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<ahwx> Is Kiss still maintained by the community?
<ahwx> Since Dylan seems to be on hiatus.
<illiliti> yes
<ahwx> Alright, if I were to install Kiss, do I need to change mirrors or whatever?
<ahwx> Coming from Gentoo
<illiliti> yeah you need to use community repositories
<ERROR_404_NULL> I would advise installing from the community repo @ instead of the offical one
<illiliti> ^
<ahwx> Alright! I know enough!
<ahwx> Thanks for the quick replies!
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<fabricionaweb> Im doing it as well, I have the community docs open along as the official
<fabricionaweb> well he left already
<illiliti> coming from gentoo too?
<ERROR_404_NULL> I came from Gentoo
<fabricionaweb> no, I actually not, Im more used to alpine
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<ERROR404> Rust is failing to build, preventing me from installing firefox
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<ERROR_404_NULL> Btw, I figured out how to suspend
<ERROR_404_NULL> `echo "freeze" | doas tee /sys/power/status`