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<thikkl> hello
<thikkl> sad_plan I tried your suggestion about efistub and it fixed the weird issue with grub
<sad_plan> great
<sad_plan> which gen do you have? cpu. 11, 12 or 13?
<thikkl> 13th gen.
<thikkl> It's i5-1340P (Framework laptop)
<thikkl> I also included the i915 and intel ucode firmware blobs as kernel builtins but that didn't do anything
<sad_plan> nice. out of curiousity, how fast does things build? i.e. gcc. or firefox for that matter. just trying to reference my own laptop, as im considering buying one
<thikkl> Rebuilding all the packages for the kiss install takes about 15-20 minutes (I didn't time it, rough estimate)
<sad_plan> damn. thats alot faster than mine
<thikkl> Also if you do DIY version, don't be stupid like me and get two sticks of RAM instead of one larger one. It doesn't let you use iris graphics unless you have two ram sticks
<thikkl> Silly me thought I should keep a slot in case I wanted more ram later
<thikkl> but like I don't need 32 gigs of ram
<sad_plan> that has to be some kind of bug. in any case, ddr4 ram is slow in single lane compared to dual
<sad_plan> so I wouldnt end up with a single stick regardsless. but thanks for the heads up
<thikkl> It's intentional
<thikkl> Has to do with the CPU I'm pretty sure, not the laptop itself
<sad_plan> how is that intentional? not being able to use the igpu if theres just one stick of ram? and how is there no note on this. gotta be a linux thing, else this would be all over the place. unless nobody discoverd it because people simply gonna run dual channel
<thikkl> No, this is in Windows 11 lol.
<thikkl> It shows up as intel HD graphics
<thikkl> Well I'm still stuck at black screen and flashing capslock
<sad_plan> thats fucked up
<thikkl> I guess everyone uses two sticks of ram
<sad_plan> I suppose so. havent seen anyone complain about that issue when looking at the forums. not that ive explicitly looked for that issue though
<thikkl> well it looks like I didn't actually find all the framebuffer options. Which ones do you think I would need to enable?
<thikkl> I figure simplefb and drmfbdev, but are any of the other ones with special names (cirrus, pm2,...,UVESA) necessary?
<sad_plan> I dont recall what I use, but I think its just simple or efifb or something. lemme check
<sad_plan> CONFIG_VESA_FB
<sad_plan> seems to be the one I use
<thikkl> I have that one enabled
<thikkl> I'm just going to try anything that looks relevant, if it doesn't work I'll give up until tomorrow lol
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<sad_plan> you do that
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<thikkl> It didn't work, sadly
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<sewn> Hi
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<sad_plan> perhapa VESA_FB is incompatible with the framework laptop. maybe the efi_fb or some other works? thikkl
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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