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<sewn> 8 days left
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<testuser[m]> Hi
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<sewn> Hi
<rory50> hi. anyone has luck with input on tinyx? I'm trying to use the legacy xf86 input keyboard instead of the modern xf86-input which depends on xorg. no luck with input on dwm
<rory50> correction. both depend on xorg and fail when building
<rory50> I'd rather use the legacy version due to less dependencies, if at all possible
<sewn> sad_plan:
<rory50> he ain't here ,but maybe depressed pigeon can offer some insight. I assume they related
<rory50> oddly the keyboard works with zero libraries. no clue how. but touchpad and USB mice don't work. the xf86 input mouse has a xorg hard dependency and can't install it
<depressed_pigeon> rory50: no need for libinput, xf86-input either or libudev for that matter. Should just work right out of the box. Mind you, there is no super key suppprt, at all
<depressed_pigeon> So if you have any keybindings with superkey, you should switch them out, else youre gonna habe a bad time, as theyd now worl wihout pressing the superkey, which isnt very practical..
<depressed_pigeon> Regarding input, i use ps2 mouse atleast, and some generic keyboard driver. Ill doublecheck that one
<rory50> oh wow thanks.I only asked for you jokingly
<rory50> so you use tinyx as well?
<rory50> glad we can avoid libinput that library is a clusterfk
<rory50> and that udev garbo
<rory50> thanks for checking. having the Mouse would be nice though I can actually live without it
<depressed_pigeon> I happened to check matrix, so you were lucky :p
<rory50> they told me to find sad plan but the closest I could find in channel was a depressed pigeon
<depressed_pigeon> For keyboard, it seems I only have CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBOARD and CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD. Nut sure what the last one is, as im on my phone atm
<depressed_pigeon> Hah, yeh
<rory50> the keyboard works actually
<rory50> I didn't install squat
<rory50> it just works no idea which drivers or if its a kernel builtin
<rory50> yes looks like I had that built-in the kernel
<rory50> so just kernel option works for x? no super but still pretty good. those drivers are just for extra support ?
<depressed_pigeon> Thats mostly the point of tinyx. Compability as opposed to performance
<rory50> amazing
<rory50> OK my config input mousedev isn't set in kernel
<rory50> maybe that's the thing
<depressed_pigeon> Ive not used xorg in quite a while now, but when xenocara was merged to kiss-xorg, i couldnt launch either
<rory50> its a bloated mess
<rory50> this tiny x dealie works just fine
<rory50> not sure how it renders video tho
<depressed_pigeon> I know, but it works though. But if you dont need the performance, tinyx will suffice
<depressed_pigeon> Works fine with 1080p atleast
<rory50> so you think I should rebuild kernel?
<depressed_pigeon> 4k, not so much, atleast not on my laptop
<rory50> I have config input mouse to y
<rory50> ah
<rory50> I'm a low res person
<depressed_pigeon> If something doesnt work, yeah.
<rory50> but config input mousedev iff
<depressed_pigeon> And mouse works?
<rory50> off
<rory50> no
<rory50> keyboard OK mouse not ok
<rory50> I'll try it
<rory50> thank you for your assistance
<depressed_pigeon> Hm, check my kernel config, maybe ive enabled something you havent;
<depressed_pigeon> No problem
<rory50> nice
<iceman[m]> Hello
<rory50> ty for sharing
<rory50> hello ice
<depressed_pigeon> Its rather minimal, so should be easy to spot whats what
<depressed_pigeon> Hello iceman:
<rory50> yep its the mousedev
<rory50> you got it and I aint
<iceman[m]> hi depressed_pigeon
<iceman[m]> what doing
<iceman[m]> hi rory50
<rory50> he helping me exercise the demons in my machine
<rory50> exorcise
<rory50> the demons have enough cardio
<depressed_pigeon> Lmk if mousedev fixes the issue rory50
<depressed_pigeon> <iceman[m]> "what doing" <- Just woke up really
<iceman[m]> alright
<rory50> will do! I owe you one
<depressed_pigeon> How about you?
<iceman[m]> @xdream8 did you build a kiss package for nix or just used nix install script
<iceman[m]> depressed_pigeon: im implementing RFC 1350, currently in the research phase
<depressed_pigeon> Whats rfc 1350?
<iceman[m]> depressed_pigeon: It describes the TFTP protocol
<iceman[m]> I'm writing a client, server program for it
<iceman[m]> just as an exercise to familiarize myself with network programming
<depressed_pigeon> I see
<xdream8[m]> <iceman[m]> "@xdream8 did you build a kiss..." <- i used to install/update nix using kiss but it takes too much time to build nix. i would prefer nix install script if i were you.
<iceman[m]> xdream8[m]: thanks, i was waiting for you to answer
<iceman[m]> I'll use the install script for my own user
<xdream8[m]> after you install nix you might want to look at experimental nix cli app if you want faster package install/update times.
<xdream8[m]> nix-env can be quite slow
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<iceman[m]> Hm Hm i c
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<sewn> i wonder what happens when the irc bridge goes down
<sewn> does anyone know a way to view multiple images at once in a gallery-like view on wayland? (without using nsxiv of course)