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<xdream8[m]> try mvi
<sewn> i considered mvi but the code is pretty big and hard for me to edit, since i wanted to add or change a few things
<sewn> for now i use montage and sixel to have thumbnail view, it works quite well
<xdream8[m]> i was updating my system and rust update failed for me bc of stat64 errors again. does it happen for anyone else?
<sewn> doesn't happen for me because I don't update my system
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<xdream8[m]> i installed nightly rust version using rustup and it works.
<xdream8[m]> anyone interested can find rustup here:
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<ruivlea> i update rust with patches from alpine aports.
<xdream8[m]> I think i just nuked my setup while testing pkg_remove_files function in kiss-rs
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<illiliti> where is rust's vaunted safety when you need it...
<xdream8[m]> it is really only my fault i was getting 'File not found' errors and tried using fs::remove_dir_all() instead of fs::remove_dir() and it removed everything in /usr/bin/ and /var/db/kiss
<xdream8[m]> i think i can just copy /usr/bin and /var/db/kiss from kiss linux tarball
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<xdream8[m]> fixed it. now i should be more careful about file operations on root directory
<xdream8[m]> now i will perform my tests in another folder by setting KISS_ROOT
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<ehawkvu> Has anyone built the new chromium 115 yet?
<ehawkvu> I've been trying to build it for the last 16 hours and its stuck on some python scripts
<ehawkvu> Here's a screenshot from htop ~
<sewn> do you want me to build for you ehawkvu lol
<ehawkvu> sewn: that would be much appreciated lol
<sewn> xorg or wayland?
<ehawkvu> xorg
<sewn> i am on a wayland environment so i will be recompiling gtk+3 and libepoxy for X11
<sewn> i assume chromium 115.0.5790.98
<ehawkvu> I did bump it to the .102$ version, so there should be no diff btwn community & xorg
<ehawkvu> I can also try running a build in a fresh chroot to see if it's something
<ehawkvu> with my setup^
<sewn> I have a ton of outdated packages , I haven't updated
<sewn> kiss l output ^
<sewn> ehawkvu: updating to .102
<sewn> <ehawkvu> "Here's a screenshot from htop..." <-
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<sewn> damn did it really take two hours
<sewn> nearly 3 now
<sad_plan> to build chromium?