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<mako2> i don't know sewn, everytime i wake up i just regret sleeping
<sewn> ooo you will sleep ooo your body will feel refreshed ooo
<sewn> its like forcing your computer to stay up for hours
<sewn> but the difference is your computer doesnt get tired and have psychological and physical effects
<mako2> true, its always the person that will suffer not the object
<mako2> the scariest thing is, once i learn more about kiss i will get more addicted
<sewn> you're going to turn into a kisser
<mako2> sewn would you kiss me
<sewn> you can learn more about kiss by starting packaing
<sewn> and reading the package system/manager wiki
<sewn> i only kiss kissers
<mako2> then i will become one and you will sleep with me
<sewn> that joke is uncomfortable
<mako2> hahaha
<mako2> i accidentally deleted my void linux partition last night
<mako2> i was having problems with storage, chromium was going for a giant gigs
<sewn> did you build chromium
<mako2> nope
<sewn> do you still need a binary
<mako2> i still have to find a way to get more storage, maybe ill move my /home in another drive and apply it on fstab
<mako2> yes
<sewn> just use btrfs compression
<mako2> now im left with a kiss bootloader, im trying to download windows again so i could test games with my new gpu
<sewn> you can test games on kiss yknow
<mako2> idk how btrfs works
<mako2> my .cache size is 16 gigs
<sewn> my ccache is 21 gigs
<mako2> if i could reduce that to 2 gigs then maybe i can install steam
<mako2> damn
<sewn> holy shit
<sewn> my .cache is 87 gigs
<mako2> bruh
<sewn> i have the space so i dont worry
<mako2> my space is on the top
<mako2> my kiss root partition is in the deep bottom
<mako2> i was like fuck it
<sewn> how big is ur disk
<mako2> i thought i read how big is ur dick
<mako2> my ssd is 256gb
<sewn> How many gigabytes is your hard drive
<mako2> 1tb
<mako2> windows and linux backups are there
<sewn> you have plenty of space whats the problem
<sewn> oh ic
<mako2> and i can set fstab to move my /home there
<mako2> so i can forget about the .cache expanding
<sewn> you can fit your linux root on your ssd, .cache/kiss/bin and games on your hdd
<mako2> wait i can tell the kiss package manager to move the .cache right
<mako2> games on my hdd ah got it
<sewn> mako2: no you can mount .cache somewhere else
<sewn> i doubt you can change the kiss .cache
<mako2> i don't know how kiss will recognize the new .cache dir
<mako2> all i know is that i can move my /home dir somewhere
<mako2> ill test that mount .cache later, im still downloading a windows iso
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<sewn> i finished adding my own features that i needed to sbase and ubase
<sewn> i guess its time for me to just use it
<sewn> xdream8: how do you replace the coreutils? you install sbase/ubase, switch alternatives and then remove busybox?
<xdream8[m]> yeah but becareful of sbase grep so that you dont break kiss pm. and you might need to edit how you launch getty. also make sure you have a working init system and service manager
<sewn> sbase grep breaks kiss? how
<xdream8[m]> i am not sure if it was really sbase grep it might be sbase tar too.
<sewn> oh yeah that
<sewn> sbase tar doesnt do tar xvf it does tar -xvf
<sewn> theres a patch to fix that
<sewn> oh yeah right i need an init
<sewn> i would prefer to use inittab tbh..
<sewn> i really dont want to fork sinit and add inittab support damn it
<xdream8[m]> i am thinking of replacing all compression utils like gzip, bzip, xz with toybox implementations too.
<sewn> xdream8[m]: thats too far
<sewn> use libarchive
<sewn> dont trust toybox with everything
<sewn> is there a fork of the baseinit that includes getty service files? inittab is what launches them and they wont be available after sbase/ubase
<sewn> ill see your repo
<sewn> codeberg is down
<xdream8[m]> sewn: you dont need to rely on inittab that much you can just create a getty.boot and service_manager.boot in /etc/rc.d
<sewn> yeah im asking you where can i get sources of those or examples
<xdream8[m]> sewn: rinit package has
<sewn> runit?
<sewn> i dont see getty files in the runit package
<xdream8[m]> sinit had it too
<sewn> oh i see
<sewn> ty ty
<sewn> how can i automatically make services like getty be in /var/service? do they have to be symlinked manually like in a tarball?
<sewn> i mean at this point i might as well give perp a shot tbh
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<xdream8[m]> <sewn> "how can i automatically make..." <- you can find some runit services here:
<sewn> cool awesome I'm just run into an issue where /run/runit doesn't exist and supervision fails
<xdream8[m]> by the way now kiss-search is almost 7 times faster than kiss s since i converted all env variables to flags.
<xdream8[m]> KISS_TMPDIR only sets where packages are build so i am thinking of changing this and directly make it cache dir(by default it will point to "$XDG_CACHE_HOME/kiss" or "$HOME/.cache/kiss" and ofc it will have a flag). any ideas or suggestions?
<sewn> cache dir should be changed but i wouldn't suggest keeping them at the same directory
<sewn> kiss cache can hold binaries, sources, while the kiss tmpdir (default in kiss cache), can be set somewhere else which is for building packages
<sewn> i use tmpfs for kiss_tmpdir
<xdream8[m]> then i should create 2 flags. 👍
<sewn> no environment variables for paths? shame
<xdream8[m]> i was gonna add flags for build/tmp/extract/pkg directories in kiss_tmpdir but in the end i gave ip on that idea
<xdream8[m]> sewn: they are still supported but flags overwrites them
<xdream8[m]> s/ip/up/
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: theres nothing wrong with sbase grep afaik. ive been using it for a while now, and no issues with grep
<sad_plan> sbase tar however will give you some issues with really long paths, like webkit has
<sewn> sad_plan: for me i have a big problem with grep, which is no -R, but i found a cool workaround
<sad_plan> also sbase cp will give you issues with symlinks already existing when using cp
<sewn> sad_plan: faced this myself, but fixed upstream
<sad_plan> it still works with kiss, which was my point, but sure
<sad_plan> ah
<sewn> it just changes the message from a error to warning...
<sad_plan> aah
<sewn> and returns
<sad_plan> nice
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<xdream8[m]> this performance gets me excited
<sewn> it makes alot of sense because now you're not dependant on a slow one-threaded programs
<sewn> but wow the development is quite fast
<sewn> are you using in-house b3sum?
<xdream8[m]> sewn: nope i am using blake3 rust library
<sewn> awesome
<xdream8[m]> is that what you mean
<xdream8[m]> i want to run speed tests for install and build too but i am not sure how i can do that
<sewn> you can run speed tests on big files
<sewn> packages with hundreds of files
<sewn> for me its go with 8429 files
<sad_plan> am I reading this correct, regular kiss used 48ms, where as your rust implementation used 0.6ms?
<sewn> find /var/db/kiss/installed -name manifest -exec wc -l {} + | sort -n
<sewn> sad_plan: yep.
<sad_plan> thats pretty impressive
<xdream8[m]> sewn: i am pretty sure kiss-rs will win that because that means hundreds of grep while kiss-rs takes all files and makes a vector(array)
<sewn> kiss-rs is going to be the first complete kiss implementation in no time
<sewn> but bliss may catch up
<mako2> [wlr] [backend/backend.c:217] Found 0 GPUs, cannot create backend
<mako2> [wlr] [backend/backend.c:390] Failed to open any DRM device
<sewn> no drivers moment
<mako2> yeah i cant get sway to work
<mako2> i already enabled amd gpu in the graphics settings in the kernel .config file
<sewn> are you in the video group
<mako2> yeah, groups -> mako tty audio video input
<sewn> stat /dev/dri/*
<sewn> Uid and Gid should be root and video, if none show up at all that means you have no gpu drivers
<mako2> no such file or directory yep
<sewn> now go out there and fix it
<mako2> i let the kernel boot up with the gpu but idk whats going on
<mako2> on void there is a package called mesa-dri, here its just mesa
<sewn> same same
<sewn> do dmesg | grep fb0
<sewn> doesn't look very promising
<mako2> what does it say
<sewn> for me on my machine it says that the amdgpu driver sets the fb0 framebuffer
<sewn> for you you dont seem to have a driver
<sewn> just a generic efi vga framebuffer
<mako2> do i need to install some packages
<sewn> no silly you need to install some yes and nos in the kernel configuration
<sewn> make sure they aren't modules
<sewn> all =y
<xdream8[m]> enable kernel option: CONFIG_DRM_SIMPLEDRM
<mako2> :O
<sewn> the driver is still missing
<mako2> so there should be no =m value in the .config since im just booting without initramfs right?
<sewn> yes
<mako2> ok ill change them to =y
<sewn> all modules must be builtins
<sewn> no no no you have to.. do it.. by hand....
<sewn> i guess that can work...?
<mako2> okay
<mako2> ill just find what connects to amd stuff
<sewn> you have the gentoo wiki
<sewn> mako2: you can do it automatically using sed btw
<sewn> you dont need to do it by hand
<mako2> i can just do :%s/=y/=m/g on vim
<sewn> or that
<mako2> lol why did i type it in the opposite way
<sewn> oh no
<mako2> hahaha
<mako2> it'll all be modules
<sewn> all screaming because they dont know what to do
<mako2> are modules just passive abilities?
<mako2> like they just sit in their directory?
<sewn> they do nothing untill they are loaded
<sewn> and if you have everything as a module your kernel is basically useless
<sewn> ..without something to load them automatically (initramfs)
<mako2> i think im starting to get why some .configs on other distros work, like i see a lot of options enabled amd or nvidia
<mako2> so if a guy throws nvidia card on his pc, the amd options get disabled
<mako2> it makes sense why they would put initramfs, they want the distro to work for everyone
<sewn> mako2: if the amd options are enabled, but an nvidia gpu is present, the kernel only knows what to do with an amd gpu, so it doesnt do much with the nvidia one
<mako2> ah i see
<mako2> okay it still didn't work, same error
<sewn> do you have your amdgpudrmfb yet
<sewn> wait, you have an amd gpu or an nvidia gpu..?
<mako2> amd gpu
<mako2> its the rx 6600
<sewn> get your amd gpu's firmware and build it into the kernel
<mako2> do i put it in /linux-6.4.6/lib/firmware
<sewn> you should put it in the same directory where the linux source code is at
<sewn> ~/src/linux-6.4.3, ~/src/linux-firmware
<mako2> so i dont need to put the firmware inside
<mako2> the folders just have to be in the same directory right?
<sewn> well you can put the firmware anywhere, you just have to set it in CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE_DIR
<mako2> oh i set in /lib/firmware
<mako2> wait i moved it to /usr/lib/firmware wtf
<sewn> you can do wherever
<mako2> okay
<sewn> i believe your gpu is navi 23
<sewn> aka Dimgrey Cavefish
<mako2> Dimgrey Cavefish i love that name
<sewn> for me its Sienna Cichlid, and i just use glob and add it to CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE: amdgpu/siennacichlid*.bin
<sewn> you will have to do the same for your gpu
<sewn> but not the literal glob, echo it and then put it into CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE
<mako2> my CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="amd-ucode/microcode_amd_fam19h.bin" which is my cpu
<mako2> so i have to put my gpu inside there too
<mako2> i forgot what gentoo wiki part
<sewn> amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_ce.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_dmcub.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_me.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_mec.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_mec2.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_pfp.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_rlc.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_sdma.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_smc.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_sos.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_ta.bin amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_vcn.bin
<mako2> "amd-ucode/microcode_amd_fam19h.bin dimgrey_cavefish_ce.bin ... "
<mako2> do i put it like that
<sewn> you forgot the amdgpu/ bit
<mako2> just spaces between them
<mako2> oh
<sewn> you can do echo amdgpu/dimgreycavefish* on your linux-firmware
<sewn> echo amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_*
<mako2> i think this is the generic firmware i downloaded..
<sewn> no its linux-firmware
<mako2> i cd'd to amdgpu
<mako2> yep this is the right one i downloaded
<sewn> you do it from linux-firmware
<sewn> so that the paths are correct
<sewn> <sewn> "amdgpu/dimgrey_cavefish_ce.bin..." <- like here
<mako2> idk how to copy the output
<mako2> okay figured out a way just using vim
<mako2> living on a tty screen is pain
<sewn> cool
<mako2> i love u sewn
<mako2> urbthe best
<mako2> im on 1024x768 idk why
<mako2> since i have the amd gpu im moving to river now
<sewn> <mako2> "since i have the amd gpu im..." <- good luck even building zig..
<mako2> just saw the deps and i don't like it :/
<sewn> try dwl
<mako2> oh i suck at tiling wms
<mako2> i used dwm before and it spanked my ass
<sewn> Can you please elaborate further
<sewn> What does what wording mean
<mako2> I can't speak english
<sewn> You're speaking good english
<sewn> Just the wording is very suggestive, what are you trying to sah
<sewn> like is it I liked it or hated it
<mako2> dwm spanked me, i felt like being punished there
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<zlib> another day another two problems hi
<sad_plan> hi zlib
<zlib> i have these two problems !!! the first is rust wont build, and the second is i cant update because i changed gpgme but i dont know what to do to let it update
<zlib> any help is appreciated ty
<sad_plan> did you apply the now infamous lfs64 patch?
<zlib> to gpgme?
<sad_plan> also, just use a pastebin man
<sad_plan> rust
<zlib> oh
<zlib> no
<sad_plan> alpine had one
<sad_plan> iirc
<sad_plan> aswell as libpciaccess
<zlib> i did to gpgme tho
<zlib> i think
<sad_plan> check alpine. maybe they have some fixes
<zlib> did the lfs patch from alpine, same errors
<zlib> also, for what its worth i fixed the second error !!!
<zlib> rust is still jus being a pain for me even after patching it
<xdream8[m]> <zlib> "rust is still jus being a pain..." <- you can install nightly rust with rustup:
<xdream8[m]> i think stable rust does not work even when you install it with rustup
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<zlib> not to be stupid but will that build firefox?
<zlib> ive literally never messed with rust but ff needs it
<sad_plan> could use palemoon for now though. fork of firefox. doesnt require rust
<sad_plan> as an alternative
<sad_plan> its in kiss-xorg
<sad_plan> or were you using wayland? I dont remmeber
<zlib> no im using xorg
<zlib> ill try it !!! ty
<sad_plan> it requires python2 for some reason. its in ehawkvu's personal repo.
<sad_plan> dunno why they havent converted over to python3..
<sad_plan> else theres always webkit browsers
<xdream8[m]> <zlib> "not to be stupid but will that..." <- it should be. it installs rust to .cargo/bin by default you just need to add it to PATH. then fork and remove rust dependency from firefox and try to build it.
<xdream8[m]> * In reply to
<xdream8[m]> it should. it installs rust to .cargo/bin by default you just need to add it to PATH. then fork and remove rust dependency from firefox and try to build it.
<xdream8[m]> not to be stupid but will that build firefox?
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<zlib> hi dream it worked ty love u
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