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<rory50> nah its fine. it was a user error. I had downloaded all the repos some time ago and lumped them into one folder
<rory50> I simply forgot they were separate
<sujo> sewn: kiss find supplements this functionality
<sewn> no one knows of kiss find
<sujo> kiss f kiss-find
<sewn> especially the updated one by abbabbbvbabbbcbaaabbaaaccuuuuss
<rory50> I just throw everything in a big folder and find from the top level
<rory50> Unix find
<sewn> sujo: oh yeah that's in community now
<sewn> still no one quite knows it exists
<sewn> maybe add to the community installation guide
<sujo> fair enough
<rory50> just kiss b is like the same as find
<sujo> not if you don't have the repo ;)
<rory50> kiss b * just install everything no need to find
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<rory50> more packages the better its a contest
<rory50> gotta collect em all
<sujo> KISS linux -> KI linux
<rory50> KIA, A = all
<sujo> rory50: > it's a contest ... of who can find the cheaper storage!
<rory50> in before car company litigation
<sujo> Keep It All Linux...
<sujo> catchy
<rory50> I just got 2x 4 tb used SAS drives on eBay for 35 usd
<sujo> for the lot?????
<rory50> for both
<rory50> they seem to be from 2015 I think
<sujo> unbelievable ... congrats
<rory50> gonna use them as junk backup or just junk
<rory50> you want the link?
<rory50> they sell regularly
<sujo> sure
<rory50> note sas not sata
<sujo> yeah -- i'd use as OSB
<rory50> holdon trying to get other phone
<sujo> PM is fine
<sujo> unless you want it archived...
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<solaare> uhh something wierd happend, i got kicked from libera, wait for the link
<solaare> this is one of them, not the one i ordered though, its wierd its not showing up in my searches, i need to copy the link directly from my account
<solaare> f5lj%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR4itmuasYg
<solaare> sorry for spam
<sujo> appreciate it
<solaare> let me pm you the one i ordered, its 18 usd free shipping, its really wierd, it doesnt show up in any searches anymore
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<sewn> Hi
<sewn> Bye
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