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<xdream8[m]> <sad_plan> "nah, vis built fine without it" <- yeah it builds fine. the packages i had problem with was alsa-utils, htop, yash and foot.... (full message at <>)
<xdream8[m]> here is my repo:
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<xdream8[m]> which shell should i use for /usr/bin/sh? i tried yash but it does not source /etc/profile on boot and it gives command not found errors. bash works on boot but i dont want to use it as /usr/bin/sh. i replaced busybox with sbase/ubase/otools so i need a good minimal shell. maybe i should try to use oksh as /usr/bin/sh
<xdream8[m]> maybe i should just use busybox/otools
<sewn> <xdream8[m]> "maybe i should just use busybox..." <- plz
<sewn> use busybox
<sewn> i mean toybox**
<sewn> personally i'd keep dash as /usr/bin/sh and oksh/yash as the interactive user shell
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<xdream8[m]> <sewn> "i mean toybox**" <- actually i might give that a try
<sewn> i like toybox, it's the middleground between sbase/ubase and busybox
<xdream8[m]> i will try it. it seems first i need a config like busybox
<sewn> hi testuser
<testuser[m]> hi
<testuser[m]> bye
<sewn> oh no
<xdream8[m]> it seems toybox uses bash shebang in its scripts but it does not seem to use any specific bash feature
<xdream8[m]> should i try to convert these shebangs to /bin/sh so that i can escape bash dependency?
<sewn> xdream8[m]: you cannot escape
<sewn> its alot to translate the bash to sh
<sewn> i suggest you use bash for now just to try out toybox, then you can decide if it is worth your time
<xdream8[m]> i will follow your suggestion for now
<depressed_pigeon> xdream81[m]: It has been done before. Check dylins repo for one. Its also been tested couple times before. Just look up toybox in the irc logs
<depressed_pigeon> Theres also which made an awefull attempt at using toybox
<depressed_pigeon> Iirc theres a pr for the toybox stuff.
<sewn> might be relevant
<depressed_pigeon> S/dylin/dilyn/
<depressed_pigeon> xdream81[m]: also for /bin/sh i recommend oksh, that is unless toysh now works sufficently
<sewn> (toysh will never be complete)
<xdream8[m]> <sewn> ""; <- this works.
<sewn> wtf
<sewn> cool
<xdream8[m]> my colorscheme looks bad :(
<sewn> why does everyone here use catpuccin or whatever its called
<xdream8[m]> this is tokyonight
<xdream8[m]> i will change to dracula and see if it looks good with this
<sewn> gruvbox ftw
<sewn> why is perl a depenency of chromium?
<sewn> it's not required
<xdream8[m]> i cant read that with dracula too. i will try gruvbox
<xdream8[m]> gruvbox made it look ok
<sewn> gruvbox my beloved
<xdream8[m]> should i enable what is really needed one by one or directly do allyesconfig
<sewn> you should use a default configuration and just add what you need
<sewn> or remove
<depressed_pigeon> Enable what you want/need. Nevermind the rest. Gives you a more lean config
<xdream8[m]> is mkfifo needed anywhere?
<xdream8[m]> i dont use it but i remember seeing it being used on some scripts
<xdream8[m]> i disabled a lot of things in posix commands since i dont use a lot of them
<depressed_pigeon> <xdream81[m]> "is mkfifo needed anywhere?" <- Not to my knowledge
<depressed_pigeon> You can however use sbase/ubase as a reference as to whats mostly needed
<xdream8[m]> it seems toybox has its own implementation of git commands
<xdream8[m]> anyone has any idea what is the problem?
<xdream8[m]> full log:
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<testuser[m]> why does firefox now show a minimize maximize button lol
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<mako_> hello, is there any proper documentation on how to install kiss? i think the one on might be outdated
<phoebos> mako_: it is supplemented by
<phoebos> oh there was a new release, I'll update that page
<mako_> do i have to wait for the update or should i proceed to the installation?
<phoebos> no, I'm only going to change "22.11.15" to "23.04.30"
<phoebos> but you can start with any tarball anyway
<mako_> okay, thank you
<mako_> i'll come back asking for more if i run into trouble
<xdream8[m]> <xdream8[m]> "anyone has any idea what is..." <- this is related to POSIX patch. it built fine without it.
<schillingklaus> dilyn vs dylan ... the never-ending big battle
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<xdream8[m]> toybox sh does not even have -e wtf
<xdream8[m]> i think i will disable it
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<mako2> 003 - Verify Checksums, curl -fLO "$url/$file.sha256" outputs to curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
<mako2> How do i solve this
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<mako2> I downloaded the tarball with no issues, but going to the checksum part gives errors
<illiliti> there is checksum available on release page if you want to verify tarball integrity
<xdream8[m]> when i want to build a static binary is it better to add -static to LDFLAGS than CFLAGS?
<illiliti> cflags
<mako2> sorry, i don't think i can understand. Can i just do sha256sum to the tarball?
<illiliti> there is a checksum down the page
<illiliti> run sha256sum on tarball and verify output with that checksum
<mako2> okay i think i got it, my mind is literally going circles rn
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<illiliti> btw you probably should not blindly copy-paste commands from install guide and expect them working in all cases
<illiliti> if something does not work, use your wisdom and experience to fix that and you will be great!
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<mako2> i'm trying *sweats*
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<mako2> can i skip the verify signature part and just move on to unpack the tarball?
<illiliti> yes
<illiliti> i don't think it would work anyway
<mako2> yeah thats what i was thinking
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<testuser[m]> illiliti shouldnt it be LDFLAGS?
<testuser[m]> practically either works ig but isn't LDFLAGS more "correct"
<illiliti> usually compiler knows better
<illiliti> so i prefer cflags
<xdream8[m]> LDFLAGS is used for linking while CFLAGS are used for compiling. i think i should just add -static to both
<illiliti> but it shouldn't matter anyway because both are passed to compiler so ...
<illiliti> yeah
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<mako2> is there a way to generate an asc file for the tarball, the link doesn't work
<mako2> i'm still stuck at 004 - verify signature
<illiliti> only those who possess dylan's private gpg key can generate it
<illiliti> just skip that step
<illiliti> and again don't follow blindly
<xdream8[m]> <mako2> "i'm still stuck at 004 - verify..." <- just skip it or use tarball from kiss-community
<mako2> okay then
<xdream8[m]> current init scripts does not work with toybox utils.
<illiliti> why
<xdream8[m]> swapon does not have -a, mdev only has -s option and also i dont know why but mount -a gives a error
<testuser[m]> check if toybox has config options to enable these
<testuser[m]> flags
<xdream8[m]> nope it does not have any config options for these
<xdream8[m]> either i switch back to busybox or create my own init script
<xdream8[m]> <xdream8[m]> "i think this should work: https:..." <- first i added a lot of missing things to this but when i try to boot using this init script it immediately starts printing segfault errors endlessly. it does not give me time to see what is wrong. then i tried init scripts from base-init package and entered exit everytime it prompted me shell and same thing happens with it too
<xdream8[m]> i think the only thing i can do now is switch back to busybox
<xdream8[m]> if i knew this would happen i would not waste time with toybox :(
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<sewn> I should have told you that compilation error would occur, I faced the same init problems
<rottatorg> noob question: if i wanted to configure busybox with make menuconfig before building and installing it with kiss, how would i do that?
<illiliti> you would fork busybox
<sewn> meh toybox has colors and cooler programs
<rottatorg> so would it be better to name the forked package something other than 'busybox' or is there some clear way to set the which repository is preferred?
<rottatorg> sewn: i'll try that later. i've also been thinking of looking at sbase but i'm trying to troubleshoot something rn
<illiliti> first repository in KISS_PATH is most preferred one. just fork busybox to your repo and prepend repo to KISS_PATH and it will override original busybox
<rottatorg> alright, thanks for the help!
<sewn> much like the ol PATH
<illiliti> yes
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> xdream8[m]: dilyn has some stuff for the init scripts. he initially used the upstream ones, with a few tweaks
<sad_plan> in kiss-somethingsomethingstatic, I just remade them, and hacked together something that.. sortof worked. mount had issues with giving a non-fatal error when mounting, and just not being able to mount at all
<sad_plan> I did however initially just use shinit. as sewn mentioned, I also had issues with toybox init not working for w/e reason
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<mako2> How do i get perl? I'm trying to compile the kernel, but it fails and gives an error that perl is required
<sewn> mako2: use later version of the linux kernel
<sewn> you shouldn't need perl anymore
<sewn> or apply /usr/share/doc/kiss/wiki/kernel/no-perl.patch
<mako2> wait, i downloaded the linux-6.4.6