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<sewn> can we redo this
<illiliti> dilyn: hi. yes
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<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> sewn: redo what
<sewn> the context of the issue I linked, which is hosting screenshots of kiss linux user's desktops and such
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<sad_plan> hi
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<dilyn> illiliti: I finally have the capacity to actually rigorously use ZFS but I'm hitting an issue. What's your /etc/tinyramfs/config and kernel command line? mine:
<dilyn> compress=zstd
<dilyn> root_type=zfs
<dilyn> zfs_root=UUID=15497905189281842687
<dilyn> hooks=systemd-udev,zfs
<dilyn> commandline: root=rpool/ubuntu rw initrd=\efi\uwu\initrd.zst
<dilyn> pool structure is like:
<dilyn> rpool/ubuntu{/some extra datasets} <- location of /, mountpoint=legacy
<dilyn> I believe the error at boot is "cannot import pool ' ' "
<sewn> why do you use an initrd
<dilyn> because I didn't want to swap bootloaders yet and as a result it's the only way to boot from zfs on root
<sewn> oh yeah zfs is out of tree and is needed because root partition
<sewn> oops
<dilyn> yeah; I actually boot my ubuntu install without an initrd but in this case I can't (trivially) avoid it
<illiliti> cmdline: vmlinuz initrd=\initramfs quiet i915.fastboot=1 lsm=landlock
<dilyn> gotcha gotcha! thank you
<illiliti> i boot from uefi directly
<dilyn> also I believe that fastboot option is default on 5.12+
<illiliti> maybe i don't know
<illiliti> they break it from time to time
<dilyn> I'll test later today with an updated config, seems like it should work then. thank you so much <3
<dilyn> yeah I saw a lot of bug reports regarding fastboot breaking for i915 when debugging something haha
<illiliti> how did you build zfs module?
<illiliti> as builtin?
<illiliti> or external
<dilyn> yessir
<illiliti> builtin?
<dilyn> yeah builtin
<illiliti> me too
<dilyn> I think I'm JUST screwing up the config tbh
<dilyn> builtin is the way to go! keep it simple
<illiliti> maybe because you use systemd-udev which i don't test regularly
<dilyn> it's possible. that was my next point to investigate
<illiliti> cannot import pool sounds sus
<dilyn> well I think it can't import the pool because it doesn't know the name of the pool
<dilyn> because I'm passing it to zfs.init incorrectly
<illiliti> ah wait
<illiliti> you use uuid right
<illiliti> that may be a problem
<illiliti> like, your blkid may not support zfs and discovery by uuid will not work in that case
<dilyn> it should, it's ubuntu :clown-face:
<illiliti> double check
<dilyn> I have run it myself (albeit in userspace) and it works as intended, but I'll play around with it
<illiliti> hmm are you sure rpool/ubuntu is correct root?
<dilyn> yessir
<illiliti> if that helps
<dilyn> useful, thank you; I assume based on the way the zfs hooks work you *have* to mark pools that need to be mounted as legacy mount, otherwise they'll all mount at /mnt/root instead of /
<illiliti> yes
<illiliti> iirc there is a workaround to this issue but i didn't implement it
<illiliti> which kernel and zfs version you use?
<dilyn> 6.2.12+ (ubuntu 23.04 kernel), whatever latest zfs is
<dilyn> have to be bleeding edge on ubuntu because I got an arc GPU xD
<illiliti> intel arc?
<dilyn> yessir
<dilyn> a750
<illiliti> cool
<dilyn> got it for encoding/decoding once I build my NAS; i'll switch my main machine to like a 7900xtx or something when that happens. but that's a long-term strategy
<illiliti> well your only way to understand what's wrong is to boot into initramfs and type commands by hand until you get an error
<illiliti> there are some breakpoints you can use to drop into shell before specified stage is ran
<illiliti> grep for rdbreak
<dilyn> for sure, that was the last thing I was going to do (arguably maybe it should be the first thing I did but oh well)
<illiliti> it's worth to check if /dev/disk/by-uuid/<your uuid> gets created in initramfs at boot
<illiliti> if not, then it's device manager issue
<illiliti> in your case it's systemd obviously
<illiliti> if uuid does not exist in /dev/disk/by-uuid, you can try to specify path to devnode in zfs_root instead as a quick workaround
<dilyn> definitely
<illiliti> can you send me output of zfs list if possible?
<dilyn> you want the whole thing??
<dilyn> things like rpool/ubuntu/{usr,var} are set to can't be mounted btw. the mountpoint is a red herring
<dilyn> need to set rpool/ubuntu/usr/local etc to legacy tho
<dilyn> (though I might end up using to get around this, haven't decided yet)
<illiliti> fuck
<illiliti> i know what's wrong
<illiliti> you specified root= on cmdline
<illiliti> that's unsupported
<illiliti> specify it in config
<dilyn> yeah that's the change I made and why I asked for yours lmfao
<dilyn> but *technically* it SHOULD be supported:P
<illiliti> yeah
<dilyn> I'm about to test the changes i'll lyk
<illiliti> the problem is that it requires major changes to tinyramfs
<illiliti> like event-based system where hooks= order won't matter
<dilyn> aha aha
<illiliti> that's something i want to implement
<dilyn> I never used tinyramfs enough to notice when I was messing around with it last time
<illiliti> but have no time for this yet
<illiliti> i don't use tinyramfs often too
<illiliti> i just generated it once and forgot
<illiliti> btw i don't know how zfs mounts pools with nested pools
<illiliti> i never tested such configuration
<dilyn> wdym?
<dilyn> it's just a single pool
<dilyn> how mounting datasets is handled is a tricky bitch tho
<illiliti> i mean if you mount rpool/ubuntu, does it mean that rpool/ubuntu/usr will get mounted too?
<illiliti> i don't know how mount works in this case
<illiliti> mine configuration is simple as you see
<dilyn> rpool/ubuntu/usr won't get mounted because it's canmount=off. it only exists to create rpool/ubuntu/usr/local
<dilyn> you can't have rpool/ubuntu/usr mount to, say, /usr, because it won't exist for initrd to handoff to (because if you set it to automount it will get mounted to /mnt/root instead of /)
<dilyn> you'd have to extend tinyramfs' zfs hook to mount datasets before switch_root
<dilyn> I think the way would just be a zfs.init.late that checks if a var is set in config and mounts datasets - trivial with a zfs mount -a BUT if you're doing a dual boot off a single pool and have datasets setup like I do you'd need to set a different passphrase on the root datasets so that you don't get a collision -- because rpool/kiss was made after
<dilyn> rpool/ubuntu, rpool/kiss would get mounted over rpool/ubuntu
<dilyn> if you provide separate keys you just fail on the key for the dataset you don't care about and I think zfs mount -a only mounts unlocked rpools
<illiliti> i think that's something host system should do, e.g via fstab
<dilyn> I think I agree
<illiliti> initramfs task is to mount root and switch root to it
<dilyn> 100%
<dilyn> you can use the zfs mount generator to create a bunch of systemd services to properly map out the mount order and do the mounting during init after you've switch rooted but... why would I let systemd do that when I can just use fstab do the one thing it was designed for lmfao
<illiliti> yes
<illiliti> if you manage to get it to work, lmk. i'm going to sleep
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<sewn> what's it with zig devs trying to blame kiss linux for zig builds being segfault
<sad_plan> maybe theyre drunk?
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<dilyn> illiliti: figured out *one* thing: was using the wrong ID for the pool
<dilyn> zpool wants the ID of the pool itself, not the disk. I guess -- hard to debug. My keyboard doesn't work in initrd
<dilyn> the keyboard is seen by the kernel, the module is loaded. so why it doesn't function, I'm not certain of
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<dilyn> setting hostonly in config results in success. Will investigate why soon enough
<dilyn> illiliti:
<dilyn> Because I'm missing HID
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