh sorry
<Guest59> thank you so much man
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<ERROR_404_NULL> Wouldn't it be funny if neovim built
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<sewn> hi
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<phoebos> ERROR_404_NULL: what's the error?
<phoebos> I just tested building in a sandbox
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<ERROR_404_NULL> phoebos: I'll send the log when I get home
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<sjalv> hey
<sewn> hi
<sjalv> hello
<sewn> hi
<sjalv> o/
<sjalv> i feel brwasd
<sjalv> fr
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<ehawkvu> illiliti: I'm close to having a pkg for the arch linux kernel - have you ever made a tinyramfs for arch's kernel?
<ehawkvu> This is the current build script (contains the tinyramfs config aswell):
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