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* midfavila dies
<midfavila> wow hey guess who it is
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<sad_plan> hi midfavila, nice to see you back
<sad_plan> also, hi everyone
<midfavila> sad_plan, hi
<midfavila> i don't think i'll be kicking around here too much but
<midfavila> i figured i would pop in for a little bit
<sad_plan> why is that? still on debian I guess?
<midfavila> no
<midfavila> set my KISS fork back up the other day
<midfavila> just trying to like
<midfavila> not die
<midfavila> i guess
<midfavila> sitting here screaming internally looking at job requirements
<midfavila> even minimum wage menial labor positions want multiple years of experience, professional references, and background and criminal record checks at the applicant's expense
<sad_plan> oh, back on kiss. nice.
<sad_plan> ah, yeah, its become absolute madness
<sad_plan> its like a cycle, you cant get a job, because you dont have experience, but you cant get experience, because you dont have a job....
<midfavila> yeah
<midfavila> and then people will say fucking retarded shit like "dude bro man mid just go memorize the source code of k8s it's so easy bro you just need to tailor yourself to the job market bro come on man get with the game"
<midfavila> sick of mincing words
<midfavila> every time i see something like that i want to scream and put my head through a wall
<midfavila> or like
<midfavila> "just go get certs mid"
<midfavila> sure whatever that's cool but i need a JOB to PAY for certifications
<midfavila> fucking fuck
<midfavila> today's been a day
<midfavila> and then i'm dealing with god knows what mental health problems on top of that and i'm just done
<sad_plan> well.. I can kinda get the argument, that if youre not aligned with a jobs requirement, youre obviously not gonna get the job, but if the requirements isnt realistc, then... not gonna happen
<midfavila> that's the kicker
<sad_plan> the job marked is absolutely fucked these days
<midfavila> nothing is realistic
<midfavila> >entry level linux
<midfavila> >three years of experience with linux
<midfavila> >5 years of experience with windows
<midfavila> >bachelor's a minimum, master's a bonus
<midfavila> >2 years minimum experience with docker, git, javascript, C, C++, C#, C-, HolyC, UnholyC, Seance, Jenkins, Ditto, X11, Wayland, ...
<midfavila> and then it doesn't even matter because some asshole who's been doing leetcode and writing operating systems since age seven on the other side of the world is going to apply
<sad_plan> yeaah.. such bs. its also the silly one where they list really high requirements, and the wage is ridicilously low..
<midfavila> i don't even care about that rn
<midfavila> i will LITERALLY program for minimum wage
<midfavila> right now
<midfavila> i just want a job in a related fucking field
<illiliti> good to see you again mid
<sad_plan> I was for a second gonna suggest internship, but then I remembered youll be working for free... modern day slavery
<midfavila> >for free
<midfavila> sad_plan, you sad, sad, innocent, naive child
<midfavila> you have to pay companies to intern there now
<sad_plan> whaaat?
<midfavila> those are precious hours they're using to clean up your messes and "teach you"
<sad_plan> are you for real? you have to PAY to work for free? wth
<midfavila> at some places yes
<midfavila> i've seen that cropping up
<sad_plan> thats just insane...
<midfavila> and yes hello again illiliti
<midfavila> i wish i could greet you from a happier place
<midfavila> alas we live in a society
<illiliti> I would ignore that bullshit requirement and try to apply regardless of what they say
<midfavila> that's what i've been doing
<midfavila> every day
<midfavila> twice a day
<midfavila> i go on and find every job that i'm even remotely qualified for that i can handle rn
<midfavila> and i spray applications
<midfavila> the problem is that hundreds, even thousands of people apply to these jobs
<midfavila> unfortunately, it turns out that i can't put KISS on my CV
<sad_plan> which sets the bar even higher really..
<midfavila> it also doesn't help that i was kicked out of the assistance program i was in for the past few years
<sad_plan> no, but im sure you can figure out a way to turn using, and forking kiss to your advantage.
<sad_plan> oh
<midfavila> despite being entitled to it until 24
<midfavila> so now i have zero income
<sad_plan> cant you complain to them?
<midfavila> and i have to find income before the end of my next rental period
<midfavila> lmao no
<midfavila> i already tried
<midfavila> a bunch
<sad_plan> no dice?
<midfavila> i got a shrug and a "can't do anything about it"
<midfavila> "better find a job mid"
<sad_plan> yeah...
<midfavila> going to fucking scream at someone if i don't get a job soon
<midfavila> i don't know if i already said that but it's true
<midfavila> i'm sick of pretending like people know anything about computers
<midfavila> and i'm sick of memorizing and repeating entire fucking textbooks of empty-headed, useless vocabulary
<midfavila> all i want to do is show up, fix shit, collect my pay, and go home
<midfavila> but no I'M the one being unreasonable
<sad_plan> I dont belive thats unreasonable tbh
<midfavila> geez you would think i would put this in a blog post on my site instead of monopolizing public IRC channels
<sad_plan> you could do that
<midfavila> i could do a lot of things, in theory
<sad_plan> yep
<midfavila> in practice i don't have the motivation to do anything but lay in bed or sit in front of my PC and stew in hatred and self-loathing for weeks at a time
<midfavila> because i'm a fucking mess
<illiliti> get a mastodon account, i'll boost you
<midfavila> can't afford to link online and offline stuff
<illiliti> hm
<midfavila> i don't want some twit from california to see one of my rants and decide that i did a badspeak and i don't understand the multiplicity of my intersectional offences and now they need to take it upon themselves to personally punish me
<midfavila> i've dealt with enough holier than thou assholes in my life, as short as it's been
<midfavila> and anyway as much as i really, legitimately appreciate the offer, it wouldn't even matter
<midfavila> i have multiple CEOs and bigwig types acting as references
<midfavila> and i can't even get an email letting me know i wasn't the right person for the job
<illiliti> they usually tell you "we will call you back" and no word from them after that
<illiliti> i can relate
<midfavila> i'm willing to bet my CV usually gets filtered out by AI
<midfavila> there's no way HR departments can manually sort through the hundreds of CVs they get
<midfavila> all of which need to be ten fucking pages long and full of garish shit to "catch their attention"
<midfavila> i need a fucking drink
<illiliti> you gotta pollute your cv with buzzwords
<midfavila> no, i just need to die
<midfavila> that's what the invisible hand of the market:tm: is telling me
<illiliti> i wish my body die, but mind live forever
<midfavila> great news
<midfavila> now you can upload your brain to metanto-exxon disney ltd and live forever
<midfavila> of course if you can't afford the five tetrillion sign up fee you'll be forced to act out advertisements for the rest of your existence but hey
<illiliti> capitalism in action
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<midfavila> i'm just so fucking angry of being told that i'm not doing enough to fix my situation and yet i'm never given an opportunity to do anything to fix my situation
<midfavila> every day i wake up and society fucking spits on me and tells me it's my own fault when i was never given an opportunity to earn a better life
<midfavila> whatever
<sad_plan> thats society for you mid. unfortunatly. people dont see the big picture, or if they do, they cant even grasp it, and just eventually brush it off, and continue as nothing has happened
<midfavila> yeah and it's the poor who are left holding the bag
<sad_plan> I knoow. while the rich reap the benefit, the lower and middleclass grows more and more poor
<sad_plan> but you gotta take those oppurtinities though
<sad_plan> shame on you if you dont
<sad_plan> gotta work harder
<sad_plan> or some bs
<midfavila> that doesn't even work any more because nobody is given the chance to work
<midfavila> and then you slap inflation on top of that
<midfavila> it's literally cheaper to buy cake here than bread
<midfavila> now i didn't really attend many history classes in high school on account of the being homeless thing but i seem to recall that some interesting shit went down the last time that happened
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<sad_plan> wtf, cake should be hella expensive in comparison to bread..
<midfavila> yeah that's what you would think
<midfavila> but a small loaf of not completely ass quality, enough for one person for about half a week, is 6$
<midfavila> 's about a pound
<midfavila> in contrast you can routinely find 1.2kg+ cakes for 10$ or less
<sad_plan> thats expensive, even in my country.. and things in my country is more often than not, expensive. atleast in comparisson to alot of other countries
<illiliti> sad_plan: what is your country if not secret?
<sad_plan> I knew someone else would ask. I might aswell come clean, it dont really matter anyway.. I reside in norway
<midfavila> >he's a norwegian
<midfavila> shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame
<illiliti> great country
<illiliti> shit has become expensive everywhere. does wage fully cover it - that's the question
<illiliti> mine barely does. i live from wage to wage
<sad_plan> norway is pretty great, appart from most stuff being really expensive, and gettin more expensive as time progressess..
<sad_plan> but sure, aslong as wages cover it, its usually fine
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<rfaa> just a shame it's filled with norwegians, wouldn't you say lillebror.. ;)
<sad_plan> sewn says hi, midfavila. matrix bridge is down atm, so he couldnt get on irc
<sad_plan> lol rfaa
<rfaa> :D
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