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<mako2> can you send me a direct link of the patch?
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<mako2> im on my phone and the patch link in the documentation doesnt work
<mako2> i mean it doesnt send me to the link of the patch
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<mako2> ls /usr/share/doc/kiss/wiki/kernel > no-perl.patch I'm so stupid
<mako2> i thought i have to download it through github lol
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<mako2> I need help, I can't install sway. There is something wrong with libpciaccess
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: why do you suddenly have [m] in your username?
<iceman[m]> different account?
<sewn> iceman[m]: the irc bridge is going down
<sewn> we are on
<sewn> <mako2> "I need help, I can't install..." <- logs?
<iceman[m]> Oh
<iceman[m]> should I be worried about the bridge going down?
<sewn> probablly
<sewn> we will see if the irc channels die after july 30
<sewn> if it does i think i will just migrate to IRC myself if there isnt a bridge solution available
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<mako2> sewn: I've sent the link of the screenshot, i think those are the logs
<mako2> (top of the output)
<xdream8[m]> add -Wno-error=implicit-function-declaration to your CFLAGS and try to build it again
<xdream8[m]> if it gives the same errors its hardcoded you need to do some sed in build
<mako2> Yeah, it gives the same error except the syntax colors changed. I guess there is no victory for me this time
<sewn> <xdream8[m]> "add -Wno-error=implicit-..." <- try building it yourself on latest musl
<sewn> it seems that libpciaccess might need to be patched
<sewn> i'll try to patch it
<sewn> mako2: try adding this patch to the package, this patch was already made by alpine
<sewn> idk why the lfs64 patch of musl was removed without checking other packages for failure
<mako2> What repo is wget in
<sewn> none, use curl
<sewn> curl -fLO
<mako2> I don't know if i did it right
<mako2> I did patch -p1 < lfs64.patch inside the repo folder of libpciaccess
<sewn> you need the patch to be under the patches directory in the package, add it to the sources file, `kiss c`, then the patch -p1 < lfs64.patch
<sewn> ehawkvu, you might wanna add the lfs64 patches to kiss-xorg if you haven't already
<mako2> So i put the lfs64.patch under the patch directory, added its path to the sources file then typed 'kiss c'
<mako2> and did patch -p1 < patch/lfs64.patch
<mako2> the error is still there
<sewn> whaat lemme try
<sewn> works forme
<mako2> oh lord
<xdream8[m]> <mako2> "and did patch -p1 < patch/lfs64..." <- add patch command to build file but make sure that it is after shebang
<sewn> patch to apply ontop of repo master
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<mako2> okay, the patch can't fight the errors
<sewn> you should give it some confidence
<xdream8[m]> <sad_plan> "xdream8:"; <- i will give toybox one last try
<xdream8[m]> i will also use git source of toybox this time hoping it adds some missing flags
<sewn> i think i'll try toybox right now too why not
<xdream8[m]> i will install mdevd for device management since mdev is missing flags
<sewn> weren't you using sbase/ubase before?
<xdream8[m]> sewn: yeah i tried sbase/ubase for my main pc but did not quite like it. i still use sbase/ubase for my thinkpad
<sewn> whats some programs that were missing?
<sewn> like for me a big one is pgrep
<xdream8[m]> tar and grep implementation of sbase does not work well with kiss and its also missing mdev
<xdream8[m]> everything should be ready rebooting now. i hope it works
<xdream8[m]> it prompted me emergency shell only once because of mount -a, i entered exit and it booted but root partition seems to be mounted as ro so i cant do anything even if it booted
<sewn> mount -a failed?
<xdream8[m]> i logged in. sorry my bad it says: -/bin/yash: redirection: cannot open file '/dev/null': Permission denied
<sewn> what the
<xdream8[m]> xdream8[m]: i can create/remove files so my /home parition is mounted correctly but it gives this error/warning after every command i enter
<xdream8[m]> oksh gives this message only once when launching
<xdream8[m]> its most likely related to mdevd
<sewn> probably..
<xdream8[m]> oh i know why i am not running mdevd service
<sewn> <sewn> "like for me a big one is pgrep" <- turns out pidof is a thing :mukiShocked:
<xdream8[m]> in boot `mount -a` says that `/: Resource busy` and `/swapfile->none: No such file or directory`
<sewn> are you using dilyn's init?
<xdream8[m]> yeah
<sewn> damn
<xdream8[m]> <xdream8[m]> "i logged in. sorry my bad it..." <- mdevd service runs but i still get same messages
<xdream8[m]> and also cant launch sway
<xdream8[m]> on login yash says cannot open file '/dev/tty': Permission denied
<sewn> i wonder if its possible to make toybox just not use a weird build system and patch it heavily to use something like meson or makefiles
<xdream8[m]> xdream8[m]: my user is in tty group. i am not really sure what happens rn
<sewn> stat /dev/tty
<xdream8[m]> sewn: if you want to change build systems its better to fork toybox
<xdream8[m]> sewn: it seems bot uid and gid are root. might need to edit mdevd.conf
<xdream8[m]> s/bot/both/
<sewn> xdream8[m]: kinda wanting to rn
<sewn> hmm
<sewn> xdream8[m]: the mdevd.conf already should set it
<xdream8[m]> yeah it is. i checked /usr/lib/init/rc.boot again and it does not seem to explicitly use /etc/mdevd.conf for mdevd command
<xdream8[m]> i am not sure how i can fix this
<sewn> is mdevd alternative set?
<xdream8[m]> it is not registered as alternative because its /usr/bin/mdevd not /usr/bin/mdev
<xdream8[m]> dilyn seems to use smdev maybe i should try it
<sewn> its a suckless mdev
<xdream8[m]> its funny that i need to run git clone as root because it cant acces /dev/null
<sewn> jeez
<xdream8[m]> smdev only has -s flag like toybox mdev, is a daemon not needed for dynamic device registering?
<sewn> a daemon is needed of course
<xdream8[m]> i had to remove mdevd because of order of device management in /usr/lib/init/rc.boot and it fixed this /dev/null, /dev/tty messages but i still cant launch sway and it spawns /usr/bin/helper a lot but it says not found
<sewn> so.. on sbase/ubase you can use swya
<sewn> way
<sewn> Wayland Compositor
<xdream8[m]> when i try to launch sway in debug mode i see two related things libEGL warning: failed to open /dev/dri/renderD128: Permission denied and libEGL warning: failed to open /dev/dri/card0: Permission denied
<sewn> yeah your mdev is bad
<sewn> not setting permissions
<sewn> you might wanna manually set them (on busybox: mdev -s)
<xdream8[m]> sewn: i can run sway on my thinkpad using mdevd. i am not sure why this happens on my main
<xdream8[m]> when i try to run doas mdev -s it gives a segfault error
<sewn> ...what
<sewn> how the
<sewn> What
<sewn> what does strace say?
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<xdream8[m]> sewn: strace prints `[stopped 2943 (b)]` non-stop
<sewn> yeah i can replicate it too lol
<sewn> im running busybox mdev and toybox mdev segfaults
<xdream8[m]> i will try mdevd again
<sewn> if you were trying to use toybox mdev you shouldn't have :p
<xdream8[m]> sewn: actually i removed busybox after i installed needed things
<xdream8[m]> so i dont have any busybox utils
<xdream8[m]> i will create a issue about mdev missing some flags in toybox github page
<xdream8[m]> found the problem with mdevd it tries to read /etc/mdev.conf instead of /etc/mdevd.conf
<xdream8[m]> yep fixed it
<sewn> awesomee
<xdream8[m]> i will push it to my repo as soon as i add mdevd option to patch from dilyn
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<sewn> feeling like using sbase, maybe adding my own features if i need to
<iceman[m]> I'm looking to get a modern thinkpad
<iceman[m]> i wonder what should I get
<sewn> t440p take it or leave it
<iceman[m]> leaving it
<iceman[m]> i want to compile software on it
<sewn> i see
<sewn> someone fit a 12th gen cpu in a X200
<sewn> well if you want to compile software you cant go with a thinkpad
<sewn> you will have to go with a gaming laptop
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: The thinkpad workstations are good.
<iceman[m]> Have you checked out the P series?
<sewn> plz go with a gaming laptop, the thinkpad is going to beg of you to not compile everything on it
<iceman[m]> also X1 Extreme is also good
<sewn> the cooling really isnt going to suffice
<iceman[m]> sewn[m]: will prolly get something that has decent battery
<xdream8[m]> <sewn> "feeling like using sbase..." <- i pushed the changes to my repo. check out readme. i added some instructions, it may be of help to you:
<xdream8[m]> now the only thing i need to do is work out on my service manager rsv. it launches services too slow
<xdream8[m]> btw i probably should create a pr in init repository for mdevd
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<sewn> ioraff: are you able to build rust after the lfs64 patch? i can't seem to build it
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<mako2> is there any possible solution to build libpciaccess?
<sewn> mako2: the lfs64 patch
<sewn> guessing from your log it wasn't applied at all
<mako2> ill try it again
<illiliti> mako2: which gpu you have?
<mako2> its gt 710
<illiliti> ok
<illiliti> on more modern gpus you don't need libpciaccess at all
<sewn> its still a dependency of libdrm
<mako2> i was trying to build sway
<illiliti> sewn: you can fork libdrm and remove this dependency
<mako2> also mpv
<sewn> illiliti: i see, let me give this a shot, i have a fairly modern gpu i believe
<sewn> yep ur right
<sewn> theres no patch -p1 <
<sewn> is the patch at the bottom? it should be at the start
<mako2> So i did patch -p1 < patches/lfs64.patch inside libpciaccess repo folder
<sewn> What
<sewn> its supposed to be in the build file
<sewn> i gave you a patch a while ago:
<mako2> oh
<sewn> you can apply it ontop of the repository itself
<mako2> so i'll just replace the patch from the lfs64 on alpine with that
<mako2> do i put the patch command under the shebang line?
<sewn> yeah, you can see in the patch i gave i did that
<mako2> oh okay
<sewn> what did you do?
<mako2> i put patch -p1 patches/lfs64.patch under export DESTDIR="$1"
<sewn> its patch -p1 lfs64.patch
<sewn> patch -p1 < lfs64.patch *
<mako2> i mean patch -p1 < lfs64.patch
<mako2> oh
<sewn> yeah that should have worked, and the log file should say that it patched some stuff
<sewn> ignore the * at the end
<sewn> i mean you were right
<mako2> sorry my mjnd is going circles now
<sewn> try the patch i gave you, git restore on the root directory of the repository and apply it
<mako2> i dont know what the root directory of the repo is
<sewn> like, cd repo
<sewn> root directory is basically just the directory of the repository
<mako2> oh then its in my /var/db/kiss/repo
<sewn> yeah go there, git restore, then apply the patch
<mako2> okay i did: git restore /var/db/kiss/repo
<mako2> and i should go back to where libpciaccess is
<mako2> cd /var/db/kiss/repo/wayland/libpciaccess
<sewn> nono
<sewn> go into /var/db/kiss/repo
<sewn> and apply the patch onto the repo i gave
<mako2> oh okay
<sewn> curl | patch -p1
<mako2> ill just use that command i guess
<mako2> -- patch: can't open 'wayland/libpciaccess/lfs64.patch': File exists 962
<mako2> should i delete the existing one
<sewn> sure
<mako2> did i have to put the patch -p1 command in the build file
<sewn> the patch does it for you
<sewn> well, it added it
<mako2> yeah it failed bc u added it already in the build file
<mako2> * i added it already
<sewn> thats i asked you to git restore
<sewn> to remove the changes and
<mako2> im dumb
<mako2> sorry im really nervous rn
<sewn> its okay the computer isn't gonna hurt you
<mako2> the patch went like hunk failes 1/1
<mako2> and i did kiss b sway
<mako2> and it went through libpciaccess
<mako2> now its building cxx object
<mako2> its now building the llvm support i guess
<sewn> if you dont want to build llvm, you can disable it
<sewn> your gpu doesnt need it
<mako2> do amd gpus need it
<sewn> yes they do
<mako2> i have rx 6600 under my pillow, but still waiting for my psu to arrive this week
<sewn> good choice
<mako2> what gpu do you have
<sewn> 6800xt, bad choice
<mako2> powerful than mine, why a bad choice?
<sewn> because its powerful lol
<sewn> its too powerful
<mako2> lol
<sewn> personally would have went for a 6750xt or a 6700XT
<mako2> man i would have went for more, but i have been using a low end pc for half a decade now
<sewn> hows the compiling
<mako2> its what resorted me to linux, because my pc was too slow for windows
<mako2> i think its doing well, my r5 5600 is sitting on my pc rn
<mako2> and i have the 32gb corsair lpx ram which i got under 60 dollars
<sewn> 3200mhz?
<mako2> yeah 3200mhz
<sewn> lol i have the same kit
<mako2> nice
<mako2> still building llvm and its 18% now
<sewn> do you need a build?
<mako2> oh its still building the cxx object for llvm, i was just wondering how long will it take
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<testuser[m]> sus
<sewn> its july 26
<sewn> damn i didn't see that illiliti post an image
<sewn> fucking irc bridge
<sewn> oh man i forgot sbase xargs dont have parallel darn
<sewn> apparently its easy to do..
<xdream8[m]> i would love to try to write a coreutils in rust but i am not sure about it as it will take my time a lot. i will consider it after i finish kiss-rs
<mako2> does seatd require dbus or no
<xdream8[m]> nothing in main repository requires dbus
<mako2> thats good to hear
<sewn> <sewn> "apparently its easy to do.." <- copied the busybox implementation
<sewn> <mako2> "thats good to hear" <- if you want to screenshare just know you need dbus
<illiliti> xdream8[m]: if you start by writing pwd or echo utility, i'll ridicule you!
<mako2> sewn: how do i configure seatd to work
<illiliti> i'm joking don't worry
<sewn> mako2: it just werks :^)
<sewn> you just have to set it up as a service and set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and such, just like a regular sway setup on gentoo
<sewn> <xdream8[m]> "i would love to try to write a..." <- uutils is a thing
<mako2> its a plug n play for me on void but no idea how to on kiss
<sewn> its the same mostly
<sewn> ln -s /etc/sv /run/service/seatd
<sewn> make sure youre in the correct groups as well
<mako2> yeah already did that
<mako2> i added myself to seatd group
<sewn> and have mdev as a service
<mako2> oh mdev
<sewn> and add yourself to the input video audio tty groups
<sewn> for me im not in seatd group
<mako2> idk about mdev
<sewn> the same
<sewn> ln -s /etc/sv/mdev /var/service
<mako2> got it
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<mako2> it wont start the desktop session
<mako2> it says like: added client 1 to seat0
<mako2> closed client 1 on seat0ate
<mako2> removed client 1 from seat0
<xdream8[m]> i am still working on pkg_remove_files function .d but pkg_install_files function works as expected
<illiliti> why did you choose to implement exact output format from kiss?
<illiliti> feels odd seeing that again. how about something new and fresh?
<sewn> <mako2> "it wont start the desktop..." <- I'm going to sleep
<mako2> i think i got this, goodnight :)
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<illiliti> also, privilege elevation is kinda flawed in kiss. since rust is compilable language, you could improve that by using suid
<illiliti> one option is to split subcommands into separate binaries and set suid bit on those that need to elevate privileges
<illiliti> imagine kiss-install, kiss-remove, kiss-search, kiss-build and so on
<xdream8[m]> <illiliti> "feels odd seeing that again. how..." <- if you have any suggestions about design, I'm open to those suggestions.
<xdream8[m]> illiliti: like xbps and cpt?
<illiliti> maybe
<xdream8[m]> thats a good idea
<illiliti> as of output first I would drop colors and "Checking" stuff
<illiliti> actually I would leave only 'Installing: <package>' and 'Installed: <package>'
<illiliti> and 'Error installing: <package>' in case of error
<illiliti> that's the only shit I care about in output. everything else belongs to opt-in flags imho
<xdream8[m]> let me apply your suggestions except colors. colors make it look good
<xdream8[m]> i will make it print "Checking ..." stuff only when KISS_DEBUG is set. also i am planning to drop KISS_DEBUG, KISS_CHOICE, KISS_FORCE etc and make them flags
<illiliti> yeah flags would be nice
* illiliti rummages in king source code for a good suggestions
<illiliti> oh men
<illiliti> i like how I implemented kiss alternative interface in king
<illiliti> king swap [-t <package>] <path>...
<xdream8[m]> i will first work on seperation binaries like xbps and cpt
<illiliti> great
<illiliti> feel free to steal these ideas
<illiliti> if you like them
<xdream8[m]> nice thanks
<illiliti> i should have mentioned that if -t option isn't specified, king will swap implementation to the first found alternative implementation
<xdream8[m]> i should think about a name. kiss-rs is not a good name. any suggestions?
<illiliti> naming is hard
<xdream8[m]> yeah i never manage to find a good name i just always add a suffix to names
<xdream8[m]> not all commands needs a TMP_DIR so its a very good thing to switch to seperate binaries
<illiliti> btw have you ever thought about adding atomic install/remove/update in order to keep fs clean in case of error?
<illiliti> basically nixos but without declarative mess
* illiliti imagining nixos-like package manager with kiss repository format
<illiliti> no no, it would be too good to be legal
<xdream8[m]> can you explain it further. i dont know how nix works even though i use it myself for big packages
<illiliti> the whole idea is to drop FHS and implement something similar to how nix manages packages
<illiliti> that means no global state, i.e same package can have multiple versions, etc
<xdream8[m]> like installing every package in their own directory and linking them to /usr/bin
<xdream8[m]> ?
<illiliti> sortof but without /usr/bin since it is part of FHS, i.e global state
<mako2> Help, can't install firefox
<xdream8[m]> illiliti: for example, we install netbsd-curses 0.3.2-1 to /kiss/packages/netbsd-curses-0.3.2-1 and link executables and libraries to /kiss/bin, /kiss/lib?
<illiliti> you don't link anything
<illiliti> mako2: lfs64 problem again
<mako2> oh no
<illiliti> testuser[m]: should we revert this commit? it causes too much obstruction
<xdream8[m]> illiliti: so what you mean is adding everything to PATH, MANPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH after installing them and changing what is in PATH, MANPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH with a command
<illiliti> no
<illiliti> i believe nixos patches all this stuff at compile time
<xdream8[m]> then how are we going to acces binaries and libraries?
<mako2> illiliti: thank you
<illiliti> for what?
<mako2> wait i thought that was the patch for lfs64 lmaoo
<illiliti> xdream8[m]: you better read how nixos/guix work
<mako2> is there a way to fix that firefox thing
<illiliti> steal these
<mako2> i have to patch both of them in my root repo dir?
<illiliti> you need to patch firefox with these patches in build script
<mako2> do you mean i have to put the patch commands in the build script?
<mako2> or the patches does them for you
<illiliti> put patches in patches/ directory of firefox package and specify them in build script
<mako2> oh okay, i'll try
<illiliti> you will also need to specify them in sources file
<illiliti> i think sewn already taught you how to do that
<mako2> yeah but like it was different like he sent me a patch that does things for me like adding the commands in the build script
<illiliti> you should know how to do it yourself
<illiliti> and it's simple, believe me
<mako2> i'm trying now
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<xdream8[m]> <illiliti> "i believe nixos patches all this..." <- it seems its very hard to implement but its possible.... (full message at <>)
<xdream8[m]> element removed what i wrote
<illiliti> do not write multiline messages
<xdream8[m]> depends file syntax will be: program-name-version library
<xdream8[m]> if its a make dep its: package-name-version executable
<illiliti> i don't think you should hardcode library/executable
<illiliti> packages should be opaque in this sense
<illiliti> but nonetheless i don't have clean design in mind to tell what is good or bad
<xdream8[m]> illiliti: actually this is what nix does without having to add every library/binary to LD_LIBRARY_PATH/PATH. it only tries to add necessery libraries/binaries.
<illiliti> if that suits you, go with that
<xdream8[m]> i will continue seperating kiss-rs to binaries for now. if you have any ideas about implementing nix like package installation/building just message me.
<testuser[m]> @illiliti not sure, if the no. of packages affected are low then we can probably get by with patching them individually
<illiliti> testuser[m]: ok, no problem. since ioraff is not here and issue is quite urgent, can you apply alpine patches to firefox and other packages?
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<mako2> I can't install efibootmgr, kiss b efivar ->
<illiliti> it's that shit again
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<mako2> illiliti: After applying the patch, i ran kiss b efivar again and this shows up ->
<zlib> not to ask a stupid question but im trying to install gkiss rn and im stuck at this, any reason this is happening? the website literally isnt down
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<sad_plan> hi
<illiliti> mako2: pass -Wno-error=enum-int-mismatch to CFLAGS
<mako2> export CFLAGS="-Wno-error=enum-int-mismatch" Is this correct?
<sad_plan> export CFLAGS="$CFLAGS ..."
<sad_plan> else youll remove youre already existing CFLAGS
<sad_plan> unless thats what you want
<illiliti> zlib: i can't reproduce. it downloads fine for me
<zlib> i literally tried it on my main and it works too
<zlib> i have no idea why it wont connect
<mako2> sad_plan: Thanks for that
<sad_plan> yw
<mako2> illiliti: That did the trick :)
<zlib> still no luck !!! someone said to just wait and maybe it'll install, is that plausible?
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: this might be for you, seeing as you mentioned rust coreutils
<sewn> why does matrix say I was mentioned here 99 times
<sad_plan> have no idea. just use irc mate
<mako2> efibootmgr -> EFI variables are not supported in this system
<sewn> sad_plan: I don't have a bouncer
<sad_plan> theres logs here on #kisslinux anyway
<sad_plan> so no need for it here
<sad_plan> other channels though, not so much
<sad_plan> im getting so massivly fed up with webkit these days. webkit crashes on github, aswell as on several other sites I use.. makes using webkit browsers a real pain tbh....
<sewn> <illiliti> "testuser: should we revert..." <- wasn't the lfs patch removed by the package maintainer?
<sewn> mako2: this is stupid because I don't know why baseinit doesn't mount efivarfs
<sewn> run mount efivarfs -t efivarfs /sys/firmware/efi/efivars
<sewn> sad_plan: what's wrong with other browsers
<sad_plan> they dont build usually for me
<sad_plan> I did use firefox, but it stopped building for me altogether
<illiliti> sewn: where removed?
<mako2> sewn: mount: mounting efivarfs on /sys/firmware/efi/efivars failed: No such file or directory
<sad_plan> sewn I dont mount efivars. and im just fine
<sad_plan> mounts by itself I assume by the kernel
<mako2> btw the kernel my system is using is lts and its not the one i compiled
<sad_plan> I also use lts. 5.15.122
<mako2> i only boot by the help of system rescue cd's findroot, also i cant have audio without the kernel i compiled
<sewn> illiliti: b9f53e449c96f224d700eb86c94a6e0af5d4c467
<illiliti> then we should consider bringing it back if magnitude of this problem double
<sewn> its not that it should be bringed back, it's that maintainers forgot to add the lfs64 patch to packages I believe
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<sewn> there was another commit that adds the patch back because of rust, but now that rust has been patched it alone is probably the only package that has the patch
<sewn> I can't build rust despite the patches being there so I cant build firefox either
<illiliti> log?
<sewn> give me a moment
<sewn> illiliti:
<sewn> both patches are already in the rust patches dir
<illiliti> and in build script?
<illiliti> and sources file?
<sewn> yes
<sewn> yes
<illiliti> either you are applying them wrong or wheels aren't spinning.
<sewn> illiliti: well i am using the rust from repo and not from my own so
<sewn> i'd assume wheels simply dont spin
<sewn> wait a minut
<sewn> mako2: were you able to build rust?
<sewn> now im unsure why rust fails to build as now i've used alpines method of patching rust libc, by patching all libc vendors manually
<illiliti> put cat <file> before and after patching everywhere to debug this
<mako2> sewn: I was trying to install firefox, but yes I couldn't build rust even with the patches applied on both build and sources
<sewn> ok whenever appservice appears as a read on matrix it means that a message didnt go through god damn it
<sewn> mako2: i see, good to know its not me
<illiliti> could this be due to cache?
<illiliti> like ccache or rust cache
<sewn> wait
<sewn> i think its because of the bootstrap
<sewn> when rust gets built it uses a rustc cargo and rust-std binary
<sewn> of some sort.. i'm unsure
<sewn> i dont want to clear my 24GB ccache
<illiliti> move it to the other place
<sewn> ok let me try
<sewn> phew you're wrong its not ccache or rust cache
<sewn> my ccache stays!
<sewn> <mako2> "sewn: I was trying to install..." <- is it the 'undefined reference to fstat64'?
<illiliti> do you have previous version of rust installed?
<sewn> i dont have rust installed
<mako2> wait i'm going to reproduce the error
<sewn> today i discovered i have a windows iso in my .cache
<illiliti> then I think you are right about bootstrap. it could be a culprit
<sewn> ioraff wheree areyouuuuuuuu
<sewn> illiliti: ok let me try nightly builds of rust
<sewn> if it works then its definitely the cuprit.
<illiliti> i gotta go rest
<sewn> i doubt it would work, since the musl systems rust uses to build such binaries most likely would not have updated musl
<sewn> okay have a good rest
<mako2> sewn: here is my rust build log:
<sewn> yep same as mine
<sewn> yep those rustc binaries are the culprit, using specifically the nightly builds work
<sewn> let me find a way to make it use the beta ones, this is emergency!!!!
<sewn> an alternative to using rust binaries is to use rust-bootstrap package similar to go's go-bootstrap package that already exists.
<sewn> ^ nvm wont work very well
<sewn> since kiss is source-built and rust is self-hosted
<mako2> did codeberg just went offline
<sewn> i think so
<mako2> yeah i was trying to read some docs
<sewn> codeberg is down yeah
<sewn> 99.58%
<mako2> :(
<sewn> :(
<sewn> what docs?
<mako2> efi stuff
<sewn> bootloader?
<mako2> yeah so i could load my kernel too
<sewn> efibootmgr or grub
<mako2> ive installed grub after baseinit
<sewn> you can check /usr/share/doc/kiss lol
<mako2> lol, idk which one provides instructions to setup the bootloader
<mako2> why is sways background always yellow
<sewn> thats when sway has no background
<mako2> oh so that background is hardcoded
<sewn> the default background color is set in the sway build file
<mako2> so sway in kiss doesnt have swaybg
<sewn> its a package you can insatll
<sewn> but you can use the sway configuration instead
<mako2> i cant change the background in sway config
<sewn> output * bg #202020 solid_color
<sewn> are you sure
<sewn> you have to reload sway config dont forget htat
<mako2> output * bg #696969 solid_color
<mako2> i did reload my config
<sewn> weird
<sewn> you can use swaymsg
<mako2> how do i tell swaymsg to set the background
<sewn> swaymsg output '*' bg '#696969' solid_color
<mako2> it wont change, it just flashes
<sewn> the background??
<mako2> it gets overwritten by sways default bg yellow
<mako2> yeah
<mako2> ill try to modify sways build if it works
<mako2> after messing up with the build file and reinstalling it
<mako2> the bg changed to grey
<sewn> awesome is that better
<mako2> idk, i want the bg to change from the config file
<sewn> swaymsg works?
<mako2> same thing it flashes, the command is like being replaced by the bg color values in the build file
<sewn> i can reproduce
<sewn> my background stays yellow and wont change
<sewn> not even with a image..
<mako2> yeah it sucks
<sewn> you might as well try out dwl lol
<sewn> or hyprland
<sewn> cuz idk what the issue is here
<mako2> it might be that the maintainer likes yellow
<sewn> no he likes catpuccin yellow
<mako2> idk ive been stuck on sway ever since i moved to wayland a year ago
<sewn> time for a change innit
<mako2> also i cant move to river if i still cant use my rx 6600
<mako2> my psu has been on transit for 5 fucking days now, there has to be a typhoon to wherebits being heldw
<sewn> personally i wish i could try out river but i cant
<sewn> becuase zig on my system likes to segfault
<mako2> i never had issues with zig
<mako2> the thing that i probably don't like is that its on another programming language that ive never heard of before
<mako2> how do i install the community repo?
<sewn> just like the normal repo
<sewn> git clone and add it as the last entry in KISS_PATH
<mako2> oh okay