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<schillingklaus> once upon a time, dylan and dilyn went into a pub
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<sad_plan> hi
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<feenix> having trouble with a package im porting myself. its a really simple one. just a single Makefile. readme says make and make config. the problem is kiss allows it to directly install its files to system /usr/bin while its building. rather than to .cache/kiss/proc. doesn't come with a configure file either.
<feenix> to solve it. I changed the absolute paths in the makefile to. . ./../pkg/pkgname/usr/bin
<feenix> this worked but I wonder if there was some other more idiomatic way
<feenix> I don't quite understand how tools like make pick where to install to at build time. some makefiles its an absolute path. some I cant even tell its so messy
<sad_plan> kiss will install to DESTDIR. what are you trying to port?
<sad_plan> kiss should install directly to /, it should install ot $1/ then be moved to once you click enter to install
<sad_plan> s/should/shoudnt/
<feenix> yea this the only package that did this
<feenix> github cdecl-blocks
<feenix> during the build, I dunno if its a chroot or not. make somehow installed to system dir and broke out of chroot if there is one
<feenix> yes
<feenix> thanks for checking it out
<sad_plan> hm, seems like it doesnt respect DESTDIR at all. usually one can bypass the permission denied with mkdir -p "$1/usr/bin", but it persists.
<sad_plan> copy it manually instead
<sad_plan> so mkdir -p $dirs, cp -f $files $dirs
<sad_plan> just remember to use "$1/$dir"
<feenix> right I make the dirs manually in build, edited the makefile to reroute the paths.then just make and install
<sad_plan> no straight to /usr/bin or w/e
<feenix> that worked but wasnt fun
<feenix> ok thank you
<sad_plan> in the buildscript
<sad_plan> no problem
<feenix> so is it just an unconventional make file?
<feenix> glad to know I didnt go crazy
<sad_plan> seems like it
<sad_plan> its not uncommon for projects to use install command instead of cp.
<feenix> to be clear the straight to /bin was done by make .not me
<feenix> had to reroute the paths. didnt do copying
<sad_plan> in the makefile, you can see that BINDIR is /usr/bin, not $DESTDIR/$PREFIX/bin
<feenix> yea. had to change it. wasnt too hard
<sad_plan> usually makefile will have PREFIX=/usr/local, and BINDIR=$PREFIX/bin, then install to $DESTDIR$PREFIX/bin
<feenix> ah I see
<sad_plan> yeah, its simple enough, just annoying having to fix something so trivial
<feenix> didnt know about destdir. I just been porting stuff blindly. following the excellent examples in the repos
<sad_plan> wtf, MANDIR is /usr/man/man1, instead of /usr/share/man/man1.
<feenix> yea I don't have man. lol
<sad_plan> sure, the repos are a good referencepoint
<sad_plan> it would still install to that, even without man command
<feenix> sure. I did
<feenix> whatever floats the source devs boat lol
<feenix> they want me to install coin miners I just do whatever the make file instructs like a good boy
<sad_plan> install w/e youd like. its your system
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<sewn> Hi
<iceman[m]> kekw i feel feenix
<iceman[m]> i remember writing shitty makefiles that don't respect the user at all
<iceman[m]> but now i've changed, for the better
<sewn> have you though?
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<sewn> wtf
<sewn> testuser didn't say hi yesterday
<sewn> its over
<GalaxyNova> rip
<feenix> he went away like Dylan. legend says they will return in the hour of greatest need to lead this community to glory