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<parabyte> buZz, yes dd armbian image to emmc worked fine, sorry for late reply
<parabyte> buZz, s905x board, i used the le potato image. got no wifi or ethernet, but will figure that out tomorrow with correct dtb for the board
<tonymac32> Test
<[TheBug]> tset
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<opensourceman> what is the latest version of armbian and where can i find it? thanks in advance!
<opensourceman> I have the librecomputer renegade
<[TheBug]> that looks like it's in the archive, so I would say no
<opensourceman> On the website if i try to donwload it it gives me a error not found
<[TheBug]> most recent images will be at http://armbian.hosthatch.com/dl/renegade/archive/
<[TheBug]> and be 5.10.35
<opensourceman> gotcha, i see it, the first one on the link
<opensourceman> i guess i couldnt find the link
<opensourceman> thanks
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<stipa> yeah, idle temperatures depend on environement temperature
<stipa> now for my case they're 5 C higher
<stipa> outside it's 34 C
<stipa> 93 F
<stipa> i gues they rise proportinonally with the rise of environment temperature
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<lanefu> got some logs for my mysterious time and netowork problem. its so weird.. you can see the nic freakout and like ahalf th e services restart https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/adjfmrli.txt
<lanefu> and teh time goes backwards.. from 19:50 to 19:17 in the logs
<parabyt1> buZz, lanefu i can confirm that writing armbian s905* image via dd works fine
<buZz> lovely :D
<buZz> found a accurate dtb yet?
<parabyt1> i used libreelec as a bootstrap for the process as libreelec uses vfat directory and uboot does its magic via that via usb and no other boot mechanisms work
<parabyt1> buZz, yeah i got its firmware ripped from the box, ill get the dt information off that later
<parabyt1> i even found some useful config stuff for lirc and lcdproc
<buZz> ah , the lcd is lcdproc supported? nice
<parabyt1> very kinda buZz i might rip apart its driver later and inspect
<parabyt1> i have been playing with ghidra for a few years
<parabyt1> buZz, its a really really crappy lcd module that isnt really a lcd module
<buZz> HD44780 lcd?
<parabyt1> but driven by a common ic that i cant remember its name
<parabyt1> no
<buZz> SSD1306?
<parabyt1> sort of chinese junk pile
<buZz> all lcds are chinese
<parabyt1> its lcd has segments that light up
<buZz> either chinese , or overpriced
<parabyt1> its not really a lcd
<buZz> :)
<parabyt1> :(
<parabyt1> its kinda of a lcd
<parabyt1> has a clock on it!
<buZz> you mean, not a dotmatrix lcd
<parabyt1> yes buZz
<buZz> but a segmented one
<parabyt1> yes
<buZz> still, very cool
<parabyt1> kinda be cool to see the time on it i guess
<buZz> or time remaining on current video
<parabyt1> thats not a bad idea buZz
<parabyt1> or some sort of indication of something!
<parabyt1> buZz, i am honestly surprised how easy it was to get armbian on the board
<parabyt1> was a little too easy!
<buZz> :)
<buZz> hahaha
<parabyt1> i cant even remember what flavour of armbian i wrote the to the device! i just wanted to see if it would work
<parabyt1> it seems to have no xorg installed by default
<buZz> :)
<buZz> or wayland?
<parabyt1> i literally only poked around the system for 10 minutes last night before bed
<parabyt1> wayland! urgh i dont know anything about wayland
<buZz> :) thats ok, nobody does
<buZz> hehe
<parabyt1> i got a really unusual use case for my android tv box, kinda weird anyway
<parabyt1> instead of it displaying tv, it will be serving up dvb tv via tv headend
<parabyt1> i have 7 individual dvb-t adaptors in a old laptop that sits in my server closet
<parabyt1> via usb
<parabyt1> i got the power issue sorted so the s905 box doesnt have to supply power to these dvb receivers, but i wonder if the box has the bandwidth!
<parabyt1> buZz, do these box's have gigabit ethernet?
<parabyt1> iv not checked!
<parabyt1> oh shit
<parabyt1> its not got gigabit ethernet
<buZz> not sure
<parabyt1> i just checked datasheet
<buZz> dvb-t is offline here :(
<parabyt1> sigh thats a deal breaker for me
<buZz> i need dvb-t2 hardware
<buZz> parabyt1: if it has usb3 , you could put a gbps adapter on that
<parabyt1> ill probably convert it into a librelec box, or maybe run kodi on top of armbian?
<parabyt1> lol usb3 its a really cheap chinese android box
<parabyt1> usb 2 buZz
<parabyt1> and it has a plastic ethernet socket!
<buZz> ofcourse
<buZz> what else would it be made of? conductive material so it'll short out the pins? :P
<buZz> ceramics? :D
<parabyt1> they kindly put labels on its uart
<buZz> nice
<buZz> dont forget to hookup a GND connection for the uart too
<parabyt1> buZz, well its not a nice ethernet socket like found on say a pc
<buZz> :)
<buZz> i dno, my current laptop has no ethernet
<parabyt1> lol what
<buZz> and thinkpad next to me has a black plastic one
<parabyt1> i wouldnt buy a laptop without ethernet unless your laptop was free?
<buZz> it was free :) 8core exynos 32bit with 4GB ram
<buZz> its a 'chromebook' but runs arch now
<parabyt1> are you good with your hands and soldering? maybe you could kludge an ethernet adaptor to the board?!?
<buZz> no need whatsoever
<buZz> i own >1 computer , lol
<parabyt1> yeah usb adaptor i know
<buZz> this is just my carry-along irc tool
<parabyt1> i flashed the firmware to coreboot on my old desktop and all its fans stopped working, so i kludged a i2c pwm fan controller to the motherboards i2c bus
<buZz> hehehe
<buZz> nice
<parabyt1> really wild shit buZz with help from a really friendly core dev guy, i patched my sources to work with my random i2c pwm controller and i now have fans on my board!
<buZz> libreboot / coreboot is really nice, still need to flash this x230 for that
<parabyt1> for some reason my superio pwm broke
<buZz> and i -THINK- i can reflash this chromebook too , to get rid of the last google blob on it
<parabyt1> cant you just put github main branch build of uboot on there?
<parabyt1> where i usually go
<buZz> maybe
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<lanefu> parabyt1: good deal glad it works.... i do similar for most of my test farm.. u just curl http://image | dd and then cut the power lol
<parabyt1> lanefu, i actually used netcat -l blah blah blah | dd blah blah blah but yeah works a treat
<parabyt1> be back later, i have to get back to work! im a mundane network installer, about 28c in this building, no air con thats due to be installed next week! urgh!
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<buZz> remember dd status=progress <- gives you some progress and speed data :)
<stipa> lanefu: that's one scary log
<stipa> what's angrybear?
<stipa> error performing RPC to server
<stipa> Jun 22 19:17:03 blipsqueak kernel: [ 5.397768] dwmac-sun8i 5020000.ethernet: Error applying setting, reverse things back
<stipa> Jun 22 19:17:07 blipsqueak nomad[987]: ==> Error starting agent: client setup failed: fingerprinting failed: Error while detecting network interface during fingerprinting: No default interface found
<stipa> Jun 22 19:52:55 blipsqueak nomad[1743]: client.fingerprint_mgr.network: error calling ethtool: error="exit status 75" path=/usr/sbin/ethtool device=wlan0
<stipa> and board has some dhcp trouble, cant get ip like the first time it wants it
<stipa> it contacts angrybear.com for it i guess
<stipa> if the time is changed maybe that's time that ti gets from NTP server ?
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<lanefu> stipa hahaa angrybear.com is a domain i've owned since late 90s
<lanefu> i use it for internal stuff mostly
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<stipa> lanefu: i see it's dead on wan
<stipa> so it must be internal yeah
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<stipa> do you know how to start the error manually?
<stipa> i would catch some dhcp and ntp traffic to make sure that problem is not elswhere
<stipa> but in the board itself
<stipa> you never know with networks
<stipa> one machine tripping other out
<stipa> and wierd stuff like that
<stipa> bad driver on one machine tripping someting in another machine
<stipa> best would be to catch all traffic
<stipa> practically you should check or osi layers for strange stuff
<stipa> all osi*
<stipa> just to be shure the error is in the sbc
<stipa> you should have an idea what could be wrong
<stipa> also you'll know if there's a bug in nic driver i guess
<stipa> probably
<stipa> board is sending some datat o dhcp server but it could be wrong
<stipa> even better would be to put a bridge in betweene bard and network and do sniffing on that machine that runs the bridge
<stipa> board and*
<stipa> not on the actual board itself
<stipa> but you'll have to sync their times
<stipa> to match bad board logs time with times of the packets
<stipa> so that you know which packets correspond to which kernel error
<stipa> smthn like that
<stipa> some traffic logging on the fault board itself wouldn be bad to do as well
<stipa> for example faulty board could register it's sending soumething out through nic but the machine with bridg doesn log it, etc...
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<Xogium> so, someone feeling like helping with a python function ? Trying to use that code copied from internet, yeah I know bad practice
<Xogium> but
<Xogium> when I paste it in the prompt it just prints ... so I think something is missing
<Xogium> I have not clue what is missing though since I'm not a coder
<Xogium> and yeah that's the only code I got, there's nothing else
<stipa> that's a function
<Xogium> yes
<stipa> and a complex one
<Xogium> really ? Hmm
<Xogium> didn't sound mega complex with tts but, then again
<stipa> have you tried like just typing commands into python?
<stipa> on it's command line
<stipa> run 'python' and type 5+5 and enter
<Xogium> yes did basic stuff
<stipa> ok
<Xogium> but after all the syntax stuff just go right over my head
<stipa> yeah, that function is complex
<stipa> i guess it gives frequency of a note?
<Xogium> doing some math trick to convert note names to frequencies… That much I understand, granted because they explained the code
<stipa> yeah, it looks like it
<stipa> well it's just a function
<stipa> you have to give it a note name like "a3"
<stipa> and it'll return you the frequency of a3
<Xogium> hm well I can't get it to be added in my interactive python like
<Xogium> I copy the function, and all it does is print ...
<Xogium> I was expecting it to not wait ?
<Xogium> so after on the next command I could run note("C3")
<Xogium> it doesn't return me to the prompt
<stipa> you want a loop then
<Xogium> hmm
<stipa> that returns you back to begining where you enter the name of note you want
<stipa> gain and again and again
<stipa> you don't put a function into a loop
<Xogium> so it's normal that function just doesn't return you to the >> prompt ?
<stipa> it has to be outside of it in python
<stipa> at the begining of the program
<stipa> Xogium: yeah
<stipa> it just sits and waits something as an input
<stipa> you in program decide how and where it'll be
<stipa> in thise case inside of your loop
<Xogium> I thought it was printing those dots because it was missing some symbols or whatever in the function
<stipa> you can send it variable whenever you want
<stipa> function expect letters like c d e f c3 ...
<stipa> but i don't know how it works but i'm aware it does that
<stipa> but i don't see it prints anything
<Xogium> I think it might not work or like we're missing some stuff
<Xogium> hmm
<stipa> maybe a library
<stipa> it has for example lower() inside which is https://www.w3schools.com/python/ref_string_lower.asp
<stipa> it transforms Hello my FRIENDS into hello my friends
<Xogium> ah so lower case
<stipa> that's a variable that should do that in that variable
<stipa> fucntion *, damn sorry
<Xogium> so that code isn't complete then
<stipa> yeah, lower case
<stipa> function that puts everything to lower case if you put in it everything in caps
<stipa> or mixed
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<stipa> caps and lower to lower
<stipa> int is a memory location
<stipa> second line
<stipa> integer
<Xogium> that website sometimes has trouble to load but if you insist it shows up
<stipa> Xogium: you have example lower
<stipa> on the page
<stipa> try to run that one
<Xogium> do we ? I must have missed it
<stipa> it should beep
<stipa> jingle bells
<stipa> below it is also one song more called Hanukkah Tune
<stipa> some math how he did it and that's about it
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<stipa> but in whole examples you can see how that variable is meant to be used
<Xogium> ah found it
<stipa> 24 liner
<stipa> jingle bells
<Xogium> hehe
<stipa> Hanukkah Tune 18
<stipa> but more htan half of the code is just notes
<Xogium> I'm toying with a seeeduino xiao with its expantion board :D
<Xogium> so I have a passive buzzer to toy with
<Xogium> I also have to make a very small code because it is giving me only 40 kb of space to store both code and libraries in
<Xogium> but should be ok for what I try to do ;)
<stipa> kewl
<stipa> sounds like a fun project
<Xogium> hehe fun but not very useful
<Xogium> trying to make it play 'a lanister always pays his debt' song from game of thrones
<Xogium> and I have perfect pitch so fsck music sheets
<stipa> haha
<stipa> i've watched funny video about perfect pitch today and charlie puth
<Xogium> I managed quite good with simpleio lib so far, but I need to make this code smaller, it's almost 5 kb
<stipa> some gals made fun of him
<stipa> Xogium: damn, idk, could it run micro python maybe?
<Xogium> sometimes I really really hate having perfect pitch
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<peetah> hello, is there a possibility to have an sysv-init version of armbian-zram-config and armbian-ramlog systemd services distributed in the armbian-bsp-cli-odroidhc4 package ?
<stipa> that was fast
<Xogium> stipa: upython doesn't support this board
<stipa> Xogium: yeah, micro python is a thing now, maybe it has smaller code, dunno
<Xogium> yeah I definitely meant micropython
<Xogium> just typed u instead of micro
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<stipa> Xogium: idk, perfect pitch is cool to have
<Xogium> there's basic support in a pr apparently, but it's probably not complete and the readme for the port/samd folder only mention support for repl in features x.x
<Xogium> ahah yeah it is useful and nice to have but honestly
<Xogium> sometimes it just gets on my nerves
<Xogium> like when people keep tapping their fork on their plate
<stipa> i haven't got expirience with upython, maybe just the python binaries are smaller maybe it's a code as well
<Xogium> or oh, that's the filter for the pool, buzzing away at 60 hz
<stipa> it makes sense that brain uses auditory system in more capacity in your case
<stipa> since the focus is bigger on hearing
<stipa> focus of the mind*
<Xogium> I litterally learned the name of the notes once, and never forgot. Also if I hear a noise that make a frequency like a note or buzzing etc. I tend to amuse myself imitating that sound, including pitch
<stipa> kewl, i had trouble learning, i mean categorizing sounds into bands
<stipa> the spectral qualities
<stipa> like is it a 100Hz or 30 Hz
<stipa> that took me like a decade to learn
<Xogium> my music teacher at school always made us not listen from one ear because apparently that helps with not going off key when singing
<Xogium> but he went like, huh, you got perfect pitch, you have no need to do that
<stipa> yeah, mono is cool
<stipa> if i do mono sounds i do it with one speaker
<stipa> if there are two there's too much coloration due two sound sources
<Xogium> yes and it was made even worse due to the fact we had no headphones on, and it was room speaker
<Xogium> so natural echoes
<stipa> yes, it can mess with actual pitch of the source
<stipa> when it travels from the source to the ears
<Xogium> this xiao packs one hell of a punch though
<Xogium> 48 mhz cpu with 32 kb of ram and 256 kb of flash
<stipa> it's fine
<stipa> classic embedded chip specs
<Xogium> yep
<Xogium> though the reset stuff on my board is broken
<Xogium> that is the reset button just doesn't work
<Xogium> so I actually had to flash a program on it that would force it into bootloader mode in the first place, so I could flash python on it
<Xogium> the uf2 bootloader expect double reset for getting into bootloader mode
<stipa> oh
<stipa> it must be upython
<stipa> i doubt regular one could fit on 256k
<stipa> there's something called "Circuit Python" that can go on it
<stipa> you probably have that
<Xogium> yes I flashed circuit python
<stipa> you could attach some ultrasonic sensors to that board and detect boundaries with it
<stipa> they're used in robots alot so that they don0t end inside of the wall
<stipa> there's a bunch of it on ebay
<stipa> in kits and such
<Xogium> yep and the seeed grove connector is neat too
<Xogium> I just wish reset was not broken
<stipa> since you're already messing with sound yoll know how to combine it all
<[TheBug]> Xogium: I think reset it just hinky
<[TheBug]> its probably something that takes some practice and its more difficult since the only way you know is by LEDs which you can't really see
<[TheBug]> my thought was something like you should cut off two of those dupon cables and get someone to solder them to the reset pads
<Xogium> possibly but in fact I looked at the schematics of the expantion and xiao with my friend and it looks like the reset button is actually resetting through the pogo pins
<[TheBug]> so to reset you just have to connect the cable with another dupont cable
<[TheBug]> would make it a lot easier for you
<Xogium> it's not just by led… It's also by sound if the buzzer doesn't stop playing
<[TheBug]> We need to find someone there close to you in France who would be willing to do some soldering for you for a few things ;op
<[TheBug]> then we could get you in a place where things are a bit easier
<[TheBug]> also for those Nano boards
<Xogium> mhm
<[TheBug]> speaking of, mine arrive today
<Xogium> ah good
<Xogium> well at least python runs on this thing fairly good and I have no complain so far
<Xogium> on that side
<[TheBug]> Xogium: I am gonna test using it like you would by just placing headers in board and testing with dupont cables and see if I can come up with a way you may be able to make that useful in the interim
<Xogium> yeah speaking of that, how do I connect uart to this thing ?
<Xogium> is it through the gpio ?
<[TheBug]> yeah that would be my observation so far
<Xogium> huh, tricky
<[TheBug]> once my new ones get here I will pull out my dupont cables and such and see what I can get from it
<[TheBug]> since now I will havd sdcard and I can burn an image for it
<Xogium> ah yes
<[TheBug]> should mean I can boot that Debian and get an idea
<Xogium> also the extra wtzzz thing on this board is for whatever reason my version of circuit python is… In french
<[TheBug]> haha
<Xogium> it's litterally the first time I see python printing a stack trace in french
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<Manouchehri> Any suggested US retailers for a nanopi r2s?
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