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<Guest59> hey
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<sewn> hi
<midfavila> fucking hell
<midfavila> i'm taking a vacation from work soon
<midfavila> going to kill someone at this rate
<midfavila> apparently once you're off probation you get two weeks of paid time off a year
<sewn> midfavila are did you ever have cat before
<midfavila> no
<sewn> u should get 1
<midfavila> can't afford
<sewn> worth it
<midfavila> of course, but like
<midfavila> i literally have like 280 bucks
<midfavila> and i have to pay rent soon
<sewn> street cat
<sewn> 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111`27;6;63~?27;6;63~????27;6;63~27;6;63~27;6;63~?????///////
<sewn> sorry cat did that
<midfavila> redhat ninjas*
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<kmf> midfavila: what?
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<sewn> what
<sewn> bluds confused
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<phoebos> as of 2.3.3 mold can now build a bug-free musl!
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<synima> Can i use PKGBUILD files in kiss?
<synima> Or is the build file the exact same thing
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<sewn> synima: what no
<sewn> pkgbuild is its own thing
<synima> Ive realized this lol
<sewn> its very easy to translate a pkgbuild to kiss though
<sewn> if you have common knowledge
<L29Ah> why not just
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<synima> Zzz
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<synima> Think ima just reinstall and use everything xorg this way around
<synima> 7th or 8th time