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<cheakoirccloud> This may help for experimental targets. Enable things like kgdb, ftrace and (I'm not sure what this is) dynamic debug.
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<nekomancer[m]> Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel."
<nekomancer[m]> How to debug state "Starting kernel ...
<nekomancer[m]> seems I build unbootable kernels if build on x64 for hirsute for helios4.
<nekomancer[m]> * seems I build unbootable kernels if build on arm64 for hirsute for helios4.
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<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: arm64 build support is strictly experimental
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<nekomancer[m]> I know. I am trying to solve that case. But for a while unsuccessful.
<Tenkawa> what are you trying to build?
<IgorPec> no idea. balbes reported some troubles, check build script issues
<IgorPec> we are currently without arm build server, so we don't use it for those tasks
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: interesting.. so far we haven't run into anything arm64 can't build
<Tenkawa> every soc I have I've built images for on 2 different arm64 debian boxes
<Tenkawa> (one odroid and one rpi 4)
<Tenkawa> and of course x86-64
<Tenkawa> (non-armbian though)
<IgorPec> its dirty atfs / legacy u-boot
<Tenkawa> yeah... but thats builds...
<IgorPec> could be some signing tools, who knows
<IgorPec> there are some binaries in boot area
<Tenkawa> was a lot worse when I did this for a job... this stuff was a lot messier (25 years ago)
<IgorPec> oh, it still is, when you step away from mainstream ;)
<Tenkawa> I'm still there... just hobby for myself though
<Tenkawa> I'm retired remember :)
<IgorPec> yeah
<Tenkawa> this has gotten crazy
* IgorPec must go outside. family duties. later
<Tenkawa> try to stay cool
<Tenkawa> its getting hot here
<Tenkawa> way hpt
<Tenkawa> er hot
<IgorPec> its hot here as well. later. going bashing ... :)
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<nekomancer[m]> <Tenkawa "what are you trying to build?"> if you asking me: I building image for helios4 on odroid-n2 with focal. image is good and bootable if I build for focal, but unbootable if build for hirsute. build for hirsute work wia docker.
<nekomancer[m]> but all the same conditions but target board rock64 does bootable image.
<nekomancer[m]> I am lost.
<Tenkawa> hmm
<Tenkawa> docker is more likely the culprit
<Tenkawa> we have seen it cause problems in our (non-armbian) builder
<nekomancer[m]> <IgorPec "https://github.com/armbian/build"> There balbes talks with me :) that talk finished for a while with balbes found a problen in his build system.
<Tenkawa> and the latest revision of ubuntu has been very hit and miss
<Tenkawa> right now we have found a kernel issue that we can repeat on our ubuntu builds but not our debian ones
<Tenkawa> part of the problem we are seeing actually is revolving around u-boot
<nekomancer[m]> just now my x64 builder does same image with same conditions. to proof it boots.
<Tenkawa> nod
<nekomancer[m]> <Tenkawa "part of the problem we are seein"> but I see on console it start to start kernel?
<Tenkawa> yes.. then the hand off to root never occurs
<Tenkawa> it acts as if it doesn't know what to do next
<nekomancer[m]> console log https://dpaste.com/D4KMAGSTE
<Tenkawa> why do you not have a boot.env?
<nekomancer[m]> sorry?
<nekomancer[m]> damn. wrong log
<Tenkawa> oops
<nekomancer[m]> sorry for that
<Tenkawa> no problem at all
<stipa> damn, i'm seeing tiktok videos on YT
<stipa> with logo over them on a video thumbnail
<stipa> how's that going to end...
<Tenkawa> oh joy
<Tenkawa> more ads
<ArmbianTwitter> @l1ckr (hckr): @notkoutsie @cuberiteproject @armbian How did you run it on arm64? https://tinyurl.com/yg48yy9l (20s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @l1ckr (hckr): @notkoutsie @cuberiteproject @armbian Did you run it on arm 64? How? https://tinyurl.com/yfz78hn4 (4s ago)
<stipa> idk, seems like influencers are doing it, trying some PLUR thing...
<stipa> i think they're soon found out the PLUR of google
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<stipa> to find*
<flyback> hey Tenkawa
<Tenkawa> greetings
<Tenkawa> whats new?
<flyback> nothing, might test install rockstor on my microserver today
<Tenkawa> ahh
<flyback> do a little more work on the furnace/ac I am sealing leaks in the ductwork
<Tenkawa> oh fun
<flyback> make it run a little more efficient
<nekomancer[m]> Tenkawa: did new build... log looks as old — and yes, there no `/boot/boot.env`. there is `boot.scr` and `armbianEnv.txt`.
<flyback> not played with my orange pi in amost a year
<flyback> cause of the wifi issue
<flyback> trying to get wifi to the garage so I can use the orange pi as a sdr relay
<Tenkawa> nekomancer[m]: if you dmesg | grep -i armbianEnv do you get anything?
<Tenkawa> oh you cant
<Tenkawa> it wont boot
<Tenkawa> does it show that file or boot.env on the screen?
<Tenkawa> when it hangs
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<nekomancer[m]> log from image build same but on x64 host, it boots ok: https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/pn527vql.txt
<nekomancer[m]> all the same as I see
<nekomancer[m]> maybe something wrong with kernel compression?
<nekomancer[m]> vmlinuz, initrd — can they be deconstructed for comparison?
<nekomancer[m]> initrd is just a memory image with code and data?
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<nekomancer[m]> maybe I can try to boot image in qemu? is it possible?
<nekomancer[m]> but what then... so, it will boot... or will not. then..?
<nekomancer[m]> doh
<stipa> hmmmm
<stipa> i've never tried but maybe you could boot it on the sbc itself in quemu for arm64
<stipa> if the cou is supporting virtulization
<stipa> cpu*
<stipa> but i guess the peripherals would be the problem and there would be bunch of errors on boot
<stipa> it wouldn't see the peripherals
<nekomancer[m]> on helios — I don't know. on odroid highly likely yes.
<stipa> it would be a challenge
<stipa> the quemu could maybe see just the arm core
<stipa> maybe not even that
<stipa> since all socs are different
<stipa> what quemu does is emulates intel cpu and bunch of stuff runs on it
<stipa> what qemu you would need would have to do is to eulate whole board in software
<stipa> emulate*
<stipa> on which you would run an image
<stipa> personally i have no idea what virtualization silicon does but a lot of it is code i guess
<Tenkawa> stipa: which silicon? intel, m1, ?
<Tenkawa> many of them have hardware extensions on the cpu die itself to do the virtualization
<nekomancer[m]> that was bad idea.
<stipa> Tenkawa: idk which image nekomancer[m] has in mind?
<stipa> probably an arm soc, i doubt it's intel or M1 emulation
<stipa> what he needs
<Tenkawa> stipa: running through qemu-arm is possible... just really slow
<Tenkawa> (its possible for most socs anyway
<Tenkawa> you have to do a fair bit of setup though
<Tenkawa> (networking, disk image backing device, graphics backing, etc)
<stipa> yeah, there's some job to do, i doubt anyone has done it
<stipa> there's not much word about kvm and SBCs
<Tenkawa> libvirt has a gui util that can build it all... (I assume its in the armbian repos too) virt-viewer
<Tenkawa> stipa: its been done plenty
<Tenkawa> vmware for example has a esx hypervisor now on rpi4
<stipa> right, ok, if it's fast nekomancer[m] could try it...
<stipa> like fast to setup
<Tenkawa> nekomancer[m]: look up Vmware Flings
<Tenkawa> theres ESXi for different Arm platforms there
<Tenkawa> that might have something he can test with
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<cheakoirccloud> So I've been having the problem with ebin and networkd. I rebuilt the kernel to enable some debugging options and it's gone.
<stipa> gonsky
<stipa> go back to old image
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<nekomancer[m]> no. vmware flings not seems like something helpful in non-bootable image case.
<Drew11092> hey someone call me please? 484-390-2103
<[TheBug]> how about no.
<Drew11092> what? why?
<IgorPec> lol
<stipa> why?
<[TheBug]> Why do you think?
<[TheBug]> If you had to guess, what would be your guess?
<Drew11092> because you're a fucking faggot who needs to be killed?
<Drew11092> u fucking jew
<Drew11092> or maybe a nigger??
<[TheBug]> thats what I thought, you needed to be banned, thats really what you were wanting.. :)
<stipa> Drew11092: I'm your father
<Drew11092> the taliban will drop you off a building faggot!!!
<Drew11092> or are you a fucking dot head?! those dirty fucks eat shit out of the river!!!
<stipa> man, seek some medical help...
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<[TheBug]> And..... he's gone
<[TheBug]> ;)
<stipa> he'll be back
<[TheBug]> and then he will get klined again :)
<stipa> maybe it's a bot
<IgorPec> oh, and i want to make him friend on facebook :( lol
<[TheBug]> :facepalm:
<stipa> too bad i don't have facebook :(
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<IgorPec> just snapchat and instagram ? :)
<nekomancer[m]> just tiktok
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<ArmbianTwitter> @danielhepper (Daniel Hepper): @MatthiasStrubel It’s running Armbian Buster. AFAIK there is no prebuilt image, but the installation is straight forward. I didn’t test Wifi or any other hardware though. https://tinyurl.com/ybsv3djj (6s ago)
<Tenkawa> wow... and irc hasnt changed after 30 years
* Tenkawa just got back and saw that "dialog"
* Tenkawa is so glad he never touched facebook since day 1
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @danielhepper: In today’s episode of “Spending way to much time and money on a stupid idea”, I proudly present you my PoE-powered can of… https://tinyurl.com/yzctutfn https://tinyurl.com/yz9fp2sr (25s ago)
<Tenkawa> eeek......
<Tenkawa> lol
<Tenkawa> *says the vegetarian* lol
<Tenkawa> thats funny
<stipa> just linkedin
<stipa> and by the look of it it's full of self proclaimed influencers
<stipa> old farts influencer wannabees
<stipa> there's some old chicks too
<stipa> they try to sell you fame on linkedin and what you have to do to achieve that if you pay them of course
<stipa> i'll skip that offer
<stipa> there are some AI experts too!!!
<ArmbianTwitter> @MatthiasStrubel (Matthias Strubel): @danielhepper I’m using an external wifi dongle, because the upstream wifi drivers aren’t worth it. Thanks for the feedback. On one device I’ll give armbian a try https://tinyurl.com/yz6e3q2n (12s ago)
<stipa> yeah, "Linkedin Coach" is how they call it
<stipa> but who ever is active has to be an influencer because all the competition is, shit got loose overthere too...
<stipa> i've wasted there almost a year actively, saw the pattern that repeats and don't waste time tere anymore
<stipa> just a bunch of scam
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<stipa> i'm more into productin side of things nowadays
<stipa> sales ain't my thing
<stipa> but i'm on the market sort of
<stipa> i'm actually transitioning from win to linux as a hardware backbone of my thing
<stipa> erm, software backbone*
<stipa> i see linux as a firm platform for the future that comes
<stipa> it's just a rabbit hole
<stipa> yeah, software compatibility ain't the best but i guess i'll do my thing and that's it...
<ArmbianTwitter> @tristaoh (Tristão): @danielhepper @armbian My compliments! It looks awesome 😃 https://tinyurl.com/yzmkuuv5 (2s ago)
<stipa> making stuff compatibile betweene the oses is something i'll have to ditch behind
* nekomancer[m] uses windows irfan view and notepad++ in linux via wine
<stipa> nekomancer[m]: i do audio
<stipa> so usb soundacrd, synths...
<stipa> that won't run nicely in wine nor in the qemu
<nekomancer[m]> sad
<stipa> yeah, lot's of reorganization
<stipa> editors for synths don't work at all
<stipa> so i have dive through menus manually...
<stipa> but it's doable
<stipa> i have had many chances to go back to win but i somehow found a solution
<stipa> it's much uglier but doable
<buZz> maybe time to get those servers back :)
<IgorPec> yea
<buZz> but, ##freenode doesnt really know if its good news
<IgorPec> we have other things to do then deal with this anyway
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<buZz> indeed, if the servers help, just get em
<IgorPec> we have own infrastructure strong enough and servers are just some tools
<IgorPec> its not a critical resource, more ok, lets pump it up
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<buZz> IgorPec: well, they were ARM servers
<nekomancer[m]> total dogfooding. armbian on arm under armbian infrastructure.
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<heap> hi, i downgraded kernel to 5.4.88
<heap> and all packages that i am installign/reinstalling they all try to touch previous kernel. why?
<heap> update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.10.34-sunxi
<heap> W: missing /lib/modules/5.10.34-sunxi
<heap> i have /lib/modules/5.4.88-sunxi