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<heap> is there a way to force apt to use /lib/modules/5.4.88-sunxi ; i am trying to install apt install zfs-initramfs
<heap> shit doesn work
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: ive built armbian from armbian before
<heap> lanefu: hi
<stipa> heap: what's the output of 'uname -a' ?
<heap> Linux bananapi 5.4.88-sunxi
<heap> stipa: hi, ^^^
<stipa> maybe your board wasn't supported for that kernel but some version of kernel after it
<heap> why do u think so?
<heap> that kernel is in armbian-config
<heap> dunno
<heap> and its booting and running
<stipa> what was the first version of supported image?
<heap> dont understand question
<stipa> what is the first image available for your board
<stipa> like, the first one that was made
<stipa> if you go lower than that there could be issues i guess
<stipa> lower with kernel version
<stipa> 5.4 seems old
<stipa> old*
<heap> i dont know what is the first one.
<stipa> maybe kernel that low is avilable for testing purposes
<stipa> available*
<heap> mate its again u?:)
<heap> the guy who suggested that nonsense with the sd card
<stipa> yeah bro, it's me!
<heap> ah
<heap> then pls leave me alone
<heap> as your suggestions are most of the time 0.
<stipa> soory mate, that's all you got
<stipa> take it or leave it
<stipa> go through history of images available for your board
<stipa> find out wich was first one supported
<heap> and whats the connection of initrd with that
<stipa> by the name of image you could gogole out kernel version
<heap> are u on some drugs?
<stipa> there's no connection, if you're running not supported kernel you're in deepshit overall
<heap> no. i am not.
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<stipa> not you mate but functioning of your machine is
<heap> damn
<heap> i am talking about issue with the installation of package
<stipa> if there is an issue you can contribute by fixing it
<heap> yes i can if someone point me to correct direction.
<heap> https://armbian.systemonachip.net/archive/bananapi/archive/ the 5.4.88 is not there; dont understand then why its listed as part of the kernel downgrade in armbian-config
<stipa> yeah, i would stay away from kernels lower than the one in first supported image
<stipa> it's a minefield
<heap> stipa: then question is why its in armbain-config as part of the downgrade option
<heap> arght
<stipa> because the build system is sued for many boards
<stipa> used*
<stipa> i guess
<stipa> it's easier to leave it there than to make seperate system for every board
<stipa> not enought time and resources
<stipa> but that's something you're aware of now
<heap> okay i see now
<heap> thanks
<stipa> yw
<heap> well strange; i cant find / see these kernel images via apt ; maybe i have to add some backports to apt
<heap> linux-image-legacy-sunxi - Linux kernel, version 5.4.88-sunxi
<heap> which is odd as on the link i pasted there is no such a kernel version https://armbian.systemonachip.net/archive/bananapi/archive/
<stipa> wha can you see in 'armbian-config'
<stipa> Software > Source_Install
<stipa> i guess i can go back to old kernel like that
<stipa> you*
<stipa> prevoius*
<stipa> change kernels*
<stipa> and back to new one
<stipa> there's still hope it's not broken
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<lanefu> damn sunxi64 5.10.41 aint treating me so well on pineh64-b
<sunshavi> Do You guys have hdmi audio output on H3 SBC's?
<[TheBug]> that sounds like a trick question
<[TheBug]> I want to say yes, but I haven't tested with recent images
<[TheBug]> I can if you think there is some issue
<[TheBug]> which board are you seeing issues with?
<lanefu> "it worked the last time i cared about it"
<[TheBug]> well I have almost all the boards here, so you tell me and I will burn an image and test for you
<sunshavi> I have added a couple of patches to the archlinux kernel. I have just inspected megous kernel and i have miss several other ones. I am on 5.12.5
<sunshavi> I am going to add the other patches and see If I get hdmi audio working.
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<IgorPec> sunshavi: armbian edge kernel is on 5.12.10, but haven't really test hdmi audio
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<nekomancer[m]> repo https://github.com/armbian/build shows 999 forks now
* nekomancer[m] отправить конфетти 🎉
<lanefu> that's 999 potential contributors
<nekomancer[m]> some of them are kinetic already
* nekomancer[m] run `apt distupgrade` on odroid-n2.
* nekomancer[m] Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
* nekomancer[m] then
* nekomancer[m] (Reading database ... 95656 files and directories currently installed.)
* nekomancer[m] Removing linux-focal-root-current-odroidn2 (21.02.4) ...
<nekomancer[m]> I think it should install `armbian-bsp-cli-odroidn2` instead, but no/
<nekomancer[m]> ok, I did it myself. what I miss? maybeI have to install something more to have a bootable system?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: i think you're right it should have installed the cli package, but im not sure.. i havent dug much into the new package formats
<nekomancer[m]> ok, will reboot and look.
<nekomancer[m]> it rebooted. now I have `Armbian 21.05.2 Focal with Linux 5.10.34-meson64` there.
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<heap> any idea what can cause that issue https://paste.debian.net/1201024/
<nekomancer[m]> are zfs-dkms modules build?
<lanefu> heap: are you folllwing along in the kobol "club" / subforum lots of ZFS conversation there
<lanefu> also to be clear.. most of us build kernels and debs for armbian via github.com/armbian/build
<lanefu> and not just kernel source
<lanefu> straight on tehbox
<lanefu> if you spend time understanding the buidl system.. it will probably be easier to come up with a repeatable solution
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<heap> nekomancer[m]: yes
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<[TheBug]> heap: for one your building from some temporary directory and initramfs is looking for modules in the actual modules directory not the temporary one your in.. and you seem to have no modules directory like you never installed modules + headers -- says it pretty outright: : missing /lib/modules/5.10.34-sunxi
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Thanks to @khadas_official for sending us their collection of @AmlogicPR and @IloveRockchip powered boards. Also thanks for supporting us with a donation of $10k to #armbian. More devices for official support coming soon! Armbian -- Simply the best for #SBC #linux #Caturday https://t.co/3r0xlup6xT https://tinyurl.com/yfmfhop6 (25s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): I know that cat! https://t.co/AdVFcx6Tut https://tinyurl.com/yjrrg43s (30s ago)
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<heap> [TheBug]: but i do not have kernel 5.10.34 also dont have /lib/modules/5.10.34-sunxi
<heap> [TheBug]: so i am wondering why installing package from repo is looking for modules which are not in the actual directory
<heap> its confusing ;/
<heap> lanefu: yes, but not handy at all.... ;/
<heap> lanefu: i am not building kernel sources/.. i wanted to install kernel from the packages repository
<lanefu> yeah.. just sayin the easy way might be harder than the hard way
<heap> lanefu: it means that mechanisms supported by distro are failing ;/
<heap> still the issue is; package is installing etc agains the wrong /lib/modules/5.10.34-sunxi path
<heap> so might be some bug in the system - some env settings no idea.
<heap> i thoguht u should appreciate if someone is reporting bug etc....
<IgorPec> heap: hire a developer
<IgorPec> that will be listenint to your complains.
<IgorPec> btw. don't you have a ban until next week? you have any idea why?
<heap> IgorPec: well i am not doing anything special; just bit advanced things and reporting bugs... that migh help others.
<IgorPec> but we are not your slave
<heap> who says that?
<IgorPec> your attitude is core of the problem
<heap> ok
<IgorPec> you don't give a fuck about us
<IgorPec> its just you
<IgorPec> you didn't read condition which your support goes
<IgorPec> you don't care about forum rules
<heap> no, as i said; i am documenting things, reporting the issues; which might help others... but okay, if u think so
<IgorPec> you attach your question wherever you like
<IgorPec> we all ingnore your reports
<heap> and now i got reply thats armbian issue..
<IgorPec> and?
<heap> okay if u ignore your issues; and borken distro
<IgorPec> read your support contract once again
<IgorPec> use other
<heap> and not happy someone is reporting broken stuff
<heap> then enjoy and ignore.
<IgorPec> fix it
<nekomancer[m]> <heap "and not happy someone is reporti"> zfs not supported in armbian/ that meansit can't be broken.
<IgorPec> but first use it the way how we recommend to use it. not how you think
<IgorPec> and support is always "best effort"
<IgorPec> if we can't support and fix, we don't. period
<heap> okay
<heap> nekomancer[m]: it was posted multiple times on forums how it works etc...
<IgorPec> we don't allow you to file us bugs
<heap> i was trying to replicate but things are broken... yes
<IgorPec> because you have no idea what our bugs are
<heap> then whats the point
<IgorPec> multiple times = bigeest eroror
<heap> to have such broken distro
<IgorPec> you are not in a possition to make any pressure on developers
<heap> isnt better to work on distro which is stable; and more ppl contribute to it
<IgorPec> use other distro!!!!
<IgorPec> please
<heap> no i am just wondering.
<IgorPec> please
<heap> i was not saying its crap etc. just wondering as apparently there are so many distros...
<heap> so many teams/devs/ etc...
<IgorPec> so please use it and don't waste our time
<heap> u dont get my point, but whatever...
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<IgorPec> your point doesn't interest me. i saw enough. we don't need another jerk telling us what to do
<IgorPec> this is open source. you are welcome to fix things
<IgorPec> without wasting our time
<heap> as i said; most of the forum posts ; git comments etc are unusable and things doesnt work. i was trying to make zfs work; and document it.
<heap> but yes i am not dev and i am not able to fix all the issues by myself.
<IgorPec> are you drunk or high on drugs?
<IgorPec> then hire someone
<lanefu> lol
<[TheBug]> heap: bottom line I think is what you are trying to do will take custom time either with initrd for a kernel or uboot maybe, it isn't something Armbian can support you with. I think even the guys from Odroid told you to use brtfs and that there wasn't an interest in ZFS as a root fs. mainly because using ZFS on sdcard is silly and even if you are using it on a sata drive, their argument was
<[TheBug]> use brtfs on a sdcard for your main and mount that volume with zfs as they didn't see the advantages. So at this time if you want help with ZFS you need to find a developer whom has knowledge of that whom you can pay to asasist you to get there.
<[TheBug]> We have tried here very much to be patient with you and help like we try with all whom ask for help but you seem to have exceeded what we are able to provide
<heap> [TheBug]: yes maybe btrfs will be better, why i tried zfs bc so many forum posts how it is working, but not its not.
* lanefu has never touched ZFS--and he even usually know what he's doing
<lanefu> people are running ZFS on rockchip on the forums.. havent seen anything on allwinner
<heap> lanefu: i think i was close; but yes there is no point to do anything.
<heap> rather use other distro or btrfs
<lanefu> what board are you using?
<heap> and also there was very nice article how can zfs run on rpi4 directly from openzfs guys
<IgorPec> heap: use other distro and btrfs
<heap> [TheBug]: i wanted to consolidate
<heap> lanefu: its banana m1+
<lanefu> what other distros are out there for it
<heap> [TheBug]: but yes; it was article for ubuntu directly for rpi4; i replicated almost 90%; and have zfs running now ...
<IgorPec> stop abusing our time so you can publich an article
<lanefu> you're going to quickly see that we're pretty much the only game in town for mainline linux on stuff like that
<heap> lanefu: for banana? old bananian maybe; yes maybe better to trash that arm and to replace by rpi4
<heap> lanefu: yes
<IgorPec> old bananian ... looooool
<lanefu> your best bet is either see if there's a BSD build for the M1+
<IgorPec> and zfs
<IgorPec> haha
<lanefu> or... suck it up and learn how to use github.com/armbian/build
<lanefu> and spend a week or 3 on it
<lanefu> and learn hte lay of the land
<IgorPec> no since this is not armbian anymore, let's cut it down
<lanefu> the SBC ecosystem is weird
<lanefu> and anythign not RPI. is another ballgame with less support
<heap> hm i see; yes in general all arm socs its pain...
<heap> i think someone descrbied it on armbian forum
<IgorPec> heap: tl;dr; so you are basically abusing us to get done something that is not possible ... and we told you this 10x
<heap> lanefu: yes i will see; remaining is that init... so i migt make it work or not ...
<lanefu> heap: oh god i just saw the chip that thing has
<IgorPec> zfs is border technilogy on linux and only works so-so / experimental on armbian ... and no experimental tech was spported
<heap> IgorPec: then i dont know why u are posting on 10 different locations how does it work... w/out issue..
<lanefu> honestly straight up
<lanefu> I would not bother with A20
<IgorPec> it works
<IgorPec> just not for you.
<lanefu> if you were using a like h6 allwinner maybe
<IgorPec> because you are too smart
<IgorPec> and don't listen
<IgorPec> and dont' read
<heap> i read thru all the links posted, regarding helios etc.
<IgorPec> if you behave like this, you will not get help
<heap> lanefu: yes its old 32bit etc
<IgorPec> and made 10 spam posts?
<IgorPec> and you are telling us what to do instead making a 180 turn?
<IgorPec> perhaps you need to study months to get somewhere ... again not our fault
<heap> possibly
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<heap> i removed all files regarding 5.10x kernel from /boot and the reinstall of that package finished w/out issue.
<IgorPec> heap: there is no support for whatever you do
<IgorPec> we can afford up to a few seconds per user. you wasted us hours already
<sunshavi> Igorpec: where could I inspect all the out of tree patches added to the compilation of kernel 5.12.10?. Do You have an url?
<IgorPec> sunshavi: asking for armbian?
<sunshavi> Yes
<IgorPec> armbian has it
* nekomancer[m] did tests with zfs on external sata drives with odroid. It works as it should. But not root on zfs.
indy was banned on #armbian by IgorPec [*!*@*.sk]
heap was kicked from #armbian by IgorPec [heap]
<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): @armbian @khadas_official @AmlogicPR @IloveRockchip I can't wait to try official Armbian on it. I've been using the VIM3 the last weeks. Did everything I asked of it. But having Armbian would make it better. Certainly now panfrost is maturing for S922x/A311D. https://tinyurl.com/yhum83eu (12s ago)
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<e3ef13f4ff44> what is/ what isn't working on opi zero 2 now?
<e3ef13f4ff44> h616
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<ArmbianTwitter> @fkardame (Furkan kardame): @armbian @khadas_official @AmlogicPR @IloveRockchip The donation is incredible. Good step @khadas_official Should have done years ago but never too late. Looking forward for a well supported armbian images. https://tinyurl.com/ygaovl7f (3s ago)
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