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<midfavila`> going to see if i can upgrade from gas station attendant to medical scribe
<midfavila`> hoping all those hours shitposting and arguing on IRC are going to pay off here
<sad_plan> fingers crossed midfavila`
<midfavila`> there we go
<midfavila`> not terrible
<midfavila`> 94wpm with 100% accuracy
<sad_plan> I think thats rather decent. I see other people get way higher, and I just cant fathom how theyre typing that fast
<midfavila`> it depends on whether you're measuring burst or sustained
<midfavila`> i can burst up to 110-120wpm with 98% accuracy
<midfavila`> i've clocked as high as 150wpm under extreme circumstances
<midfavila`> most people only measure burst speeds using those online typing tests
<sad_plan> well, sure yeah, but some people seem to be somewhat consistent with 120-150 ish or something. which I dont get..
<sad_plan> yeah, probabably
<midfavila`> most people would only be able to do that with a specialized keyboard
<midfavila`> i can't recall what they're actually called
<midfavila`> but they're the ones where each key corresponds to a phenome
<sad_plan> I see
<midfavila`> i use a standard QWERTY buckling spring with ~75g weight so
<midfavila`> if you were able to use a lighter weight switch, you could get a faster timing
<midfavila`> but i can't type as accurately on a lighter-weight switch
<midfavila`> i have this weird technique where i use the rebound of the springs to bounce from key to key
<midfavila`> i don't think a modern switch would be able to work for me
<sad_plan> right. I just use the shitty keyboard on my laptop. I get somewhat decent speeds imo, but nothing impressive
* midfavila` nods
<midfavila`> keyboard matters a lot
<midfavila`> go figure
<midfavila`> if it's not the right board for you, you won't be able to do well
<sad_plan> theres alooot of switches. so I suppose if you built yourself a new keyboard, you should probabably find a set of switches which would suit you quite well, if not better.
<sad_plan> seeing as technology has gotten better over the years
<midfavila`> technology has gotten *cheaper* over the years
<sad_plan> touche
<midfavila`> not unilaterally better
<midfavila`> i consider springs to be far superior to all modern switches
<midfavila`> i'm excited to experience the keys on the MNT Reform though
<midfavila`> Kalih Choc Brown low-profile by default
<sad_plan> ive heard of that keyboard. dunno where though
<sad_plan> I have a ducky 60% at home. its ok if you ask me. im happy with it. I did initially wanted a 40% ortho though, but theyre harder to come by
<midfavila`> i won't use less than a standard format keyboard if i have a choice
<midfavila`> i *need* a numpad
<midfavila`> i'm one of like three people that uses one on a daily basis
<sad_plan> I get that. numpads are usefull for sure. I just wanted a 40% because I find them amusing. not saying theyre practical in any sense
<sad_plan> I have a numpad on my laptop, and I use it quite frequintly
<sad_plan> always kinda hated laptop which didnt have one. which is somewhat strange, seeing as I want a keybaord without it
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<midfavila`> sitting here lifting to the beat
<midfavila`> pretty excited to be able to go back to the gym
<midfavila`> found out i can leg press in excess of 500lbs recently
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<sad_plan> is noone else having issues with zlib 1.3? gzip breaks, and openssh will complain about zlib version being below 1.2.3
<sad_plan> I had this issue earlier last week, but I reverted zlib to 1.2.13. which fixed the issue for me. now oasis updated zlib aswell, and it broke there aswell imidiatly
<sad_plan> it seems if I alter the version in zlib.h from 1.3, to 1.3.0, openssh now wont complain about it atleast
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<phoebos> sad_plan: nope
<phoebos> the most I get is "checking for possibly buggy zlib... yes \ configure: WARNING: zlib version may have security problems" but no errors
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<sewn> midfavila`: personally i've been looking at some white switches with a 38g operating force cuz reds are getting boring and im not a heavy typer
<sewn> considering you have a buckling spring keyboard it makes sense since if you actually went into mechanical keyboards you would be very broke
<sewn> idk what they're like but they sound cool
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<sad_plan> phoebos: strange.. and no issues with pigz if you rebuild with zlib 1.3 either?
<phoebos> nope
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<sad_plan> hm, ok
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