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<lanefu> Really that's your opener?
<lanefu> "Someone messed up"
<lanefu> What image did you download
<mangix> lanefu: I didn't recently
<mangix> only updated via apt
<mangix> recent error
<lanefu> armbianmonitor -U
<mangix> stock kernel and everything
<lanefu> Interesting.
<lanefu> What's uname -a say
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<parabyte> i dont know what i dont know and need some guidance!
<parabyte> basically Librelec s905x port works fine on my box on usb stick
<parabyte> i cant seem to get libreelec to boot via sdcard
<parabyte> my main goal is to get armbian working on this device
<parabyte> basically libreelec has a small fat filesystem on it with the kernel and other stuff
<parabyte> i have noticed armbian does not, and i cant get armbian to boot on my device via any means via sdcard and i have tried usb device
<parabyte> but i think the boot mechanism does not work with the way armbian is setup?
<parabyte> can someone please forward me to documentation on this soc?
<parabyte> concerning armbian
<parabyte> i have worked out uboot and such on the sunxi devices but with this s905* based devices im kinda clueless
<lanefu> Wipe spi flash or emmc on the amlogic device then you may have better lu m
<mangix> lanefu: Linux TrapNAS 5.10.34-mvebu #21.05.1 SMP Thu May 6 20:42:08 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux
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<lanefu> TrapNAS?
<mangix> hostname
<mangix> it's irrelevant. some apt package messed this up
<lanefu> sorry i was thinking that was the build host name for the kernel
<lanefu> Can you run armbian-config then goto the system menu then share a screenshot?
<lanefu> Can paste here if you. Want. https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/
<lanefu> And no funny armbian apt sources?
<lanefu> But yeah i guess a kernel package didnt get signed. Can you get apt to show the package info for linux-image-current-mvebu
<mangix> how?
<mangix> there was no kernel update recently
<mangix> just a rootfs one
<lanefu> apt info ir apt query or something like that
<lanefu> s/ir/or
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: apt info or apt query or something like that
<lanefu> K makes sense. We switched to a new format / naming convention for the rootfs stuff
<lanefu> See if you can get package info for that too
<mangix> there 21.05.4 are broken. .3 was fine
<lanefu> Thanks
<lanefu> Will try to look into it tomorrow
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* Macer is still praying for the day tf-a supports sleep on his pinebook pro
<Macer> heh
<IgorPec> heh
<IgorPec> :)
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