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<rory50> what does it mean when modprobe completes without errors, but lsmod doesnt show the module?
<illiliti> it means that module is builtin
<rory50> thank you
<rory50> j just found out by accident by trying to remove it
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<ehawkvu> illiliti: gdb 13.2 bump -
<illiliti> oh
<illiliti> mind to generate a proper patch not diff, so I can apply it with git am?
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<ruivlea> Hi
<ruivlea> Any idea what cause firefox >= 114 unusable?
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<sewn> we will never know
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<rory50> at what point does everyone migrate back to text centric web and minimal web browsers? what point do we stop playing the ever growing web complexity game? start fresh? we really gonna use that new TPM webauth feature? I think a line has to be drawn. IMO a browser just needs text and video, audio. firefox is the opposite of kiss and unix, unfortunately its the only choice to render some pages
<rory50> I know about the gopher and gemini protocols but they are far too fragmented of communities to be useful. using them is like going into voluntary web exile.
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<sewn> i would migrate back to text web browsers if i didn't need the websites that need modern browsers
<sewn> very interesting
<sewn> im currently trying to see if i can build firefox 117.0a1
<rory50> sewn currently I use both. only ffox when im forced to. which is usually for videos
<sewn> not possible to configure your text browser to open up mpv?
<ruivlea> i build using clang. because with gcc, build failed with enable-debug enable-debug-symbol disable-strip.
<rory50> I dread the time when text becomes extinct
<sewn> <ruivlea> "i build using clang. because..." <- why are you enabling debug?
<sewn> they are normally disabled by default
<ruivlea> i enabled debug to get that log
<sewn> how long does it take you to build ff
<ruivlea> around 102 minutes
<sewn> im on 116.0b7 and it's fine i suppose
<sewn> just some harmless cubeb stream error messages
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<ehawkvu`> illiliti: oops, here's the actual patch -
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<ruivlea> sewn, your firefox 116.0b7 no crash no segfault?. I built 116.0b7 and still segfault on launch.
<sewn> i do use some different build flags
<sewn> i just copied some or removed some based off of alpine and void templates
<ruivlea> thankyou. are you using patches only from repo?
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<anon88888> illiliti: hi, which isp are you using? I live in the same country as you and I want ipv6 (beeline sucks). Sorry for the weird question
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<sewn> poor guy didnt get answered
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<illiliti> i was asleep, sorry
<illiliti> ehawkvu: pushed thanks
<illiliti> as of isp, i use skynet
<illiliti> see also
<illiliti> for cellular internet I believe only mts provides ipv6 support
<illiliti> i don't use it since I don't use cellular internet in general
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<anon88888> illiliti: Thanks man
<anon88888> sewn: I read logs lol
<sewn> eep
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<sujo> rory50: dillo does that
<sujo> HTML + CSS only
<sujo> media gets opened with system set defaults
<sujo> e.g. mpv
<sujo> also uses fltk, so no GTK bloat
<sujo> pretty small
<sujo> pretty fast
<sujo> iirc web fetching is done via cURL
<sujo> although doesn't comply with XDG natively
<sujo> so you have to patch that in
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<sewn> <sujo> "also uses fltk, so no GTK bloat" <- does it support waylan doe
<sujo> sewn: >Wayland support has been added in commit 3718effc431f5622a23c55b254153efdfe4e72c4 and will be in release 1.4.0
<sewn> AWEOSME
<sujo> if you use a dillo with 1.4 fltk, yeah
<sujo> note that this is the dev version
<sujo> but it should be stable enough
<sujo> ^enough -> probably (no warranty)
<sewn> is dillo packaged anywhere on kiss?
<sewn> its under community kiss-xorg
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<sujo> sewn: that's where I got it from
<sujo> there's some forks floating around
<sujo> iirc main developers fizzled out
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