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<suman> hi
<suman> how can i contribute to kiss community??
<suman> i want to add emacs??
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<sewn> rio
<sewn> rip
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<testuser[m]> aaa
<iceman[m]> testuser:
<iceman[m]> bestuser
<iceman[m]> i've been maintaining emacs in my repo for a while now
<iceman[m]> should i add to community along with a few other packages it needs?
<iceman[m]> or no
<iceman[m]> ye bro
<iceman[m]> the build script needs a bit cleaning up - mkdir the directory where installed
<iceman[m]> and some other stuff
<xdream8[m]> I also have emacs in my repository
<testuser[m]> iceman: u can add
<sewn> wait is the matrix bridge going down
<sewn> testuser what do we do
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<phoebos> testuser[m]: contacted kiedtl, they said they can help at the weekend
<phoebos> sewn: we will "plumb" the channel to a matrix room
<sewn> yay
<testuser[m]> @phoebos oh I'd already mailed them a couple days back, they responded with the same yesterday
<phoebos> nice
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<iceman[m]> hi does anyone package gcc toolchain for arm? If so, could you please link me to your repo if it is public
<iceman[m]> <xdream8[m]> "I also have emacs in my reposito..." <- > <> I also have emacs in my repository
<iceman[m]> thanks, ill be stealing a few things! Hope you dont mine :D
<iceman[m]> s/mine/mind/
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<xdream8[m]> np