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<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> sad_plan: provides isn't difficult, the pkg manager first has to be rewritten in a non shell language before adding huge features otherwise its gonna be a buggy mess
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<ehawkvu> testuser[m]: speaking of non-shell languages...
<ehawkvu> I'm working on porting kiss over to elisp mainly just to get a better handle on elisp itself
<ehawkvu> it's been surprisingly pleasant so far - I may come to eat those words once I start implementing install/remove etc.
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<sewn> <testuser[m]> "sad_plan: provides isn't..." <- are you sure
<sewn> how hard would it be to implement in shell
<testuser[m]> Shell is dogshit
<testuser[m]> For anything beyond 10 line script
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<sewn> i'd say its dogshit beyond 700 line
<sewn> but i'm asking you what you would do to implement such a feature in shell or C
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