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<testuser[m]> Hi
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<testuser[m]> Who is mod here
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<phoebos> testuser[m]: dilyn acheam and kiedtl
<phoebos> :/
<testuser[m]> bruh
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<sewn> all dead
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<iceman[m]> <sewn> "have you though?" <- what do you mean
<sewn> my sincerest apologies
<iceman[m]> sewn: why bro?
<iceman[m]> ??????
<iceman[m]> whats going on?
<sewn> it was mean
<iceman[m]> na bro wtf
<feenix> is the iptables package necessary for packet filtering to work? like does linux default block all in if its not installed?
<feenix> its in community repo which makes me think that is the case
<testuser[m]> feenix all traffic is allowed by default
<feenix> but if im sitting behind 2 firewalls with deny all I should have been safe for the duration? can just add the iptables without concern for being breached right
<feenix> hardware firewalls
<feenix> I did do some downloads and curls
<phoebos> I'm in touch with acheam
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<testuser[m]> phoebos where
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<testuser[m]> dilyn hi
<dilyn> o/
<testuser[m]> can you make me and phoebos "admin"? dilyn
<dilyn> I don't think I have those rights!
<dilyn> I'm being told I'm not a channel op
<testuser[m]> bruh
<dilyn> I think it might just be konimex lmao
<testuser[m]> on matrix it shows no one as admin cuz
<testuser[m]> no actual admin from IRC is in the room rn
<dilyn> :')
<dilyn> in better news, kiss-rs looks pretty neat. but it's hilarious how many SLOC it is
<sewn> I thought it was small?
<dilyn> I mean it *is*, it's just when you compare it to kiss...
<dilyn> looks positively ginormous
<sewn> true
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<phoebos> oh hi dilyn
<phoebos> testuser[m]: email
<phoebos> they have time tonight to log on
<phoebos> not sure why you're not an op dilyn
<dilyn> me either :'(
<dilyn> I never was afaik. I guess they just didn't trust me lmao
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<feenix> is the rust toolchain considered kiss vs c? I use both languages, don't have a bone to pick but havent bothered with it much
<feenix> ill tell you what isnt kiss, shellcheck. Haskell is a nightmare to work with so I just packaged the prebuilt binary
<dilyn> haskell fucking sucks
<dilyn> sc is packaged in community as a precompiled binary (as well as e.g. pandoc) because (at least at the time) we didn't have GHC and it's a fucking nightmare to manage
<dilyn> I'd say the Rust toolchain is fine if it didn't break every other release and didn't force building at -j4 instead of -j$(nproc)...
<feenix> ah really I djdnt see sc in there. just made one myself. easy
<feenix> I see. I really tried to keep my system minimal. no Python rust go x so far
<feenix> makes me sad whenever I see a source that requires those
<sewn> you can't escape python if you're using X
<sewn> and rust for anything modern
<feenix> yea I figure Python will be difficult to evade
<feenix> already im hitting small roadblocks here and there. but I will escape the snake dammit
<sewn> what programs have you faced so far that needs python go rust etc etc
<feenix> fzf for go, x like you said, ripgrep and some other minor ones
<feenix> nothing serious
<sewn> lol ripgrep
<sewn> both fzf and ripgrep have great C alternatives (fnf and silver finder)
<feenix> since I started using regular grep I find it werks just fine
<sewn> X for what tho
<feenix> didnt need ripgrep after all
<feenix> really ill have to look into fnf thx for the recommendation
<feenix> lots of my scripts depend on fzf
<feenix> exactly. no reason to have x
<sewn> so you're gonna do everything on tty or wjat
<feenix> not sure if its a kiss thing but anyone find it conserves battery like crazy. my laptop on Debian or win10 would be totally drained in 2 days in suspend mode. now it doesn't lose a single battery percent overnight
<feenix> I have for a few months. its fine. I have another computer for firefox
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<sewn> theres a DE that is for the tty
<sewn> you should try that
<sewn> additionally you can try using ffmpeg DRM to play videos too I believe
<feenix> sriously?? that would be awesome
<feenix> I didnt bother setting up sound stuff yet. just text web browser
<feenix> only entertainment on the system lol
<sewn> there might be others
<feenix> omfg
<sewn> another I would suggest is to use something like tmux or dvtm
<feenix> thats what I was looking for
<feenix> I have tmux installed but with how good suspend is I hadn't needed it
<feenix> thank you !
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<sewn> npig
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