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<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> bruh i don't seem to have the admin thingy
<iceman[m]> <illiliti> "my patience is endless. i can..." <- rust is one of the biggest time consoomers on my computer
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<sewn> hi
<phoebos> testuser[m]: waiting on kiedtl
<iceman[m]> <sewn> "hi" <- hi sewnie
<sewn> hi icy
<testuser[m]> hi
<xdream8[m]> I am planning to switch to codeberg fully but i am not sure which route should i take give me some ideas.
<xdream8[m]> I think i should move repositories to codeberg and mirror to github.
<phoebos> what do you mean by taking a route?
<xdream8[m]> - removing github account and fully moving to codeberg
<xdream8[m]> - removing all github repositories and moving all of them to codeberg.
<xdream8[m]> - moving all github repositories to codeberg and mirroring them in github
<sewn> nah dont remove github account
<sewn> thats worst case scenario
<sewn> keep it, you'll need it
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<Guest33> nice, so many kissers kissing around lately
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<phoebos> dammit pounce restarted
<vulpine> phoebos: you got shedded
<vulpine> (libera's new way of slowly disconnecting people from the servers they want to restart soon, so it wont make a big netsplit)
<illiliti> xdream8[m]: move repos to codeberg and leave a notice on github that you have moved to codeberg
<illiliti> don't mirror
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<sewn> <Guest33> "nice, so many kissers kissing..." <- wrong
<sewn> its the same old kissers
<depressed_pigeon> <illiliti> "don't mirror" <- Whats wrong with mirroring?
<illiliti> nothing
<illiliti> i just don't see much point in it
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