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<sewn> hi
<sewn> hi midfavila
<midfavila> oh, hey sewn
<midfavila> how's stuff?
<sewn> im old
<midfavila> pls
<midfavila> you're like
<midfavila> what
<midfavila> fifteen
<midfavila> sixteen
<midfavila> ?
<sewn> nvm I'm not old
<midfavila> old is when you're in your twenties smdh
<midfavila> everything else is prehistoric
<sewn> yippee
<sewn> how's your stuff going
<midfavila> idk did i tell you i got canned for trying to unionize
<midfavila> 'cause that happened
<midfavila> now i'm moving halfway across the country and looking at a court case
<sewn> even after getting in a accident, you still got fired?
<midfavila> yeah, for, quote, "using excessive force when opening a door"
<midfavila> - w-
<midfavila> so the union is going after them for that
<sewn> is there not CCTV footage
<midfavila> there is
<midfavila> but it's a private business
<midfavila> they can fire people, in theory, only for just cause
<midfavila> in practice unless you have a union or something similar they can shitcan you for whatever
<midfavila> this is the waffle house of convenience stores and they fired me for opening a door with, quote, "too much force"
<midfavila> we've had supervisors throw things at customers and not even get spoken to lmao
<midfavila> people show up high off their ass and nobody cares
<midfavila> and yet i use "too much force" to open a door and the entire company loses its shit? seems legit
<sewn> oh man
<sewn> well I hope you go get them grr capitalists grr
* midfavila eyerolls
<midfavila> but yeah i'm moving out to saskatoon now
<midfavila> much more work and stuff out there
<midfavila> gonna be getting some certs
<midfavila> etc
<midfavila> friend sent me some cash from europe so i'm set for a while
<sewn> do you have a cat
<midfavila> only the one under /bin
<sewn> a cat that goes meow meow and
<midfavila> no cats like that unfortunately
<sewn> aw
<midfavila> maybe in the future
<sewn> It looks like you haven’t started firefox in a while. Do you want to clean it up for a fresh, like-new experience? And by the way, welcome back!
<sewn> why does it tell me this
<midfavila> it's like senko-san
<midfavila> except annoying
<midfavila> and i don't want it
<sewn> oh yeah im on alpine i can actually try webkit browsers
<midfavila> reminds me that i should try that webkit browser for emacs
<sewn> emacs is everything innit?
<midfavila> it's going to be on the laptop
<sewn> oh wow its not that bad
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<riteo> flatpak is giving me a very bad look
<riteo> I'm wondering how bad would it be if I installed firefox from there
<riteo> oh the bug I stumbled on looks to be fixed, phew
<riteo> I was almost going to give in to the dark side
<riteo> out of curiosity, do you folks game on kiss? I suppose that "only" building XWayland and "only" using flatpak on steam should allow that
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<sewn> riteo:
<sewn> god damn itg he left
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<sewn> riteo: yes
<sewn> you can build xwayland from kiss-xorg xwayland/ repo
<sewn> although i dont maintain it anymore, may or may not be out of date
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<thikkl> I've been working on a kisslinux guide, originally was making it for myself to speed up the install process (I had to start over a few times) but I thought maybe someone else could find it helpful
<thikkl> It's still a work in progress though
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<sewn> thikkl: why though
<sewn> you can help out by pushing it to
<sewn> although im very dissapointed with the 'kiss-kernel' concept
<sewn> i think its better for the user to get familiar with kiss repositories and make their own linux package; making packages is inevitable
<thikkl> well like I said I made it mostly for myself
<thikkl> basically everything that I did while trying to get my install working is what I put on there
<thikkl> and it is a work in progress
<thikkl> sure I could push to kiss community install, but I needed somewhere to put it for my own use at least for now so that's where it is
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<sewn> thikkl: it may just be me, but installing kiss doesnt require a guide if you have your own repository set up
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<thikkl> no it's more that my install kept getting messed up because I was trying all sorts of things to get a working kernel
<thikkl> so I had to start over several times
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<thikkl> also, a note on the kiss-kernel thing: one of the reasons I find this nicer than just packaging my kernel is that it gives me more control over the sources -- for example, I could just run menuconfig without building, if I wanted to, since the sources are in my home directory, not some cache directory managed by kiss
<thikkl> that's just why I like my method, I get if it doesn't fit with the philosophy of the distro or something like that but it works for me
<thikkl> the kernel is the only thing I do this for, anything else that I want but isn't packaged (for example sudo) I just put in my personal repo
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