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<sad_plan> hi
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<username14> is this how i set paths ?
<username14> something is not working, because kiss cant find package gnupg1
<xdream8[m]> gnupg is in community repository
<username14> that helped me. thanks
<username14> i did wrong sript
<sad_plan> theres also $KISS_REPODIR, which you can set to where all your repos are located. the old default was /var/db/kiss. so if you wouldve set it to that, it would be KISS_PATH=$KISS_REPODIR/repo/core and so on
<sad_plan> mine looks like this;
<username14> i think i should take a break and learn how kiss and repos works
<sad_plan> its rather simple. its similar to how $PATH works
<sad_plan> usually $PATH is set to /usr/bin, followed by a : with a new directory in your PATH
<sad_plan> so PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/sbin i.e.
<sad_plan> KISS_PATH works just the same way
<sad_plan> so you could just set KISS_PATH=/full/path/to/repo/directory:/second/dir
<sad_plan> or if you have everything in $HOME, you could just do, KISS_PATH=$HOME/repo/core:$HOME/repo/extra:$HOME/repo/wayland
<sad_plan> just as an example
<sad_plan> or just export them after another with KISS_PATH=$KISS_PATH:newpath, like you did initially
<username14> thanks for explanation
<sad_plan> no problem
<username14> how compile flags works ? through paths or is there a file to set them up
<username14> is there .config file for kiss where can see this exported flags
<sewn> username14: normal environment CFLAGS and dusch
<sewn> <username14> "" <- you forgot to export your KISS_PATH
<sewn> which is why kiss cant see it or detect it
<sewn> you have set it correctly
<username14> seems it works, its updating system.... i only cant see community repo
<sad_plan> compiler flags like CFLAGS are just variables
<sad_plan> probably because you havent included that yet
<sad_plan> echo $KISS_PATH
<sad_plan> itll show you its content
<sad_plan> if full path to community/community isnt there, it wont be included
<username14> i didnt include it because it was not cloned at all from git
<username14> theres only core/ extra and wayland/
<sewn> btw the gnupg1 part is optional
<sewn> make sure you're using the kiss community rootfs as well to save you some time, with the guide too
<sewn> and the repositories
<xdream8[m]> <username14> "is there .config file for kiss..." <- You can just use a small script like this:... (full message at <>)
<username14> hm. this is busybox system
<sad_plan> username14: just put them in you shells rc file, or .profile. preferably .profile
<username14> it doesnt allows me to export LDFLAGS, only C and CXX, and MAKE works
<sad_plan> whats the error message?
<sad_plan> its just export LDFLAGS="-foo -bar" etc
<username14> yes, sorry, i didnt read your script
<username14> LD was not included
<xdream8[m]> yeah i wrote it real quick, you need to add it yourself
<sad_plan> LD and LDFLAGS are two entierly different flags. LD is your linker, it should probably either be empty, or be set to ld. its not something you need to mess with. atleast not to begin with
<username14> yes, i meant LDFLAGS, i just wrote it shorter
<username14> im new here, trying to understand how thinks works...
<sad_plan> sure. and we're happy to help
<username14> do i have some options per package, similar to options on BSD ports or to Useflags on gentoo ?
<sad_plan> no
<sad_plan> if you would like to disable features, you need to fork the package into a new repo of yours
<sad_plan> personal repos
<sad_plan> most peple do them because the core repos may not have everything youd want
<sad_plan> s/them/that/
<username14> thats how it works.... will do that later when building X and rest, i will leave base package s by default
<sad_plan> theres also the alternative system, which comes in handy alot of times
<sad_plan> you could probably benefit from looking at the wiki aswell. lots of good info there;
<sad_plan> theres also which is the official one initially
<username14> very interesting distro... i just come here today, first time i heard of KISS... must read a lot, but as for now i like it
<username14> it will probably go to may favorites
<username14> im still a distro hoper :)
<sad_plan> you will eventually learn that most distros, atleast the bigger ones, are more or less the same, appart from the package manager
<username14> yes
<username14> all except guix,nix and gobo
<sad_plan> so unless youre looking for something niche, or soemthing that fits your fundamentals; like being anti sysd, or hate on software bloat, it doesnt really matter if you use debian or arch initially
<sad_plan> sure, nix and some others have some distinct features
<username14> its compiling system fine..... good change after a week of compiling sourcemage - error after error
<username14> these days I'm looking for independent non-famous distributions that offer the user a lot of control over the system, i found sourcemage, kiss and exherbo -this are my goals now
<sad_plan> cant speak for the others, but kiss certainly gives the user absolute control. you can have w/e youd like really. if youd rather use toybox, or some bsd utils, or sbase/ubase, thats up to you. X, wayland w/e. its all up to you
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<username36> Failed to download
<username36> it is 1.2.13 in the link
<username36> this is what i get when i try to kiss build in /installed dir.
<username36> am i doing something wrong ?
<username36> other packages works
<username36> seems its zlib version problem
<xdream8[m]> they remove old tarballs from that site when they release a new version. did you update the repos?
<xdream8[m]> perhaps you use the old repository?
<xdream8[m]> switch to this one:
<xdream8[m]> * i think they remove
<username36> not working
<username36> when i try to update i get this warning: WARNING Packages without repository - all packages from /var/db/kiss/installed
<username36> this are packages what im trying to build inside /installed directory
<username36> where i can check repos ?
<username36> im tierd of exporting echoing parts, i want to see exactly config file
<username36> where is this - $KISS_PATH ?
<xdream8[m]> your config is your shell config file.
<xdream8[m]> everytime you make a change to your shell profile or config make sure to source it.
<xdream8[m]> username36: nano is in community repository
<username36> seems something is wrong with my repositories
<xdream8[m]> only necessary things are included in main repository, if you need a package that is not in main repository you need to either write it yourself or find it on other peoples repos.
<xdream8[m]> > Kiss Linux's repositories are instead designed to be small and understandable.
<xdream8[m]> > Instead of attempting to package the world they act as an extensible base which
<xdream8[m]> users can build upon to suit their needs.
<username36> ERROR e2fsprogs Checksum mismatch
<username36> whatever io try to build, always same error
<username36> this distro id fuckd up
<username36> im giving up
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<sewn> damn
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<ruivlea> hi
<sewn> hi
<xdream8[m]> <username36> "im giving up" <- I think he used old unmaintained official repository:
<ruivlea> firefox in repo/extra still version 113.0.2 ?
<ruivlea> i tried to build firefox 114. it can be built. but i got segfault. Exiting due to channel error
<ruivlea> ipc/chromium/src/base/
<ruivlea> right after it launch
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<ruivlea> firefox esr 102.12.0 no problem. But firefox esr 115.0.1 also segfault.
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