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<sewn> why is gcc not built with libsanitize?
<testuser[m]> minimal vroooo
<sewn> ?
<sewn> simpler build?
<testuser[m]> wait i think gcc sanitizers are broken on musl
<testuser[m]> i enabled them on gkiss i think
<testuser[m]> nvm
<sewn> testuser[m]: i built gcc with them
<sewn> on musl
<sewn> seems to function
<testuser[m]> u can make a pr then ig
<testuser[m]> it was probably disabled cuz it was broken
<testuser[m]> before
<sewn> according to someone here it couldnt be built due to missing fstab.h
<sewn> which i don't have
<sewn> testuser[m]: is it also going to take as long as the muon pr
<testuser[m]> no
<testuser[m]> cant make muon change cuz no bdfl
<testuser[m]> so bad
<sewn> no what
<sewn> who is bdfl
<sewn> is it possible to read terminal answerback in posix
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<xdream8[m]> This should work
<sewn> doesnt seem to work
<sewn> ~ $ sh answer
<sewn> ^[[63;1R
<sewn> a:
<xdream8[m]> try adding -s flag to read command but i should warn you '-s' flag is not posix
<sewn> also doesnt work
<xdream8[m]> when i add -s flag it works on yash
<sewn> im on busybox ash
<xdream8[m]> i tried running it with ash and it works. it may be related to the terminal you are using. when i tried to run this script in tty i get a result similar to yours
<sewn> i tried on foot and st doesnt work
<xdream8[m]> strange on foot it just works for me
<sewn> the same script... on busybox ash?? on host shell busybox with script busybox!?!?!?
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<sewn> hmmm
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