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<xdream8[m]> kiss-rs is in a important situation right now.... (full message at <>)
<sewn> how bliss and kiss do is is to run itself with elevated privileges
<sewn> as an action that is
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<phoebos> yes, it's probably the cleanest way, and causes the least hassle when a makedep must be installed before building another program
<phoebos> if we were a binary distro, it could just be `doas kiss i`
<phoebos> but to run `doas kiss b` would be unnecessarily privileged
<phoebos> and there's no good way to run a single function as root. importing code from sudo is dangerous, or you could have a setuid binary which is also dangerous.
<phoebos> xdream8[m]: by the way, please be aware that your multiline matrix messages are incompatible with IRC
<phoebos> just send multiple messages
<ruivlea> finally firefox no segfault, thanks for fix-overalignment.patch in repo. awesome.
<xdream8[m]> <sewn> "as an action that is" <- I think i am forced to use that approach as well
<sewn> <ruivlea> "finally firefox no segfault..." <- what
<sewn> where
<sewn> where ist hat
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<sewn> where on earth did fix-overalighnment come from
<sewn> who made this patch?
<sewn> i believe where this code belongs is actually the solution to when i used to face segfaults related to JS
<ruivlea> <sewn> "who made this patch?" <- ioraff? . according to the commiter.
<sewn> thank u ioraff
<ruivlea> thankyou ioraff
<ruivlea> before, i think maybe firefox segfault because i use sbase ubase pax instead of busybox. but it wrong. that is JS related issue.
<ruivlea> so i can continue using sbase ubase pax
<ruivlea> along with surf, and libreoffice
<sewn> webkit?
<sewn> hm, what about dillo?
<ruivlea> dillo, interesting. i will try next time
<xdream8[m]> i tried building dillo-plus for wayland earlier today but in the end i got bunch of ld errors. its Makefile configuration is one of the worsts i have seen. but i built dillo successfully.
<sewn> how is dillo
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