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<sewn> good morning everynyan
<mako2> good morning sewn
<zlib> everynyan
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<ruivlea> hi
<sewn> hi ruivlea
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<sewn> bye ruivlea
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<xdream8[m]> i am not sure about how should i call kiss-* executables from main kiss binary. one way may be to search the directory where kiss binary is in. or directly search them in PATH. any suggestions?
<xdream8[m]> also i am planning kiss-install to be a setuid binary.
<sewn> directly search them in PATH, similar to kiss extensions
<xdream8[m]> also kiss b wont install packages after it builds them and you will have to use kiss bi to build and install like cpt
<xdream8[m]> <sewn> "directly search them in PATH..." <- i am planning to optimize this process by first searching the directory kiss binary is in(as it will usually be /usr/bin). and if it did not found what we are looking for then it will search PATH. also if PATH includes the path where kiss binary is in, we will skip searching that directory.
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<zlib> jesus mako make ur mind up
<zlib> why does this happen when trying to build gpgme
<sewn> oh mah gaawawwwwdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
<xdream8[m]> zlib: lfs64
<zlib> well whos am i doing
<sewn> xdream just told you to add the patch yourself and i made the patch out of my existing repository
<sewn> basically you have to do the same you did to efivar
<zlib> i think im writing it wrong
<zlib> how am i writing it wrong
<mako2> holy shit its night time now, i havent been able to boot up the kernel
<mako2> this had something to do with the nvidia gpu i swear
<zlib> it literally will not patch
<sewn> zlib: if you're talking about mine you have to do it in the root dir of the repo
<zlib> well thanks for telling me xx
<zlib> im doing something wrong but i have no idea what
<zlib> imagine ur explaining it to a five year old ty
<mako2> can someone take a look at my .config for the linux-6.4.6 kernel
<mako2> Wrong link, i mean
<sewn> how about you both start helping eachother lol
<mako2> lmaoo
<mako2> well if nothing works im just gonna shove up tje linux-6.4.6 up in my ass
<mako2> i think im going for a break and just wait for the psu to arrive tomorrow morning
<sewn> i love your humor
<sewn> its better to get it working now so you dont suffer later
<sewn> mako2
<mako2> i don't know but this is likely nvidia's doing
<sewn> you have no framebuffers
<sewn> thats why you have no output
<mako2> oh..
<mako2> so that hangs up the kernel on boot
<sewn> you literally need a framebuffer to have a output
<mako2> how do i get one
<sewn> CONFIG_FB is not set
<sewn> ====================
<sewn> no the kernel worsk
<sewn> you just cant see shit
<sewn> you enable it
<mako2> can i just write =y next to it
<sewn> enable EFI-based framebuffer support
<mako2> wait lemme find it on ncurses menu
<mako2> okay ill boot it up
<mako2> SEWWWWWWN!!!!!
<mako2> I LOVE U BROOO
<mako2> *does a backflip*
<mako2> what the fuck why don't the kernel come with the framebuffer support already enabled
<sewn> because you disabled it
<mako2> im pretty sure they come disabled
<mako2> i downloaded another kernel then compiled it without touching .config
<mako2> booted it up and yeah no output
<sewn> you said another kernel
<sewn> what kind of kernel did you download
<mako2> x6 stuff to 5.15.123
<zlib> cant open 'posix-io.c' WHY
<sewn> idk
<sewn> should just work
<mako2> i had to test a bunch of versions to see if i could get an output, but your method worked
<sewn> you might wanna revert your changes with git restore on the root dir and add it manually
<sewn> mako2: i mean you cant have a output without a framebuffer so
<zlib> just
<zlib> im hungover and tired
<zlib> tell me where to cd and what to write
<sewn> get sober
<zlib> will kiss u for it
<zlib> ty
<sewn> do you need gpgme for flatpak
<zlib> yea
<mako2> sewn: yeah so all thjs time i was like trying to do surgery on a person without putting its eyeballs back
<sewn> you were doing surgery on the person but the person was seriously paralyzed and you cant tell if they were alive or not
<zlib> less surgery metaphors more helping kirsty
<sewn> zlib: cd /var/db/kiss/repo; git restore; curl | patch -p1
<mako2> i think what i want to do next is install firefox, but it's rust creating the obstacle for the procedure
<sewn> i'd give you a rust binary but then i'll look weird
<sewn> i'm not sure firefox would build on nightly rust so
<mako2> should i wait for an update
<sewn> zlib: git reset --hard HEAD~1
<sewn> and rerun the curl
<sewn> mako2: i suppose.. there isn't a stable solution to building rust after the lfs64 patch as of now
<zlib> same thing
<sewn> wtf
<mako2> sewn: okay then, i will just do something else for now
<sewn> you can try out chromium
<zlib> ill just remove it and try again
<mako2> idk, im scared of my deps increasing
<mako2> i mean my packages
<sewn> they both share the same amount of deps
<sewn> im not joking
<mako2> oh
<sewn> its just different deps, but the same amount
<mako2> if thats the case then ill just try chromium
<sewn> you can check by running kiss b firefox and kiss b chromium but dont actually build
<sewn> you can see the dependencies
<sewn> mako2: if your machine isnt powerful it can take hours
<mako2> ahh
<sewn> for me personally on my machine firefox takes 10 minutes, while chromium takes 3 hours
<zlib> it fucking built
<zlib> i luv this man !!! more than anything
<sewn> lol what
<sewn> did you just assume my gender?!?!!?!?!!
<zlib> i luv this sewn !!! more than anything
<mako2> sewn: yeah my gt 710 is still sitting on my pc, i think my ryzen 5 5600 carries most of the power when it comes to compiling i think
<mako2> lmaooo
<sewn> if you really need to i can give you a chromium binary so you dont wait maybe about 9 hours or 6
<mako2> sure
<sewn> just dont forget what mommy says, dont trust binaries from strangers on the internet
<mako2> o.o
<sewn> i mean tbf you need rust to build rust
<mako2> i usually install rust from the rustup website
<sewn> ok then you can try that and build firefox
<sewn> some people here use rustup
<mako2> its what i did on void to avoid package count
<mako2> oh i see
<mako2> dindt know that its possible
<sewn> i think i'll cancel uploading chromium its taking forever
<mako2> hows your internet speed
<sewn> i have 500mbps
<sewn> its just that 0x0 is slow apparently
<mako2> i thought i could only post images to 0x0
<mako2> that means anyone can upload malware too
<zlib> the girl who runs it takes stuff down pretty quickly
<sewn> i used the wrong website
<mako2> damn lol
<sewn> chromium ^
<mako2> oh nice
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<mako3> i was only downloading chromium, but suddenly im now mako3
<sewn> probably mako2 just got registered
<sewn> wheres mako1 btw
<mako3> idk where the original is
<zlib> does anybody know flatpak better than i do ive never done this before
<sewn> are you seriously trying to run steam right from the get go
<sewn> damn boy just get fonts first a
<sewn> you also need Xwayland for steam btw, which isn't packaged and you need an external repository, and you also need to fork your compositor and its library to add xwayland support
<sewn> just use X tbh
<zlib> i messed around n now the only error i get is xterm, command not found
<zlib> :DD
<sewn> zlib you should use X
<zlib> i am using x
<sewn> What
<sewn> oh
<sewn> you need xhost
<zlib> im literally using xorg
<sewn> install it and run xhost +
<sewn> then run steam
<sewn> you didnt tell me you were using xorg.!!!
<zlib> oh sewn btw !!! using xorg
<sewn> got it now install xhost and run xhost +
<zlib> its doing it god
<zlib> how quick do u think my little pc is
<zlib> it said access control disabled
<sewn> now run steam
<zlib> its doing something
<zlib> will keep u updated
<zlib> im so excited
<sewn> but why are you going to use steam in a vm
<zlib> im not i just wanted to see if i could get it working
<zlib> theres a couple of other things ill  try too before i actually do it on my laptop
<mako3> sewn:, she took down the link. I'm just gonna go with the regular chromium
<sewn> coolio
<sewn> <mako3> "sewn:"; <- lol wtf
<sewn> oh yeah ur right its not allowed
<zlib> anyway
<zlib> love u n leave u
<zlib> thanks for ur help !!! like always
<sewn> mfw
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<mako2> kiss b nspr ->
<sewn> same thing, yet another lfs64 problem
<sewn> give me a moment
<mako2> It took me less than an hour to compile chromium then nspr appeared
<sewn> apply this onto your repository
<mako2> okay thanks
<sewn> mako2: wdym?
<mako2> nspr caught me off guard
<mako2> | patch -p1
<mako2> is that correct
<sewn> dont forget the curl
<mako2> oh okay
<sewn> remember, you cant execute a url
<sewn> ok that i dont know
<sewn> i build nspr fine on my system
<mako2> did you use any declaration
<sewn> idk, i used the exact patch that i gave to you on myself
<mako2> ill try it again
<mako2> same error
<sewn> well im not sure
<mako2> sewn: this is how i patched it
<sewn> i see that the patch is applied
<sewn> idk how its different for you
<sewn> maybe update your system..?
<mako2> yeah i forgot to update it
<mako2> the extra/nspr is listed there along with wayland stuff
<mako2> oh it says move or remove them before merge
<sewn> i'm glad they updated nspr
<sewn> mako2: run git restore on your repo
<sewn> in the repo's dir atlest
<mako2> cd /var/db/kiss/repo
<sewn> yep
<mako2> wait ill get backup of libpciaccess just in case
<mako2> should i do: git restore /var/db/kiss/repo
<sewn> cd /var/db/kiss/repo; git restore
<sewn> or git -C /var/db/kiss/repo restore
<mako2> it just says i must specify a path to restore
<mako2> but if i cd /var/db/kiss/repo and then restore extra the command works but doesnt show changes to the files
<sewn> add the dot at the end
<sewn> i forgot
<mako2> ill try again
<mako2> okay that worked
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<sad_plan> wtf, glib will complain about /usr/local/include is missing, yet, --includeidr=/usr/include
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<sewn> sad_plan: glib moment
<sad_plan> seems so
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<zlib> is sewn here
<sad_plan> he is. or was atleast. dunno if hes afk
<zlib> think so
<zlib> jus a hunch x
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<sewn> how will you live your life today?
<zlib> hi sewn
<zlib> i missed u !!!
<sewn> one day left till the ems irc bridge goes down
<mako2> whats happening
<mako2> why is there sunlight
<sewn> you didn't sleep good
<mako2> i just dont feel like i want to sleep
<sewn> sleep is good for u
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