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<sewn> <ruivlea> "i tried to build firefox 114. it..." <- sounds awfully familiar
<sewn> ayo testuser: check that out
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<ruivlea> so, am i the only one that experience this firefox segfault issue?
<ruivlea> today i built firefox esr 102.13.0. And seems ok. no problem currently.
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<sewn> no i used to face it as well mate
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<sewn> lemme try building firefox 115
<sewn> 116.0b2*
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<sewn> seems to be fine but i get seccomp sandbox violations
<sewn> firefox would segfault if i had built it without debug info
<sewn> i believe its because of my vaapi setup
<xdream8[m]> I install firefox using nix
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<ruivlea> do you mean not using export RUSTFLAGS="$RUSTFLAGS -Cdebuginfo=0" in build script?
<sewn> <ruivlea> "do you mean not using export..." <- if i have a bad firefox build that may crash and i build it with debuginfo, it no longer works and segfaults
<sewn> so im not really sure anymore
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<ruivlea> i just tried build 115 without RUSTFLAGS="$RUSTFLAGS -Cdebuginfo=0" and still segfault
<ruivlea> i will stick to esr 102 at this moment. and see if mozilla keep maintains it or not. at least it's security
<testuser[m]> sewn: 104 worksM
<testuser[m]> ?
<testuser[m]> Oh nvm
<testuser[m]> 113 is the latest that works right?
<sewn> I believe so
<sewn> the Firefox in repo that is
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