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<dilyn> acidbong the sabotage linux maintainer used to hangout in this channel:)
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<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> dilyn: sup
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<dilyn> what's goin' on @testuser[m] !
<dilyn> I'm just busy brickin' systems don't mind me
<dilyn> has Cédric (Vouivre) been around recently?
<testuser[m]> They submit PRs regularly
<iceman[m]> wait
<iceman[m]> dylan and dilyn are different people right?
<dilyn> we're very different, unfortunately for me :(
<dilyn> glad to hear they still contribute  testuser :)
<iceman[m]> mmmm
<sewn> 🐈
<iceman[m]> It needs a lot of updating + a nice review from me!
<iceman[m]> how does one even updates this page 😂
<testuser[m]> iceman: they need dylan to come back and approve
<testuser[m]> transfer
<testuser[m]> lol
<iceman[m]> so bad
<iceman[m]> :wahhgone:
<testuser[m]> send source
<testuser[m]> lol
<testuser[m]> @iceman check
<iceman[m]> is dylan from the 3rd world too?
<iceman[m]> he looked like he was in south(-east) india lmao
<illiliti> i wouldn't call greece 3rd world
<iceman[m]> oh
<iceman[m]> okay
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<dilyn> illiliti: still using zfs?