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<sewn> Hi sadp_lan
<iceman[m]> hi sew_n
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<rory50> anyone had any luck with compiling newest llvm? the community kiss repo 15.0.6 works fine. 16.0.0 breaks compilation yet again. I get an unknown error at the end of configure. error logs are not too useful. llvm channel didnt help either
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<phoebos> rory50: I'm running 16.0.5 ok. What do you mean an "unknown error"?
<phoebos> s/'m running/compiled/
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<ruivlea> hi
<ruivlea> is firefox package abandoned?
<sewn> you may get segfaults if you try building the latest
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<rory50> phoebos nice to know. when I compile 13.0.0 and 15.0.6 I have no issues I just use the default build provided in the repo
<rory50> with 16 anything and above it fails with a cryptic error
<rory50> I showed some dude in llvm channel the configure log and he said it appeared benign
<rory50> im unsure of what to make with the cmake error log though
<rory50> it always fails at end of configure.
<rory50> -- Targeting AMDGPU
<rory50> -- Targeting X86
<rory50> -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
<rory50> the build and make error logs if anyone curious. and the build flags
<rory50> I also have up to date cmake make
<phoebos> your build file doesn't have a #!/bin/sh -e shebang, which is probably why the build doesn't stop after configure fails
<phoebos> maybe try installing those things it says are missing
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<phoebos> or read the cmake log file
<phoebos> somewhere in build/CMakeFiles, I can't remember
<phoebos> CMakeError.log too
<rory50> thats only part of the file. I do have the shebang. for some reason I only copied the top. thanks for helping out btw
<phoebos> how come the build continues after configure fails?
<rory50> it doesnt
<rory50> thats the cmake error log
<rory50> cmake does the configuring
<phoebos> oh
<rory50> I wonder if they introduced new hidden dependencies
<rory50> I run a minimal system
<rory50> so i didnt install any of that which is supposed to be optional
<rory50> maybe I gotta. I dunno
<rory50> I had another project fail for the most hilarious reason
<phoebos> I would try installing those it "Could NOT find" one by one
<rory50> it used nl -n which is posix. but busybox doesn't have that flag for its nl
<rory50> in its build process
<phoebos> why the hell is nl used for a build lmao
<rory50> first time I found busy box isnt posix
<rory50> fuck if I know
<rory50> anyway. the llvm stuff burns too much time. I might try later on
<phoebos> good luck
<rory50> THx for your help
<phoebos> not sure I helped, but you're welcome
<rory50> you took the time to discuss. thats appreciated
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<kiedtl> phoebos: /12
<kiedtl> err.
<kiedtl> Well, now that I've pinged you. I've given you op access in the channel
<kiedtl> I've been trying to give testuser[m] ops as well, but they need to authenticate via IRC.
<kiedtl> testuser[m] is on the Matrix bridge correct?
<testuser[m]> kiedtl yes
<testuser[m]> weird i should be authenticated
<testuser[m]> ah im identified as testuser[m]1
<testuser[m]> bruh
<testuser[m]> ye i think u can grant it to testuser[m]1 thats what i seem to be authenticated as according to nickserv
<testuser[m]> lost the pw for actual testuserm
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: doesn't it exist in chat history bruh
<testuser[m]> it was on another matrix account
<testuser[m]> oh i seem to be mod now
<kiedtl> Ah. I missed that part of whois, my bad :P
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<petrifiedoak> Hello, im having wifi problems on my thinkpad X230. I have all the firmware set in .config but it doesnt seem to get loaded. ip a shows wlan interface.
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> petrifiedoak: did you enable them as modules? unless you need to have them as modules, as oppsoed to builtin, you should have them builtin
<petrifiedoak> No,theyre not modules
<sad_plan> you sure you enabled the correct ones though? aswell as listing needed ones in extra_firmware or w/e it was called. not sure if x230 needs linux-firmware though
<petrifiedoak> Yeah i listed the right ones in extra_firmware but im not sure about the linux-firmware part
<petrifiedoak> i enabled every intel wifi part
<sujo> petrifiedoak: if it's a stock WiFi card, there's a page on the wiki: <>
<petrifiedoak> thank you so much
<sujo> No problem -- make sure to get the blob!
<petrifiedoak> Yeah i already did
<sad_plan> what sujo said was something I also was going to mention. but had to leave for something. gentoo wiki probably also has some stuff. does dmesg print something?
<sewn> he said it didnt
<sad_plan> I havent seen that, but if you insist, then sure
<sewn> for me it did print what firmware I needed for my wifi
<sad_plan> petrifiedoak: are you using eiwd? if so, check the eiwd page on kiss wiki. it needs some modules enabled
<sad_plan> I see
<petrifiedoak> ip a didnt show the interface
<petrifiedoak> so it clearly wasnt being loaded
<sad_plan> ah
<sewn> no wlan?
<petrifiedoak>  nope
<petrifiedoak> nothing
<sujo> just loopback, or "nothing" nothing?
<petrifiedoak> lo, eth0 and virtual shit
<sewn> you did fix it right
<petrifiedoak> im currently compiling
<sewn> awesome
<petrifiedoak> yeah its still not there
<petrifiedoak> firmware again doesnt show anything
<petrifiedoak> dmesg*
<sujo> petrifiedoak: is it stock?
<petrifiedoak> I think so, i got it today
<sujo> do you have access to `lshw`
<petrifiedoak> nope
<sujo> you're on eth?
<petrifiedoak> eth doesnt seem to work too
<petrifiedoak> im talking from my computer
<sewn> does it work under a live environment such as void
<sujo> ^
<petrifiedoak> Yeah it does
<petrifiedoak> ill boot into void to look at what card it has
<sewn> then yeah your kernel configuration has a problem
<sewn> go to void and see what module is being used for wifi
<sewn> additionally keep a list of all the modules required so you can know which modules you might need
<petrifiedoak> how would i do that
<sewn> use lsmod
<petrifiedoak> ok
<petrifiedoak> Checking from lspci shows that it has a realtek broadcom card???
<sujo> once you know what it is, the gentoo wiki usually has through kernel config
<petrifiedoak> well thank you guys for the help ill use that
<petrifiedoak> rtl8188ce
<sujo> ofc, welcome to kiss!
<petrifiedoak> Ive already used it before, love the distro and the community!
<sujo> <3
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<sewn> pronlem solved
<sewn> sujo: this you?
<sujo> no, but that's a pretty funny coincidence