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<Xogium> stipa: there we go :) I'm reworking my code and my file is down to 1 kb with use of loops and array instead of how I was doing things before. And as it turned out this ... thing that kept happening and didn't let me go back to the prompt was because I had not entered paste mode with ctrl+e before
<stipa> Xogium: cool man
<stipa> you're coding
<stipa> functions were invented to save some space back in the day, they are things that would repeat in loop over and over again and take up space
<Xogium> sort of…
<Xogium> I'm kinda more or less following my instinct and grabbing some random code that seems to do what I want and trying to change it for my use
<stipa> that's it, yeah
<Xogium> I still don't like the syntax
<stipa> bunch of chunks working together
<stipa> i don't like synthax of any programming language
<stipa> it's just necessary evil
<stipa> but python can do alot
<stipa> thats probably why it looks like that
<stipa> but soon you'll be making your own functions or stealing them form someone else
<stipa> you'll notice chunk of code that's repeating inside of the loop
<stipa> that's a candidate for function
<stipa> idk, maybe python compiler deals with that to save some flash space, but to be sure making functions is one of the ways to save some flash
<Xogium> yes
<Xogium> there is mpy-cross which compiles python to the equivalent of .pyc
<Xogium> except it is .mpy
<Xogium> but this code is now so tiny I won't need it
<Xogium> the whole intro of the song plus setup of required stuff before makes the file only 547 bytes
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<stipa> nice
<Xogium> could share it when I'm done if you guys are interested
<Xogium> just for the fun
<stipa> sure ,why not
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<parabyte> i cant seem to find any information out there, but i am assuming its easy enough to replace my 2gigs of ram with more ram
<parabyte> the ic's do not seem to be stuck down, and looks easy enough to remove and put in some new ones with my air station
<lanefu> parabyte: what SoC?
<parabyte> 905x
<lanefu> i think that one only supports 2gig,but i could be mistaken
<parabyte> haha sounds like a challenge i got no work on today!
<parabyte> lanefu, i was well disappointed to learn my board has 100megabit ethernet not 1gig
<lanefu> ha yeah that's _very_ tvbox
<parabyte> lanefu, the 905x datasheet says 100megabit, is like the phy on the soc or something?
<lanefu> yeep phy on soc
<parabyte> s905x still better then the h3+ board i as playing with
<parabyte> sunxi stuff is very crude
<lanefu> oh yeah much faster....
<lanefu> sunxi stuff is weird. it's good and bad lol
<lanefu> better open firmware etc exists
<parabyte> i had to read the emmc off a sunxi device with uboot in tiny segments at a time 8gig emmc 1gig ram. was fun!
<parabyte> no matter what the sunxi board will not boot anything via sdcard or usb
<parabyte> but i can use fel to bootstrap uboot
<lanefu> interesting
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<f476> o/
<f476> orange pi one plus (h6). sorry for question, but how add script to power button on this board? acpid method work?
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<stipa> f476: someone did add power button to his sbc here but i can't remember who
<stipa> try searching channel history
<stipa> Logs: -> irc.armbian.com"
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<f476> @stipa: need add bash script for speedtest network, not power function :)
<f476> but thx for answer, i try search on irc log armbian
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<stipa> f476: right, my bad, maybe adding additional tactile button to the IO pin on GPIO is not a bad idea
<stipa> for that speed network thing
<stipa> maybe it's better not to mess with power button
<stipa> if it's avialble to the kernel
<stipa> available*
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<stipa> f476: have you looked in the datasheet of your board?
<stipa> now we have to locate power switch
<f476> left on led, KEY
<stipa> ok, found it
<stipa> pwron goes to AXP805 chip and it's pin EN/PWRON
<stipa> pin 27
<f476> do you mean i dont use my speedtest script for this key?
<f476> this key on armbian default dont work
<stipa> if it doesn't work then it's probably something wrong with it
<f476> but i found old acpid method on forum, i think this method work for my scriptnow we have to locate power switch
<stipa> you accessing it would be even harder then if it would be in working condition
<stipa> it's in AXP805
<stipa> i guess it's integrated into the soc :/, not sure
<stipa> into H6
<stipa> this is the first chip poweron signal encounters https://linux-sunxi.org/images/b/bc/AXP805_Datasheet_V1.0_en.pdf
<f476> but use my script
<f476> not power off function
<stipa> action=/sbin/shutdown -h now,
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<stipa> idk, did you try that tutorial?
<f476> no, but i try it tomorrow. before try i question there, think people use this button :)
<stipa> dunno
<stipa> maybe it works
<stipa> but if you modify that switch to use some other comand instead of 'shutdown h now' it could work
<stipa> like
<stipa> action=/sbin/firefox
<stipa> it should start firefox if you press power button
<stipa> or your speedtest script
<f476> make network tester for work. speedtest, duplex. and add on screen result speedtest with speedtest-cli. and i wait when on armbian update ethtool package for option "cable-test" for add this info on screen.
<f476> in progress this work
<f476> now speedtest script send to my mail speedtest result after boot armbian and red led activate after send mail
<f476> but i have add on screen this info with this acpid method button. tomorrow try it. thx
<stipa> where's the battery?
<stipa> is it POE?
<f476> no battery :( only power supply
<stipa> i don't see the psu cable going to it
<stipa> just ethernet cable
<f476> under the thumb :)
<stipa> oh
<f476> add wifi telnet with esp8266 and connect this to uart por orange pi one plus
<f476> for change mac or traceroute or any network function :)
<f476> but battery question its good question, need add battery
<stipa> hmmm
<stipa> a yeah, it has no wifi onbard
<f476> yes
<stipa> how fast is esp8266 wifi ?
<f476> for logs and console command very fine
<f476> no problems
<stipa> yea, sure
<stipa> i see on the picture, AXP805 is seperate chip
<stipa> it's not in the soc
<stipa> PMU
<stipa> that's where the power button goes
<stipa> and then probably to soc via some communication channel
<stipa> PMIC supports two communication protocols •TWSI, Address: 0x6C, 0x6D. •RSB, Address: 0x03A2, 0x04E6.
<f476> if acpid method dont work with button on board - i add button on gpio pins
<stipa> yeah, isee that you wan't minimal approach with as least of additional hardware a spossible
<stipa> using power switch would be economical since it's already there
<stipa> if you'll ad it to the gpio you'll have to add that switchid in already crowded housing
<f476> yes
<stipa> damn, i'm hitting over 8GB on my workstation, times have changed
<stipa> maybe it's just leftovers from some compilation
<f476> desktop?
<stipa> yea
<stipa> but i do have like 30 tabs in firefox open
<stipa> maybe more
<stipa> in thre instances
<stipa> three*
<f476> im use dell netbook with 32gb emmc and ubuntu, 2gb free :D
<stipa> lol, 60 tabs...
<f476> :D
<stipa> :D
<stipa> maybe it's not compilation leftovers after all
<stipa> f476: what, you have 32GB of ram and 2 free?
<f476> 32gb hdd :D
<stipa> damn, that's old
<f476> ram 8gb
<stipa> kewl
<f476> ram free 3gb
<f476> gnome))
<stipa> you can fill it, i know you can
<f476> cpu amd a6 1.600GHz
<f476> :D
<f476> but this guy help for find info on web and connect for my orange pi zero for irc
<stipa> cool it has graphic inside
<f476> yes, lcd broken, i connected this to external monitor :D
<f476> now time to very bad construction and part on netbook. laptop hinge broken and kill lcd :(
<stipa> damn
<stipa> you can fix the hinges with hot goue
<stipa> ht glue*
<stipa> HOT GLUE*
<stipa> lcd, idk how to fix that :D
<f476> yes, but now this guy like desktop. use external keyboard mouse and monitor
<stipa> fancy
<stipa> if it works it works
<stipa> good enough for linux
<f476> yes
<f476> fun, but this netbook passive cooling without fan and noise
<stipa> at least you know what's inside
<stipa> f476: does it overheat?
<f476> on cpu load 43 temperature
<f476> without load 37
<stipa> that's ok
<f476> yes
<f476> need netbook for work but need good construction
<stipa> how much is the new screen?
<f476> now 50% price this netbook
<f476> very bad situation
<stipa> 50 % up ?
<f476> i see video when guy work on asus c100pa, this good construction netbook, but chrome os. linux on crouton
<stipa> yeah, linux on some stuff just sux
<stipa> and different distros don't behave the same
<stipa> some support some hardware and others dont
<f476> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-fZVHq0ykY this asus c100pa with crouton
<stipa> for example, the only distro that runs on my macbook from 2009 is KDE Plasma
<f476> o0
<stipa> Hjalfi ports Fuzix to the ESP8266: #15: ...and it's done
<stipa> damn
<stipa> i saw some port before but it was slow like crap
<stipa> not usable
<f476> :)
<f476> debian dont work on your macbook 2009?
<stipa> ubuntu no
<stipa> it works but it has problems with booting
<stipa> majority of cases it doesn't boot
<stipa> with kde plasma it boots every time
<f476> :(
<stipa> something with nvidia
<stipa> it runs manjaro kde plasma
<stipa> sleeping and that crap doesn't work
<stipa> but at least it boots every time
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<f476> on my dell netbook crap amd gpu hardware dont sleep mode one year, only after get new version driver sleep worked :D
<stipa> at least it works for you, for me not even after 11 years :D
<f476> :D
<stipa> but it is a known issue noone knows to fix
<parabyte> lanefu, im looking at my ripped android firmware from my s905x box and i cant seem to figure out where the dtb data is?
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<stipa> GSM towers are buggy as hell
<stipa> the nearst to me slows me down like to less than 8Mbs after few hours, the one further away doesn't
<stipa> the slower one is on south and faster on the west
<nekomancer[m]> 5G, reptiloids, bill gates and george soros, and so on...
<stipa> from my location
<stipa> nekomancer[m]: no 5G man, still on 4G
<nekomancer[m]> they hides
<stipa> fuck man, i ironed all bugs in my network and fucking 4G tower is fukcing with me
<stipa> you should see my 4G modem, it looks like a satellite
<stipa> wrapped in foil to focus waves in one direction
<stipa> not omni like it should be
<nekomancer[m]> go get wires!
<stipa> so that it doesn't connect to the cell on the south that is nearer...
<nekomancer[m]> cat6 ether, of fiber optics, or docsis, or xdsl
<stipa> there is optic infrastucture at my place but i have one home where i don't have net so i need 4G to save some money
<stipa> i can't net at both places so 4G is perfect solution
<stipa> have net*
<stipa> i could afford it but i can live with shitty 4G
<nekomancer[m]> carry traffic on hdd and usb flashes to wire connected site
<nekomancer[m]> as at early 90[
<nekomancer[m]> * as at early 90x
<nekomancer[m]> money... root of all evils :(
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<stipa> nekomancer[m]: what is wire connected site?
<stipa> something like an internet caffe?
<nekomancer[m]> It's about place you sayed about "there is optic infrastucture at my place"
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<stipa> nekomancer[m]: oh, you man there were not internet everywhere, just at some places?
<stipa> you mean*
<nekomancer[m]> just a bad joke :( sorry.
<stipa> i don't get it
<stipa> i came to internet around 2000
<stipa> y2k
<stipa> bunch of porn dailers
<stipa> you know, if you visited porn site in 2000 you got a porn dailer
<stipa> wich called isp in some far country and bill was like 200 $
<nekomancer[m]> earlier many people have expensive and very limited internet access, then fast download as mych as possible, send ready emails and posts, and go home with downloaded files, pictures, music and webpages. to read it at home without "time is money" pressure, and write new posts and letters.
<stipa> those things were on every computer that had dailup modem
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<stipa> nekomancer[m]: sounds like renting internet
<nekomancer[m]> 200$ was something miracle in our country in y2k times, then telecom providers just made impossible so expensive calls :) nobody can pay such bills :)))
<nekomancer[m]> 200$ was not very high, but good enough month salary.
<stipa> yeah, it was nuts
<stipa> people were sueing telecom
<stipa> suing*
<stipa> beacuse of the viruses they got on porn sites
<stipa> fun times
<stipa> like can you fix my computer, yes i can, i run the antivirus program and porn dailers start to pop up all over the screen
<nekomancer[m]> nuts. yes.
<stipa> i sad "Dont go to porn sites anymore and everything will be fine"
<stipa> after that divix came
<stipa> and porn on divix cds
<stipa> no morn porn dailers lol
<stipa> no more*
<stipa> yeah, ads changed everything
<stipa> adsl*
<stipa> flat fast internet, it was nuts when it came
<stipa> torrents all over the place
<stipa> clogging traffic
<stipa> it was so bad that people couldn'd sent an email
<stipa> porn torrents all over the network
<parabyte> porn torrents! lol
<parabyte> people actually download porn via torrents stipa ?
<parabyte> i thought people consumed it via a web browser
<stipa> you have people that build porn databases
<stipa> they collect porn
<stipa> they have like porn from each era of porn
<stipa> but porn torrents, yeah
<stipa> you can see some even today in torrent download folder even if they're easily available in browsers
<stipa> go to some torrent site
<stipa> and see top torrents
<nekomancer[m]> before torrents era was gif, tiff,jpeg for porn and mp3.
<nekomancer[m]> audiogalaxy and napster, and "direct connect"
<nekomancer[m]> and ftp with stuff
<nekomancer[m]> then kazaa and emule.
<stipa> yeah, soulseek
<nekomancer[m]> and only after them world dominated by torrents
<stipa> yeah, sick tech
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<stipa> damn
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<lanefu> Parabyte you're beyond my expertise now
<[TheBug]> speaking to ghosts
<[TheBug]> though I bet it's using some legacy thing on TV Box
<[TheBug]> nmight mean you probably have to dump the firmware and then use a tool to extract
<[TheBug]> I forget the exact tool but if you search you can find it