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<sujo> is there support for XFS?
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<xdream8[m]> No you need to package xfsprogs and install it.(i use f2fs on my system)
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> sujo: I have xfsprogs in my repo. its not in community or anywhere though
<sad_plan> if you want it that is. kernel does support it nativly aswell.
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: do you even encounter dataloss? I know f2fs has weak fsck. atleast it had
<sad_plan> s/even/ever/
<illiliti> i did
<sad_plan> oh, you dont recommend f2fs then? :p
<xdream8[m]> I've never had a single data loss.. Didnt have any problems with f2fs and currently all my filesystems are f2fs on my laptop(including boot partition)
<sad_plan> hm. I see. I currently use xfs, but Im looking into just using ext4 instead, for the stability. the speed differences are mostly neglible from what I can find anyway
<illiliti> cut the power and see how your recent files are lost on f2fs
<sad_plan> that would be a bummer if your files kept getting lost
<illiliti> yeah
<illiliti> that's why i use zfs
<illiliti> never had data loss
<illiliti> although i'm considering bcachefs. it looks interesting
<xdream8[m]> it would be really troublesome if files on boot partition got lost
<sad_plan> thats reassuring. do you have several disks and have redundancy? or do you just do proper backups?
<sad_plan> never had any loss on xfs afaik either
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: no issue if you have a backup kernel on disk. and boot from kernel directly :D
<xdream8[m]> i do backups regularly.
<illiliti> xfs is good if you don't need encryption
<sad_plan> I have a separete kernel which I can boot, so if the kernel should somehow disappear, I can just boot that instead.
<sad_plan> yeah, but xfs does support encryption. ive used it before iirc on artix
<illiliti> it sucks iirc
<illiliti> it is per-directory iirc
<illiliti> ecryptfs or something
<illiliti> you can't boot from it, so xfs on root is not option with encryption on
<illiliti> if you meant luks, i don't even consider it because once i switched to zfs i realized how bad it is
<illiliti> it is much slower than zfs native encryption
<sad_plan> yeah I guess it was luks. iirc I also had it on /boot. my memory may fail me aswell tbh.
<sad_plan> dont you need kernel patches for zfs aswell? as its not supported nativly
<illiliti> yes
<illiliti> hence i consider using bcachefs instead
<illiliti> but i wouldn't say that zfs being out-of-tree is bad
<illiliti> their patches very rarely cause any issue
<illiliti> at least I don't remember that I had some serious problems with that
<xdream8[m]> btw your data loss may be related to options on fstab, i remember generating my fstab with genfstab script from cemkeylan
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<illiliti> i doubt that
<illiliti> i always rely on sane defaults and don't tweak options without need
<illiliti> but I agree with you that there is a possibility that I changed something in fstab which caused data loss
<illiliti> but that is highly unlikely
<illiliti> btw how swap-as-file works on f2fs? no issues? i'm asking because that's the area where zfs suck balls
<xdream8[m]> it works good enough. i have zswap enabled in kernel.
<illiliti> oh nice
<illiliti> for comparison zfs's swap-as-file causes system deadlock after some time of use
<illiliti> so separate partition is the only place where you can allocate swap on zfs
<xdream8[m]> it seems like zfs has both advantages and disadvantages.
<sujo> considering just using ext4+fscrypt
<sujo> seems like fsf/xfs/zfs is overkill
<sujo> *f2fs
<sujo> bitrot isn't a problem, so no btrfs either
<illiliti> fscrypt does not fully encrypt, it can't be used as FDE
<sujo> better to bite the bullet and go luks?
<sujo> have heard horror stories about zfs native
<illiliti> well that's a very specific zfs feature. you won't use it daily
<sad_plan> so ext4 encryption sucks balls really? with fscrypt in mind as you mentioned..
<sujo> may be old fashioned; but i'm most likely going to end up with luks
<sujo> i'm not aware of any other FDE
<illiliti> need similar video about disk/fs encryption
<illiliti> cuz it is too important to be omitted
<sad_plan> I have a prebuilt gcc built, in a dir, and a chroot which I wanted to use to build some stuff, but I wanna use the toolchain, which is outside the chroot. how can I in the best way possible use that prebuilt gcc from inside the chroot?
<sad_plan> I was thinking mount, but not sure if mount can even help me here
<sad_plan> I was trying to avoid just copying it initially anyway
<illiliti> bind mount will help
<illiliti> hardlinks also
<sad_plan> ill look into bind mount. never used hardlinks before actually. but ill checkem both out. cheers illiliti
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<sujo> is there any disadvantage to using the offical kiss tarball?
<sujo> or should I use some other community tarball?
<sad_plan> well. no not really. unless theres a tarball that has something very specific that you want to use.
<sad_plan> theres however nothing stoping you from switching to w/e this is
<sujo> sad_plan: gotcha, thanks
<sad_plan> the official however, you mean the one from github? which dylan araps released?
<sad_plan> its outdated by a longshot now. so id advice you to use the one from instead
<sad_plan> its more up to date
<sujo> yeah, I meant in terms of up-to-date
<sujo> I'll use that one
<sad_plan> yeah, appart from that, theres not much difference there. the community one uses b3sum, whereas dylans does not. but thats not much of an issue one cant overcome in 2 minutes or something
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<sujo> where is gpg in the repos?
<sujo> \/does anyone have a repo for it?
<sewn> what do you need it for
<sewn> and which version
<sewn> there exists gnupg1 and gnupg2 afaik
<sujo> generally; i use it in most of my emails + git
<sujo> ideally gpg1
<phoebos> sujo: they're in the community repo:
<phoebos> both versions
<sujo> oh, I see
<sujo> thank you