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<sewn> very weirdly written
<sewn> it should just be a simple display command
<sujo> are there any pdf viewers than don't use GTK/QT?
<sujo> closest I could find was <>
<sujo> but that doesn't build
<xdream8[m]> Maybe mupdf? I think it depends on Xorg libraries tho
<sujo> X11 dep is fine
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<sewn> Zathura?
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<sujo> sewn: requires GTK3
<sujo> unfortunately
<sewn> ew what I thought it was a nice lil pdf reader
<sewn> aw man
<sujo> xdream8[m]: Looks good, thanks
<sujo> sewn: it's fine on my arch machine (ew), but that's a necessary evil
<sujo> but when it'd be the only req. for GTK3, that's a hard pass
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<phoebos> sujo: you could also convert pdf to an image format and pipe to an image viewer
<sujo> phoebos: fair enough
<sujo> some of the material I use has ToC which I'd need to preserve
<sujo> but getting mupdf packaged wasn't too bad
<phoebos> it's also in community
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<rory50> is there a viable way forward for x? I planning on sticking with it and I know Wayland is preferred by many. Ideally it would be 50 50 communities so everyone can use what they like. but if everyone here is moving I have no choice but to move as well. there are too many x packages to maintain without help.
<rory50> time frame is next 20 years. I have scripts with x hard dependencies especially xdotool
<phoebos> i and plenty others have no interest in leaving X
<rory50> I know lfs and gentoo can help with it too
<rory50> so part of it is up to them to help with fixing stuff that might break x
<rory50> OK good if you are in then im in. we just need to hold the line
<rory50> for most ppl its a display tool but for some of us our tools literally break without it. a big deal
<rory50> when ppl start writing Wayland protocol only programs, is the plan simply to find alternatives?
<rory50> looks like the Wayland server Weston can run on x client, as long as they decide to support it and not break it. so there's my answer
<sujo> phoebos: I only saw zathura and libmupdf
<sujo> rory50: kiss-xorg is pretty good with updates
<sujo> a non-insignificant portion of people still use kiss+X
<rory50> kiss repos are beyond awesome im just overwhelmed by the amount of work put into it and constantly live in fear that I may be alone doing it one day
<sujo> if that does happen (operand being does), it'll be incremental work
<rory50> the main kiss community repo didnt have xorg so I panicked a bit. didnt realize it was a separate site
<sujo> and if you're still soldiering through as the last X user, then that wouldn't be too much of a burden
<sujo> yeah mainline switched to wayland
<sujo> too new for me
<rory50> it just doesnt have something as good as xdotool
<sujo> new -> underdeveloped
<rory50> cant use it for that 1 fact
<rory50> I like that Wayland isnt bloated like tons of packages
<rory50> I have my own kiss fork that have to manually convert kiss packages to mine. ton of work for x
<sujo> I like wayland, but it also moves the workload further towards the user
<sujo> X clients are simple
<sujo> wayland clients, not so much
<sujo> it's all bloat; everyone should just use FB
<rory50> yea in the end someone has to do the work. less bloat more work. tinyx might be the sweet spot im working on that. trying to get input to work
<sewn> <rory50> "the main kiss community repo..." <- this is why we should have some notes in the kiss community README linking other repositories for packages such as xorg or dbus
<sewn> it would be way cooler if there was a dbus/ or xorg/ under repo
<sujo> ideally repos and folders should be 1:1
<sujo> but logistically that would be a cluster
<sujo> it kinda works with monolithic repos like community/community